Ways to Plan for Labour Day 2016 Shopping

Ways to Plan for Labour Day 2016 Shopping
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Labour Day 2016

This upcoming Labour Day 2016 weekend is almost upon us. If you have nothing planned then you’re probably wondering what to do. You’re in luck! Labour Day is a great way to snag some deals.

If you decide to go shopping you will most likely get stuck in lines even with the week-long sales. But is it even worth it to shop now? With so many sales going on yearlong it’s hard to keep track.

How do you know if you really getting the best deal of the year?

To help you with that here are some ways to help track down great deals and avoid seemingly good deals.

How to be a Smart Shopper

There are a few things that can help you be a quick and efficient shopper:

Try using mobile apps, take advantage of summer clear outs, and plan what you need. These will help you save time and a little money while you shop.

There are a few apps you can use to help you manage and save time while you shop.

Price checking Apps:

There are apps to help you sift through the hundreds of deals and provide price checking. They are easy to use and saves you time:

Amazon App: This all-in-one app helps you navigate, shop, price check, read reviews and get product details. It’s free on the Apple and Android app stores.

ShopSavvy: Offers specialized price checking called “SmartAlert” that show you deals that fit your profile.

BuyVia: Combines couponing and price comparing. Neat thing about this app is that you can scan QR or bar codes to get product info.

Summer Clearances:

Heavily discounted items to look out for are: Back-to-School shopping, end of the season fashion, appliances and furniture.

Summer Clothing: The season is about to change and  it’s a good idea to buy up the heavily discounted summer cloths. Soon they will be off the clearance rack and out of sight.

Tech: For electronics you want to look for sales on medium ticketed items ($100-$300). You can find great deals on these on Amazon. Big ticketed items tend to have bigger discounts during Christmas and Black Friday.

AppliancesBest Buy has two week long Labour Day sales. You can save hundreds from a wide selection of appliances.

If you’re looking to shop overseas don’t get slammed with duty. Use Reship.com and reap the rewards of the sales.

Plan Your Shopping

Do a bunch of research before heading out. See online what you’re interested in then figure out which place it is best to get it. If you need to go to a mall, consider how busy the place is. You might find a less crowded store that has what you need.

Try to set a budget. Keep the plastic home and try using cash. Have enough for what you wanted and a bit for any last minute items you want. Remember some of these deals go on for a week, so be patient.

When you enter the store or mall be flexible. If you see something within your budget and it is a good deal, go for it.

Last thing to Keep in mind

Remember to try to have fun. These are your days off and should be used to have fun, not get more stressed. If you didn’t manage to get what you want just sit tight. The sales will return. Till then happy shopping.

Labour Day Shopping Plan for Labour Day Shopping
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