Shipping From Canada To USA (2024)

International Shipping From Canada
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Shipping From Canada to USA (2024)

In the era of global commerce, shipping goods from Canada to the USA has become a routine yet crucial operation for businesses and individuals alike. The United States, being Canada's largest trading partner, presents a vast market teeming with opportunities. However, navigating the logistics of cross-border shipping requires a nuanced understanding of carrier options, shipment types, and regulatory compliance. This guide aims to demystify the process, offering insights into the most efficient and cost-effective ways to send packages from the Great White North to the Stars and Stripes.

Choosing the Right Carrier

When shipping from Canada to the USA, selecting the right carrier is paramount to ensuring your shipment arrives on time, within budget, and in good condition. Canada offers a variety of carriers, each with its strengths and specialized services.

Canada Post

As the national postal service, Canada Post is often the first choice for sending small to medium-sized packages. Offering services like Small Packet USA and Expedited Parcel USA, it provides reliable and economical options for less urgent shipments.

UPS Canada

UPS offers a wide range of shipping solutions tailored to different needs, including standard, expedited, and express services. Known for its robust tracking system and efficient customs clearance, UPS is a preferred option for businesses and individuals needing time-sensitive deliveries.

FedEx Canada

Similar to UPS, FedEx provides comprehensive shipping services with various speed and budget options, including FedEx International Ground and FedEx International Priority. Its extensive network ensures timely delivery and excellent service across the United States.

DHL Express Canada

DHL specializes in international express shipments, making it an ideal choice for urgent and high-value items. With expedited customs clearance and next-day delivery options to major US cities, DHL stands out for speed and reliability.

Understanding Different Types of Shipments

The nature of your shipment significantly influences the choice of carrier and service. Here are the primary categories to consider:

Document Shipments

Sending documents from Canada to the USA is generally straightforward. Services like Canada Post's Letter-post or courier express options are tailored for documents, ensuring fast and secure delivery.

Parcel Shipments

For parcels, whether personal or commercial, weight and size dictate the best shipping method. While Canada Post is cost-effective for lighter packages, courier services might be more suitable for heavier or time-sensitive parcels.

Freight Shipments

For large volume or heavyweight shipments, freight services are necessary. Carriers like UPS and FedEx offer freight options that include door-to-door delivery and detailed tracking, suitable for bulk goods or palletized items.

Specialty Shipments

Items that are fragile, perishable, or hazardous require special handling and services. Couriers provide specialized solutions that ensure these items are shipped according to safety standards and regulations.

Navigating Customs and Regulations

Shipping to the USA involves customs clearance, which can be daunting. Here's a brief overview to ease the process:

  • Commercial Invoice: A detailed invoice is crucial for customs. It should include a description of the goods, their value, and the reason for export.

  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin: For eligible goods, this certificate can reduce or eliminate tariffs under the USMCA (formerly NAFTA) agreement.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your shipment complies with US import regulations, including food, agricultural products, and electronics.

Tips for Successful Cross-Border Shipping

  • Choose the Right Service: Match your shipping needs with the carrier's services based on urgency, budget, and package size.

  • Pack Securely: Use sturdy packaging and cushioning to protect your items during transit.

  • Label Clearly: Include all necessary information on your package, such as the recipient's full address and contact details.

  • Track Your Shipment: Utilize the carrier's tracking service to monitor your shipment's progress and address any issues promptly.

Why Choose Reship for Shipping from Canada to the USA?

Reship is a service designed to simplify cross-border shopping. With a Reship account, you receive a free Canadian mailing address. This address allows you to shop from any Canadian retailer, regardless of whether they ship to the USA or not. After your order arrives at your Canadian address, Reship forwards it to your actual address in the USA.

Benefits of Using Reship

  1. Ease of Shopping: Get access to exclusive Canadian products not usually available for direct shipping to the USA.

  2. Cost Savings: Consolidate multiple purchases into a single shipment to save on international shipping costs.

  3. Flexibility: Store your packages at the Reship warehouse for up to 45 days, giving you time to gather all your purchases before forwarding.

  4. Security: Reship provides a safe and secure way to shop and ship internationally, ensuring your items reach you in perfect condition.

Shipping from Canada to the USA with Reship

  1. Sign Up for Reship: Visit the Reship website and create an account. Once you sign up, you'll receive a free Canadian address.

