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Understanding Parcel Forwarding Services

What is a Parcel Forwarder?

A parcel forwarder provides an address in the forwarding service's country to international shoppers and businesses. This enables customers to shop from stores that may not ship directly to their country. The forwarder then receives the packages, repackages them if necessary, and sends them to the customer's actual address.

How Does Package Forwarding Work?

  1. Sign Up: You register with a package forwarding service and receive a local address in the service's home country.

  2. Shop: Shop online and use the provided local address for shipping.

  3. Forward: The parcel forwarder receives your packages, consolidates them if you have multiple orders, and prepares them for international shipment.

  4. Ship: You choose a shipping method from the options provided by the forwarder, and they send the package to your real address.

Benefits of Using a Parcel Forwarder

  • Global Shopping Access: Shop from any store, regardless of their shipping policies.

  • Cost Savings: Consolidation services can significantly reduce shipping costs by combining multiple orders into one package.

  • Customization: Choose from various shipping options based on speed, cost, and carrier preferences.

  • Hassle-Free Customs Handling: Many forwarders assist with customs documentation and processes, making international shipping smoother.

Choosing the Right Parcel Forwarding Service

  • Reputation and Reviews: Look for services with positive customer feedback and a strong track record.

  • Shipping Options and Costs: Compare pricing, delivery times, and available shipping carriers.

  • Customer Support: Ensure they offer responsive and helpful customer support.

  • Additional Services: Some forwarders offer extra services like package inspection, photo documentation, and more.

Maximizing Your Parcel Forwarding Experience

  • Consolidate Packages: Combine orders to save on shipping costs.

  • Understand Customs and Duties: Be aware of potential customs duties and taxes for your country to avoid surprises.

  • Monitor Shipping and Delivery: Use tracking services provided by the forwarder to keep an eye on your shipments.

Introducing Reship

Reship stands out in the parcel forwarding market for its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly interface. Offering services in Canada, the US, and the UK, Reship gives shoppers access to a broader range of products, exclusive deals, and the opportunity to take advantage of regional sales.

Canada Parcel Forwarder

For Canadian shoppers looking to buy from the US or the UK, Reship provides a seamless solution. By using Reship as your Canada Parcel Forwarder, you can explore a vast array of products not always available locally. Whether it's electronics, fashion, or specialty items, Reship bridges the gap, offering Canadians a way to shop globally without leaving their homes.

US Parcel Forwarder

The US market is vast, with many retailers not shipping internationally. This is where Reship comes in as a US Parcel Forwarder, offering international shoppers a US address. From limited edition sneakers to specialized tech gadgets, Reship enables global access to the US market. Plus, with competitive shipping rates and package consolidation options, shoppers can save significantly on international shipping costs.

UK Parcel Forwarder

The UK is known for its unique brands, from luxury fashion to iconic beauty products. With Reship as your UK Parcel Forwarder, these products are within reach, regardless of where you live. Reship's UK forwarding address opens the door to British online stores, making it possible to shop for exclusive UK items and have them delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

How Reship Works

  1. Sign Up and Receive Your Addresses: Register with Reship and get local addresses in Canada, the US, and the UK.

  2. Shop Online: Use your Reship address when shopping online at stores that don't ship to your country.

  3. Consolidate and Ship: Reship receives your packages, which you can consolidate into a single shipment, reducing the overall shipping cost.

  4. Receive Your Items: Choose your preferred shipping method, and Reship sends the items to your international address.

The Advantages of Using Reship

  • Global Shopping Access: Shop from any online store in Canada, the US, and the UK without worrying about shipping restrictions.

  • Cost Savings: Consolidation services and competitive shipping rates significantly reduce the cost of international shipping.

  • Convenience: Reship handles the complexities of international shipping, including customs paperwork, making the process hassle-free for you.

  • Flexibility: With various shipping options available, you can choose the one that best suits your budget and delivery time preferences.


Parcel and package forwarding services like Reship offer an efficient solution to the challenges of international shipping, opening up a world of shopping possibilities. By selecting the right service and following best practices, you can enjoy the benefits of global access, cost savings, and convenience. Embrace the power of parcel forwarding and make the world your marketplace.

Package Forwarding FAQs

1. What is Parcel Forwarding?

Answer: Parcel forwarding is a service that allows individuals and businesses to shop from stores in one country and have their purchases shipped to another country through a third-party company. This service is ideal for customers who want to buy products that are not available in their country or are looking to save on international shipping costs.

2. How does a Package Forwarder work?

Answer: A package forwarder provides you with a local address in the source country where you can send your purchases. Once your packages arrive, the forwarder consolidates them (if you have multiple orders) and ships them to your address in your home country. This process can significantly reduce shipping costs and simplify the delivery of international purchases.

3. What are the benefits of using Parcel Forwarding services?

Answer: Benefits include access to products not available in your country, potentially lower shipping costs through package consolidation, the ability to shop from multiple retailers and combine shipping, and often, the forwarder handles customs paperwork and logistics, making the process hassle-free for you.

4. Can I track my package with a Parcel Forwarding service?

Answer: Yes, most parcel forwarding services provide a tracking system that allows you to monitor the progress of your shipment from the moment it leaves the warehouse until it reaches your doorstep, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

5. Are Package Forwarders safe to use?

Answer: Reputable package forwarding services employ stringent security measures to ensure that your packages are safely stored and handled. Always choose a service with positive reviews and a proven track record for reliability and security.

6. How much does Parcel Forwarding cost?

Answer: Costs vary depending on the forwarder's fees, the size and weight of your packages, the destination country, and the shipping method chosen. Most forwarders offer a range of shipping options to suit different budgets and delivery time requirements.

7. What should I look for in a Package Forwarder?

Answer: Key factors to consider include shipping rate options, consolidation and repackaging services, customer service quality, the availability of tracking, and any additional services like mail forwarding or shopping assistance.

8. How long does it take for a Parcel Forwarder to deliver my package?

Answer: Delivery times can vary widely based on the origin and destination countries, the shipping method selected, and the efficiency of customs processes. Forwarders often offer a range of shipping options from economy to express, allowing you to choose based on your time needs and budget.

9. Can I use a Parcel Forwarding service for returns?

Answer: Many parcel forwarding services offer assistance with returns, but policies and procedures vary. It's important to check with your service provider for details on how to manage returns for your international purchases.

10. What happens if my package is lost or damaged by the Package Forwarder?

Answer: Reputable parcel forwarding services offer insurance options to protect your shipments against loss or damage. It's advisable to consider purchasing insurance for valuable items, and in the event of a problem, contact the service provider immediately to file a claim.

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