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Where to Buy Vintage Clothing Online
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Best Vintage Online Clothing Stores

Vintage fashion isn't just about wearing clothes from a bygone era; it's about embracing history, sustainability, and unique style. With the rise of online shopping, finding those one-of-a-kind pieces has become more accessible than ever. Whether you're a seasoned vintage enthusiast or just looking to add some retro flair to your wardrobe, this guide to the best vintage online clothing stores will help you discover hidden treasures from the comfort of your own home.

Why Shop Vintage?

Before diving into our curated list, let's explore why vintage clothing has captured the hearts of so many fashion lovers:

  • Sustainability: Shopping vintage is an eco-friendly choice, reducing waste and the demand for new production.

  • Uniqueness: Vintage pieces are often one-of-a-kind, allowing you to curate a distinctive wardrobe that stands out.

  • Quality: Many vintage items were crafted with a level of quality and attention to detail that's hard to find in fast fashion.

  • Historical Charm: Each vintage piece tells a story, offering a tangible connection to past decades and fashion movements.

Top Vintage Online Clothing Stores

1. Etsy

Overview: Etsy is a global marketplace that connects buyers with independent sellers, offering an extensive range of vintage clothing from various decades. The platform's user-friendly interface allows you to search for specific items, styles, or eras, making it easier to find exactly what you're looking for.

Why We Love It: The sheer variety of vintage offerings on Etsy is unmatched. From 1920s flapper dresses to 90s grunge, there's something for every vintage lover.

2. eBay

Overview: As one of the oldest online marketplaces, eBay has a vast selection of vintage clothing from sellers around the world. The auction format adds an element of excitement to the shopping experience, giving you the chance to snag incredible deals.

Why We Love It: eBay's auction system allows for the thrill of the hunt, where you can discover rare and highly sought-after pieces at competitive prices.

3. Depop

Overview: Depop is a social shopping app that focuses on unique, second-hand, and vintage fashion. It's particularly popular among younger generations and is a great place to find trendy vintage and retro clothing.

Why We Love It: Depop's community-driven platform makes it easy to follow your favorite sellers and stay updated on their latest finds. It's also a great place to discover up-and-coming vintage curators.

4. ASOS Marketplace

Overview: ASOS Marketplace is home to hundreds of independent vintage boutiques from around the globe. It offers a wide range of vintage clothing, from luxury designer pieces to affordable retro finds.

Why We Love It: ASOS Marketplace carefully curates its sellers, ensuring a high-quality selection of vintage clothing. It's also easy to navigate and offers a seamless shopping experience.

5. Beyond Retro

Overview: Based in the UK, Beyond Retro is a leading online vintage retailer with a vast selection of clothing from the 60s to the early 00s. Their team handpicks items for quality and style, ensuring a top-notch selection.

Why We Love It: Beyond Retro is committed to sustainability, offering a "Beyond Retro LABEL" line that repurposes vintage fabrics into new clothing items, blending vintage style with modern fits.

6. Rokit

Overview: Another gem from the UK, Rokit offers a curated selection of vintage clothing, with a strong focus on sustainability. Their online store features everything from vintage denim to classic sportswear.

Why We Love It: Rokit's commitment to recycling and repurposing clothing aligns with the sustainable ethos of vintage shopping, making it a guilt-free choice for eco-conscious shoppers.

Tips for Shopping Vintage Online

  • Know Your Measurements:

    Vintage sizing can be vastly different from modern sizing. Always compare your measurements to the listed dimensions to ensure a good fit.

  • Research:

    Familiarize yourself with vintage brands and labels to better understand the quality and value of the pieces you're considering.

  • Ask Questions:

    Don't hesitate to contact the seller if you need more details or photos of an item. A reputable seller will be happy to provide additional information.


Shopping for vintage clothing online opens up a world of fashion possibilities, allowing you to express your individuality while making sustainable choices. Whether you're after a specific piece or just browsing for inspiration, the stores listed above are a great starting point for any vintage aficionado. Happy hunting!

FAQs for Vintage Clothes Shopping

1. What defines clothing as 'vintage'?

Vintage clothing refers to items that are at least 20 years old and represent the style of a specific era. True vintage pieces often highlight the craftsmanship and materials typical of their time.

2. How can I verify the authenticity of vintage clothing online?

Authenticity can be verified by examining labels, materials, and construction details. Reputable sellers often provide comprehensive product descriptions and history. When in doubt, ask the seller for additional information or provenance.

3. Where are the best places to buy vintage clothing online?

The best places include dedicated vintage online stores, marketplaces like Etsy and eBay, and specialty social shopping platforms like Depop. Each offers a unique selection and shopping experience.

4. Can I return vintage items bought online if they don't fit?

Return policies vary by seller. Some online vintage stores accept returns for items that don't fit, while others may offer only store credit or have a no-return policy, especially for rare or high-value items. Always check the return policy before purchasing.

5. How do I know my size in vintage clothing?

Vintage sizing can be significantly different from modern sizing. It's crucial to check the measurements provided in the item's description and compare them to your own measurements rather than relying on the tagged size.

6. How should I care for vintage clothing?

Care instructions depend on the garment's material and age. Generally, it's best to hand wash or dry clean vintage items to preserve their quality. Avoid using harsh chemicals, and store items in a cool, dry place.

7. Are vintage clothes more sustainable?

Yes, buying vintage is considered more sustainable than purchasing new, fast fashion items. It promotes recycling and reusing clothing, reducing waste and the environmental impact associated with producing new garments.

8. Why are some vintage items so expensive?

Prices can be high due to an item's rarity, brand, condition, and historical significance. Vintage pieces from sought-after decades or luxury fashion houses are often considered collectibles, adding to their value.

9. How do I style vintage clothing with modern pieces?

Styling vintage with modern pieces is a creative process that can add uniqueness to your look. Try pairing a vintage dress with contemporary accessories, or wear a vintage jacket with modern jeans for a balanced, eclectic style.

10. How can I tell if a vintage online store is reputable?

A reputable vintage store will have detailed product descriptions, clear photographs, a fair return policy, and positive customer reviews. They should also be responsive to inquiries and provide good customer service.

11. Is it possible to find plus-size vintage clothing?

Yes, though it may require more patience. Some online vintage stores specialize in plus-size vintage, and platforms like Etsy and eBay offer filters to help find items in larger sizes.

12. How can I prevent getting scammed when buying vintage clothing online?

Purchase from reputable sellers or platforms with buyer protection policies. Pay attention to reviews, ask questions before buying, and use secure payment methods. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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