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How to Shop at Pokemon Center UK with Reship


For Pokemon enthusiasts outside the UK, the allure of exclusive merchandise from PokemonCenter UK is undeniable. However, international shipping restrictions can dampen the spirits of the most avid fans. Fortunately, there's a workaround that not only grants access to these coveted items but also navigates the hurdles of international shipping: using a reshipping service like Reship. This guide dives into the step-by-step process of shopping at PokemonCenter UK from anywhere in the world, leveraging the benefits of Reship to bring your favorite Pokemon merchandise right to your doorstep.

Why Use Reship?

Reship offers a straightforward solution to bypass shipping restrictions, providing an address in the UK to which your purchases can be sent. From there, Reship forwards your items to your actual international address. This service is a game-changer for those seeking exclusive products or deals available only within the UK market. Beyond access, Reship can also consolidate multiple orders into one package, potentially saving you a significant amount on international shipping fees.

Getting Started with Reship

Step 1: Sign Up for a Reship Account

Visit the Reship website and sign up to create an account. Once registered, you'll receive a UK address, which acts as your local shipping destination when purchasing from the PokemonCenter UK online store.

Step 2: Shopping at PokemonCenter UK

With your new UK address in hand, head over to the PokemonCenter UK website and start filling your cart with plushies, trading cards, apparel, or any other Pokemon-themed goods that catch your eye. At checkout, use the UK address provided by Reship as your shipping destination.

Step 3: Manage Your Shipment

Once your PokemonCenter UK order arrives at Reship's UK warehouse, you'll be notified. Log into your Reship account where you can manage your shipment. This is the point where you can request package consolidation or other available services to optimize shipping.

Step 4: Choose Your Shipping Method

Reship offers various shipping options to your home country. Depending on how quickly you want your items, select from standard to express shipping methods. Costs will vary based on the weight and dimensions of the final package, as well as the selected shipping speed.

Step 5: Receive Your Goods

After finalizing the shipping method and settling the payment for international shipping, Reship will send the package to your international address. Now, all that's left is the anticipation of unboxing your PokemonCenter UK treasures.

Tips for a Smooth Reship Experience

  • Check Import Restrictions: Before ordering, verify that your country’s customs policies don’t restrict any of your selected items to avoid complications upon entry.

  • Monitor Shipping Costs: Use Reship’s cost calculator to estimate shipping fees and consider consolidating orders to save money.

  • Stay Informed About Customs Fees: Be aware that receiving countries may impose duties and taxes on your shipment. These fees are usually not included in Reship’s shipping charges and might be collected upon delivery.

Why Shop Pokemon Center UK?

Shopping internationally at PokemonCenter UK holds a unique appeal for a variety of reasons, attracting fans and collectors from around the globe who seek exclusive merchandise and special editions not available in their home countries. Here’s why someone might want to buy from PokemonCenter UK internationally:

Exclusive Merchandise

PokemonCenter UK often releases products that are exclusive to the region or available in limited quantities. This can include special edition plush toys, collaborative fashion lines, or UK-specific designs that reflect local culture or landmarks. International fans and collectors, eager to own unique pieces that stand out from the standard offerings available elsewhere, see great value in accessing these exclusives.

Early Access to New Releases

Sometimes, new products or collections are launched first in specific markets. Shopping from PokemonCenter UK can give international fans early access to the latest Pokemon merchandise before it becomes available in their own country, if at all. This early access is particularly appealing for collectors looking to stay ahead in the collecting game.

Unique Gifts

Pokemon merchandise makes for a thoughtful gift for fans of the franchise. Shopping internationally at PokemonCenter UK can provide access to unique items that the recipient is unlikely to own already or even have seen before. This can make gifts more special and personalized, especially if the item reflects a specific interest or aspect of the Pokemon universe that resonates with the recipient.

Cultural Variants

Some PokemonCenter merchandise may feature cultural variants or special editions that reflect the local culture of the region in which they’re sold. UK-themed Pokemon goods, for instance, might incorporate British icons or motifs, offering a distinctive blend of Pokemon fandom with local culture. For fans and collectors, these variants represent a fascinating crossover that adds diversity and depth to their collection.

