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Tired of being restricted by shipping?

Reship's package forwarding can help with that.

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Pack & Save, Consolidate

Reship's Package Consolidation combines packages to reduce the cost of shipping.

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Reship's B2B Solutions

Competitive shipping rates, storage capabilities and extend the reach of your business.

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Create a Reship account and get a Mailbox in USA, Canada, and UK
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Shop anywhere in the US, Canada, or UK and ship to your virtual address.

Feel the freedom of shipping without restrictions

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Once it arrives, you're in control. Choose from our services and shipping options.

Consolidate your packages, gift wrap, special handling and more

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Get your package!

Sit back and relax as your package arrives right at your door!

Why use Reship?

Attain the unattainable

Reship can help customers experience true freedom to shop anywhere around the world with no shipping restrictions. Simply send your package to our warehouses and we will take care of getting it to you.


Discounted Shipping Rates

With Reship's competitive shipping rates, we can help you save a money on shipping parcels big and small. Take advantage of the number of added shipping and package options that can reduce the cost of shipping and your overall shopping experience.



Stop stressing over order tracking and worrying about missing your package. Reship can handle all the shipping steps and customers can easily leave special instructions for us. The entire process is also easy, simply shop, send, and wait for your package to arrive.

By using Reship USA, members can take advantage of Portland's Tax-free shopping. That means members can shop and save even more every time they have a product shipped to our USA location.

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