Your Ultimate Guide to Sending Parcels from the UK to the USA with Reship

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We live in a globalised world where geographical boundaries should not limit your ability to shop or send items across continents. We're here to assure you that if you're in the UK and want to send parcels to the USA, we've got you covered. Welcome to our guide on all you need to know about shipping from the United Kingdom to the United States. UK Products and Stores Worth Exploring for US Customers

  1. Harrods: This iconic London department store offers high-quality fashion items, jewelry, and homeware. They're also famous for their gourmet food hampers which could make perfect gifts.

  2. Marks & Spencer: A major British multinational retailer, Marks & Spencer is renowned for its quality clothing, home products, and luxury food products. Their delicious biscuits, teas, and other British culinary delights are often sought after by international shoppers.

  3. ASOS: This online fashion and cosmetic retailer offers a wide array of trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories. Their unique collection of British designers and in-house labels cater to a diverse range of styles and sizes.

  4. Boots: The go-to place for health and beauty products in the UK, Boots offers exclusive British skincare and makeup brands that are often hard to find in the USA.

  5. Whittard of Chelsea: For the tea enthusiasts, Whittard of Chelsea offers a variety of British teas, coffee, hot chocolate, and related equipment that are typically unavailable elsewhere.

  6. Fortnum & Mason: Known for their luxury food hampers, tea, and biscuits, Fortnum & Mason is a traditional British store that provides a quintessentially British shopping experience.

  7. Waterstones: A bookstore chain based in the UK, Waterstones has an expansive collection of UK and international books. It's a perfect spot for literature lovers to find British editions and novels from local authors.

  8. Selfridges: Another high-end department store that offers a range of products from top-tier fashion brands, beauty products, homewares, and technology. Their British designer collections are worth exploring.

  9. The White Company: Famous for their minimalistic and elegant designs, The White Company offers high-quality bedding, homewares, and clothing predominantly in white. Their luxurious yet simple aesthetic is loved worldwide.

  10. Burberry: A luxury British brand known for its signature tartan pattern and trench coats. Their clothing and accessories encapsulate timeless British style.

  11. Lush Cosmetics: Known globally, but originating in the UK, Lush offers a variety of handmade and ethically sourced bath, body, and skincare products.

  12. Cadbury: Though Cadbury chocolate is available in the USA, many connoisseurs claim the UK version is much tastier! An assortment of Cadbury delights can be a real treat.

So, if you're based in the USA and are keen on getting your hands on some authentic British goods, these are some of the best stores to shop from. With Reship, your British shopping experience is just a few clicks away! Why Choose Reship?

  1. Easy and Convenient:

    With our straightforward online platform, shipping from the UK to the US has never been easier. Once you've registered and got your Reship UK address, you can start shipping your packages to your US address with just a few clicks.

  2. Cost-Effective:

    We aim to provide the most affordable shipping rates. Our partnerships with multiple couriers and our volume of business allow us to negotiate the best prices, savings which we pass on to you.

  3. Secure and Safe:

    We prioritize your items' safety. Our packing experts ensure your packages are secured properly before shipping, minimizing the risk of damage in transit.

  4. Track Your Parcels:

    Never worry about where your package is. With our real-time tracking system, you can monitor the progress of your shipment from the moment it leaves our facility until it arrives at its destination.

Understanding Customs and Duties

Navigating customs and duties can be a bit challenging. It's essential to understand that any goods shipped from the UK to the US may be subject to customs duties. These charges are not included in the shipping cost and will vary depending on the item's value, type, and origin. However, worry not! When using Reship, our team provides you with the necessary information and tools to help you accurately declare your goods.

Shipping Prohibited Items

Be aware that certain items are prohibited or restricted for shipping from the UK to the USA. These include perishable items, hazardous materials, flammable liquids, and certain high-value items. For a detailed list, please refer to our Prohibited Items page on our website or consult with our customer service team.

How to Get Started

  1. Register with Reship:

    Get started by signing up for a free Reship account. Once you complete the registration, you will receive a unique UK address.

  2. Shop and Ship to Your UK Address:

    Make your purchases from any UK retailer and use your unique UK Reship address as the delivery location.

  3. Choose Your Shipping Option:

    Once your package arrives at our UK warehouse, we will notify you. Log into your account, select your preferred shipping method, and pay the shipping fees.

  4. Track Your Parcel:

    Upon dispatch from our warehouse, you'll receive a tracking number. You can then track your package until it arrives at its destination in the USA.

Shipping from the UK to the USA is straightforward with We are committed to providing the best possible service, ensuring your packages are delivered quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. So go ahead, shop in the UK and ship to the USA with confidence, knowing that Reship has got you covered. Happy shipping!

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