Weird Gifts for Friends

Weird Gifts for Friends
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Looking for weird gifts for her, him or your friends? We’ve got the website for you!

Check out for the best weird gifts online!

Their products range from collections featuring Comic Heros, Sci-Fi Fantasies, Disney, Military & History, and Technology.

Details about each collection are below, but check out their website for the best weird gifts you’ve ever seen!

Comic Hero’s

Find a bunch of comic-based items that feature products ranging from super hero chess sets to stylish watches.

Items include tons of Marvel and DC super hero items. In addition, find products for specific characters like Batman!

Get weird gifts for friends in the shape of the super hero’s they know and love! Who wouldn’t be excited to open up a random super hero present?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Is your friend obsessed with the Walking Dead, Game of Thrown’s, or Lord of the Rings? How about the classics like James Bond or Star Trek?

Stuck on an idea for what to get them as a gift? How about their favorite characters in amazingly detailed 1:16 scale? It’s definitely something they’ll remember you gave them.

The Walking Dead zombie looks especially killer!


Looking for weird gifts for her? If the woman you are searching for loves baking, sweets, and Disney… we’ve found weird gifts for you!

Find things like a 12-part mini-series of recipes to make food based on Frozen characters. For anyone with a little girl, this could provide countless days of fun for them and their daughter!

Find other Disney and baking items for anyone who loves being in the kitchen or eating sweets!


Perhaps your friend is more into new technology… so how about giving them a robot or a 3D printer? Those would definitely be weird gifts!

Miro is an intelligent companion robot. Built with 6 senses, 8 degrees of freedom, a brain-inspired operating system, and a simulation software package.

Or throw your friend into the world of 3D Printing. They’ll be one of the first to own one at home! Virtually anything that fits the print area can be designed and printed as a physical 3D object.

Military & History

Looking for weird gifts for friends into army and military stuff?

Check out a Military Watch Collection that features designs from the early 1900’s to the mid 1980’s. The materials used focus on elements most desired by land, sea and air forces during those times.

For a friend with a more detailed eye, how about a T-34 tank replica to build? This legendary Soviet tank includes a metal structure, rotating tower, moving caterpillar swivel gun, and opening hatch.

Weird Gifts for Friends Gifts for Friends
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