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Ship From Target To Canada
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Buy From Target and Ship Internationally

Everyone who lives in the USA will be familiar with Target and they have probably been in one of the discount department store’s locations plenty of times. Socks toothpaste, underwear, batteries, clothes hangers you name it. There’s all sorts of stuff that people go to store like Target for when it’s an essential item and they’d prefer to pay a little less for it. But US residents may not know what we had our own version of Target here in Canada for decades up until 2013 with Zellers. But now Zellers is coming back in Canada, so the way Canada lost Target in 2015 isn’t such a big deal anymore.

That doesn’t mean that there will not be Canadians who still want to shop Target in the USA from Canada, and no matter what side of the 49th parallel you are on you are perfectly free to shop Target’s website. The ultra low prices aren’t going anywhere, and right now you’ll see that all sorts of people are there to shop Target’s Valentine’s Day event. There’s less 2 weeks left until the 14th, and even if you don’t have a sweetie you can still gorge on chocolate all by yourself if that’s what you’re inclined to do.

But there’s no shortage of confectionery in Canada, and so people here shopping Target from Canada likely have their eyes on other products. Whatever that may be, you can get Target shipping to Canada even if there’s any reason why they won’t ship to your Canadian address. All that is ever required for getting around international shipping restrictions anywhere is a Reship account.

Get one and you will have a virtual mailing address for shopping in the USA, and it will be the all in one solution for online shopping in the USA internationally no matter which country you are in. Our international packaging forwarding service does away with shipping restrictions so that you can proceed to checkout every time and know that you’re going to get what you ordered. Even if you see the seller doesn’t ship to me.

That applies to shopping Target online from Canada, so if you have your eye on something from Target – go ahead and get it and sign up for your Reship account so that you can shop online without shipping restrictions ALL the time anywhere.

Red Carded

If you are a football fan you are probably fully satiated after yet another exciting FIFA World Cup tournament. Some people say the 2022 final was one of the most exciting and engaging matches of all time. Everyone knows Target’s logo is the Red Bullseye, and France and Argentina had bullseyes of their own on their backs going into Qatar yet both made it to the Finals and either team deserved to win. You may not be a fan of shootouts to decide championships, but you definitely know that getting a Red Card in football is definitely not a good thing.

Well, when it comes to how to ship from Target to Canada you will find that having a Red Card is a good thing. Target’s Red Card is available to Canadians and if you shop at Target often it may be a good idea to get one for yourself. Most Canadians live within a short distance of the US border, so if you visit Target stores in the USA from Canada then getting a Red membership card will make sense. The standard 5% purchases discount it gives you can be redeemed when shopping Target online from Canada too, and again you can use Reship and our package forwarding service for how to get Target shipped to Canada.

Virtual Mailing Address And Go

Having a virtual mailing address for online shopping that you can have at the ready all time makes so much sense. Here’s how Reshipping works you want to buy something online but the sellers doesn’t ship to you. They need a domestic mailing address in their country of origin ie. where the product is being sold. You don’t actually have one for them, but with a Reship virtual mailbox you do. Virtual mailbox, virtual mailing address same thing. The address you’ll enter will be for one of our 3 Reship warehouses located in Canada, the USA, or the UK.

That will appease the seller. Next thing you’re paying for your order and it’s complete shortly after. The package comes to our warehouse and then without delay its Reshipped to you at your actual home address. That’s how a virtual mailbox works and there’s no debating the fact that a Reship virtual mailbox is the BEST one you will find anywhere.

Yes, we get to say that. We have the best prices on international package forwarding, our service and support is first rate, and we have the best working arrangements in place with international courier services so that you get THEIR best price every time too. Make the whole thing even faster and simpler by getting the Reship app with $10 off your first order and we can fully guarantee you are going to love how an online parcel forwarding service broadens your shopping horizons in a big way.

How to ship from Target to Canada? You’re already in the right place.

FAQs: International Shipping Options for Target Purchases

Does Target offer international shipping?

Answer: No, Target does not directly offer international shipping. However, international customers, including those from Canada and other countries without Target stores, can use parcel forwarding services like Reship to shop from Target. Reship provides you with a U.S. address to use when placing your order, and then forwards your purchases to your international address.

How does Reship work for international customers wanting to shop at Target?

Answer: After signing up with Reship, you'll be given a U.S. address, which you can use as your delivery address when shopping online at Target. Once your order arrives at the Reship warehouse, you can choose to have it sent directly to your home address in your country. Reship allows for the consolidation of multiple orders, which can help save on shipping costs.

Can customers in Canada use Reship to order from Target?

Answer: Yes, Canadian customers can use Reship to shop at Target. By utilizing Reship's U.S. address, Canadians can access a wide range of products available on Target's website that might not be otherwise available in Canada.

Are there other countries that can benefit from using Reship for Target purchases?

Answer: Absolutely. Customers from many countries worldwide, where Target does not directly ship, can benefit from using Reship. This includes but is not limited to the UK, Australia, Japan, and many countries in Europe and Asia. Essentially, anyone outside the U.S. wanting to shop at Target can use Reship's services.

What are the benefits of using Reship for Target international orders?


  • Access to Target’s Wide Range of Products:

    Shop without geographical restrictions and access products exclusive to the U.S. market.

  • Consolidation of Packages:

    Combine multiple purchases into a single shipment to save on international shipping costs.

  • Flexibility in Shipping Options:

    Reship offers various shipping methods, allowing you to choose the most cost-effective or fastest option according to your needs.

Are there any drawbacks to using Reship for Target international orders?

Answer: While Reship offers a convenient solution to international shipping restrictions, there are additional costs involved, including Reship's service fee and international shipping fees. Additionally, the delivery time might be longer compared to direct shipping, and customers are responsible for any import taxes or customs duties imposed by their country.

How are customs duties and taxes handled for international shipments using Reship?

Answer: The customer is responsible for any customs duties, taxes, and fees that may be charged upon the package entering their country. These charges vary by country and by the value of the items shipped. Reship provides necessary customs documentation, but it's up to the customer to ensure they're aware of and prepared to cover these additional costs.

How can I estimate the shipping cost from Target to my country using Reship?

Answer: Reship's website features a shipping calculator that estimates the cost based on the weight and dimensions of the package, as well as the destination country. To get a rough estimate, you should have an idea of the weight of the items you plan to purchase from Target and use this tool to calculate potential shipping fees.

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