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Shop Nordstrom online from Canada
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Shop Nordstrom From Canada (2024)

Still want to shop Nordstrom from Canada Can do, but you won’t be able to visit their stores in person here much longer. Nordstrom has long been associated with upscale retail where consumers could get higher-end goods without the type of prices they would find with a boutique retailer. That identity has served Nordstrom well, and the foothold they’ve established as the affordable luxury department store in the USA is as solid as can be.

That’s why Nordstrom chose to set up in Canada in 2014, foreseeing that Canadians would be equally enthused about getting designer label fashions for less.

Not unlike what happened to Target in Canada, news came last week that Nordstrom is closing here and giving up on their attempt to build a similar foothold in Canadian retail. The stores at the Eaton Centre in Toronto and Robson Centre in Vancouver were jam packed with excited shoppers when they first opened, but now Nordstrom is closing all stores in Canada. Bit of a surprise given how much of a sensation Nordstrom continues to be in the US, but then again Target is wildly popular there too.

Anyone above the 49th here in Canada that loved shopping Nordstrom won’t need to become discouraged though, as they likely have a smartphone in their pocket if they’re not seated in front of a notebook or something similar. You can still shop Nordstrom from Canada and enjoy the same better prices on designer label fashions just like you did at Nordstrom stores in Canada over the past 8 years.

Wonderful for Wardrobes

You won’t be able approach the fitting rooms with hanger upon hanger in your hands, but that’s really about it as far as what is not possible when shopping Nordstrom online from Canada. And if for whatever reason you ever find the seller doesn’t ship to me – Nordstrom included – you can always use Reship and your virtual mailbox here to get around international shipping restrictions.

Lucky you if you’re a lady and live with a walk-in closet. All that space comes in more than handy if you’re an everyday, ordinary fashionista who loves clothes, shoes, and purses much more than most but don’t want to spend a fortune acquiring them. Nordstrom is your department store, and it still can be even if you’re a Canuck gal rather than a Yankee one.

It’s great that America and Canada are such good next-door neighbours neighbors and if you’d like to make a cross-border trip to shop at a Nordstrom outlet store that’s all good too. But shopping at is a whole lot more convenient and you don’t even need to leave that home with a walk-in closet to begin with. Buy as much or as little as you’d like, and then use your Reship virtual mailing address to have your items delivered to your U.S. mailing address.

That’s in Portland, Oregon but the fact you’re in a neighboring country doesn’t matter one bit. With our package forwarding service for online shopping your purchases go there and then we reship them to you at your residence anywhere in Canada – or the entire world for that matter.

Maybe you want to buy from Nordstrom wedding shop USA to get the perfect dress or other garments for bridesmaids or best men. This is just one example of why people will want to shop Nordstrom USA internationally, as that wish doesn’t just apply to Canadians. Maybe you want to build a designer shoe collection that would rival Imelda Marcos’. It can be anything and everything, and with Reship and our international parcel forwarding service for online shopping you have a proven solution to international shipping restrictions.

Advantage Reship

Meaning no international shipping restrictions anymore when you have a Reship account. It’s the ultimate resource for people who love to shop online from outside the country.

Which is good as you cannot shop Nordstrom’s Canada store online now. went dark a couple of weeks ago now. But as we’ve said, there’s nothing stopping you with shopping Nordstrom online from Canada when you go to their .com site. But one thing to note when you visit the Nordstrom customer service page is that Borderfree–Nordstrom’s preferred shipper for orders outside of the US –has this to say on the matter (and we quote)

Borderfree can't offer free shipping to international destinations, even for Nordstrom Rewards members. International customers may ship to multiple addresses by placing a separate order for each shipping address. Borderfree can't ship single international orders to multiple addresses at this time.”

Well, to each their own. Seems a little restrictive if you ask us.

We think you should be able to shop online without shipping restrictions. Reship CAN ship online purchases to international addresses. And while it’s not free it’s very reasonably priced when you have a Reship account. Further, shipping orders to whatever addresses you have is never a problem when you use Reship and your virtual mailbox for international package forwarding.

Advantage Reship. Sign up for your free account now and get right to shopping Nordstrom USA from Canada. Just because the stores are gone doesn’t mean your access to the deals on affordable fashion are. Nordstrom USA shipping to Canada? No problem here.

Nordstrom FAQs

1. Does Nordstrom ship internationally?

Nordstrom itself does not directly ship internationally. However, international customers can use Reship's forwarding services to order from Nordstrom's US website. Reship provides an American shipping address where customers can send their Nordstrom orders, which are then forwarded to their international location.

2. Does Nordstrom ship to package forwarders like Reship?

Yes, Nordstrom readily ships to package forwarders such as Reship. This makes it convenient for international shoppers to access Nordstrom's vast range of products, as Reship handles the international shipping logistics.

3. Does Nordstrom Ship to Australia?

While Nordstrom doesn't directly ship to Australia, Australian customers can use Reship to order from Nordstrom. Orders are first shipped to Reship's US address and then forwarded to Australia, making it possible to shop from Nordstrom's US-exclusive selections.

4. Does Nordstrom Ship to Canada?

Nordstrom doesn't ship directly to Canada. However, Canadian shoppers can use Reship's services to access Nordstrom's US-based inventory. Reship provides an efficient way to get your favorite Nordstrom products shipped to Canada.

5. Does Nordstrom price match for purchases made through Reship?

Nordstrom offers price matching under certain conditions, which is also applicable to purchases made using Reship. Customers should review Nordstrom's price matching policy to understand the specific criteria for eligibility.

6. How does using Reship benefit international shoppers at Nordstrom?

Using Reship allows international shoppers to access Nordstrom's US-exclusive products and sales. Reship provides a US shipping address, handles international logistics, and often offers consolidated shipping, reducing the overall shipping costs.

7. Are there any additional fees when using Reship for Nordstrom orders?

Using Reship involves additional fees, including international shipping costs, handling fees, and possibly customs duties depending on the destination country. Customers should consider these costs when calculating their total expenditure.

8. How does the shipping process work with Reship for Nordstrom purchases?

After purchasing items from Nordstrom, customers have them shipped to their assigned Reship US address. Once the items arrive at Reship, customers can then manage and direct the forwarding of their package to their international address through Reship's platform.

9. What is the average delivery time for Nordstrom items shipped through Reship?

The delivery time for items shipped through Reship can vary based on the destination country and chosen shipping method. Typically, after leaving Reship's facility, international shipments can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

10. Can returns be processed through Reship for Nordstrom items?

Returns of Nordstrom items can be processed through Reship. However, customers should be aware of Nordstrom's return policy and Reship's handling of returns, as additional shipping and handling fees may apply.

11. How To Buy Something From Nordstrom

Nordstrom offers complimentary shipping within the United States and Puerto Rico, catering exclusively to these regions. For customers outside these areas, specifically in Canada, direct shipping from Nordstrom is not available. However, through the use of parcel forwarding services like Reship, you can still access the wide array of products Nordstrom has to offer. Reship enables you to have your purchases forwarded directly to your doorstep in Canada, bridging the gap between Nordstrom's shipping limitations and your shopping needs.

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