Completing a Collection

For the avid collector, international shopping can be crucial in the quest to complete a specific collection. Certain lines of products, like limited-edition trading cards, figures, or clothing, may only be partially available in one's home country. Shopping from PokemonCenter UK allows collectors to obtain the missing pieces necessary to complete their sets, fulfilling the collector’s goal of acquisition and ownership.

Passion for the Franchise

At the heart of international shopping from PokemonCenter UK is a deep passion for the Pokemon franchise. Fans worldwide share a unifying love for Pokemon that transcends geographical boundaries. The desire to own a piece of this beloved universe, to hold something tangible that connects them to the stories and characters they adore, drives fans to seek out the best and most exclusive Pokemon merchandise, no matter where it's sold.


Accessing PokemonCenter UK's exclusive collection has never been easier, thanks to reshipping services like Reship. By following this guide, you can enjoy a wide range of Pokemon merchandise, regardless of where you live. Remember, the world of Pokemon is vast, and now, thanks to Reship, it's within your reach. So, start shopping, and let the adventure begin!

FAQs: Buying from PokemonCenter UK Internationally

General Questions

  1. How can I buy from PokemonCenter UK if I live outside the UK?

    • To purchase items from PokemonCenter UK while residing outside the UK, you can use reshipping services like Reship. These services provide you with a UK address to use for your orders, which are then forwarded to your international address, making it possible to shop from the PokemonCenter UK website.

  2. Does PokemonCenter UK ship directly to the US or Canada?

    • No, PokemonCenter UK does not offer direct shipping to the US, Canada, or other international destinations. Their shipping is limited to UK addresses, hence the need for international shoppers to use a reshipping service.

  3. How can I view PokemonCenter UK-exclusive products from outside the UK?

    • To access the PokemonCenter UK website and view UK-exclusive products from outside the UK, you might need to use a VPN that offers a UK IP address. Additionally, browsing fan forums and social media can provide insights into the latest products and releases.

Shopping and Shipping with Reship

  1. What is Reship, and how does it work for PokemonCenter UK orders?

    • Reship is a reshipping service that provides international shoppers with a local UK address, which can be used when placing orders on websites like PokemonCenter UK. Once your order is delivered to Reship's UK warehouse, you can manage and forward your package to your actual international address through your Reship account.

  2. Are there additional costs when using Reship for PokemonCenter UK purchases?

    • Yes, using Reship incurs additional costs, including service fees for handling and forwarding your packages, international shipping costs from the UK to your country, and potential customs duties and taxes upon entry into your country.

  3. How do I choose the right shipping option with Reship for my PokemonCenter UK order?

    • When selecting a shipping option with Reship, consider the balance between cost and delivery speed. Reship offers various shipping methods, so review the estimated delivery times and costs, including tracking capabilities, to choose the best option for your needs.

Product Availability and Restrictions

  1. Why are some PokemonCenter UK products not available in my region?

    • Product availability can be limited due to licensing restrictions, agreements with manufacturers, or marketing strategies targeting specific regions. Keep an eye on PokemonCenter UK's website for updates, as product offerings can change.

  2. Can I pre-order UK-exclusive Pokemon releases to ship to my country?

    • Yes, you can pre-order UK-exclusive Pokemon releases using a reshipping service like Reship. However, understand the service's policies regarding pre-orders, especially around payment and handling times, to ensure a smooth transaction.

Customs and Import Questions

  1. Will I have to pay customs duties and taxes on items shipped from PokemonCenter UK to my country?

    • Yes, international shipments are usually subject to customs duties and taxes based on the destination country's regulations. These fees are determined by the value and type of items shipped and are typically the recipient's responsibility.

  2. What should I do if my reshipped PokemonCenter UK package is held at customs?

    • If your package is held at customs, check the tracking information for any messages or required actions. Contact Reship for assistance, as they may help provide necessary documentation or advice on how to proceed.

Returns and Support

  1. Can I return PokemonCenter UK items if I use a reshipping service?

    • Returning items internationally can be challenging and costly. Review the return policies of both PokemonCenter UK and your reshipping service beforehand. Understand the process, time limits, and who bears the return shipping costs.

  2. Who do I contact for support if there’s an issue with my PokemonCenter UK order or shipment?

    • For issues related to shipping and delivery, your first point of contact should be the reshipping service. For product-specific inquiries, such as defects or the wrong item being sent, contact PokemonCenter UK's customer service directly.

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