  2. Shop Your Favorite Canadian Brands: Shop online from any Canadian store and use your Reship address as the shipping address during checkout.

  3. Consolidate and Ship: Once all your purchases have arrived, you can consolidate them into a single package if needed. Then, request shipment to your USA address.

  4. Track Your Shipment: Reship provides a tracking number so you can monitor your package's journey from the Canadian warehouse to your doorstep in the USA.

With Reship, shopping and shipping from Canada to the USA is as simple as a few clicks. Say goodbye to geographical constraints and hello to a world of expanded shopping options. Whether you're craving Canadian maple syrup, want to wear the latest from a Canadian fashion brand, or need equipment only available in Canada, Reship bridges the gap between your desires and your doorstep.

How Americans Can Save by Shopping in Canada: Leveraging the Exchange Rate

In the global marketplace, savvy shoppers look beyond their borders to snag deals, and Americans are increasingly turning their sights to Canada as a shopping haven. This trend is not merely about accessing unique Canadian products but also about harnessing the power of the exchange rate to save significantly on purchases. With the Canadian dollar often trading at a lower value than the US dollar, Americans can find substantial savings by shopping in Canada and shipping items back to the USA. This blog explores how to make the most of this opportunity, covering the benefits, tips for maximizing savings, and considerations for cross-border shopping.

Understanding the Exchange Rate Advantage

The exchange rate between the Canadian dollar (CAD) and the US dollar (USD) plays a pivotal role in cross-border shopping. When the USD is strong against the CAD, Americans can buy more for less, effectively stretching their dollar further in Canada. This currency leverage can lead to significant savings, especially on big-ticket items, luxury goods, and specialty products.

Categories Where You Can Save


Canada offers competitive prices on electronics, including laptops, cameras, and smartphones. With the exchange rate advantage, these items can be significantly cheaper than in the US.

Fashion and Apparel

Canadian and international fashion brands might offer better pricing in Canada. Plus, limited releases exclusive to the Canadian market can be attractive to American shoppers.

Outdoor and Sporting Goods

Given Canada's vast wilderness and outdoor culture, equipment and apparel for camping, hiking, and winter sports are widely available and can be more affordable.

Pharmaceuticals and Supplements

Some over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and health supplements may be less expensive in Canada due to different regulatory environments.

Maximizing Your Savings: Tips for Shopping in Canada

Monitor the Exchange Rate

Keep an eye on the CAD to USD exchange rate and plan your purchases when the USD is strong. Currency conversion fees should also be considered in your calculations.

Use Canadian Online Stores

Many Canadian retailers offer online shopping with the option to ship to the US. Look for stores that provide direct shipping or use a package forwarding service if direct shipping isn't available.

Consider Shipping and Customs Fees

While shopping in Canada can be cheaper, international shipping costs and potential customs duties can offset some savings. Look for retailers that offer low-cost or free shipping to the US and understand the US customs duty threshold to manage costs effectively.

Use US Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fees

To avoid additional charges on international purchases, use a credit card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees.

Considerations for Cross-Border Shopping

Warranty and Returns

Check the warranty validity for products purchased in Canada when brought back to the US. Additionally, understand the return policy, especially for online purchases, in case you need to return items.

Compatibility and Compliance

Ensure electronic items are compatible with US standards (e.g., voltage, plugs) and that any products comply with US regulations, especially for food, health products, and over-the-counter medications.

Shipping and Package Forwarding Services

For items from Canadian stores that don't ship to the US, consider using package forwarding services. These services provide a Canadian address to ship your purchases to, which are then forwarded to your US address.

FAQs: Shipping from Canada to the USA with Reship

How much does it cost to ship from Canada to the USA?

The cost varies based on the package's weight, dimensions, and the shipping service chosen. Using Reship can offer competitive rates, often making it the cheapest way to ship from Canada to the USA.

What is the cheapest way to ship from Canada to the USA?

Reship is known to be one of the cheapest options for shipping from Canada to the USA, offering package consolidation services that significantly reduce shipping costs.

Do packages from Canada to the US go through customs?

Yes, all packages shipped from Canada to the USA must go through customs. The sender must provide a customs declaration form detailing the contents and value of the shipment.

How do I ship personal items from Canada to the US?

You can ship personal items using postal services like Canada Post or courier services such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Utilizing Reship can also streamline the process and reduce costs, especially for non-commercial, personal shipments.

Why is shipping to Canada from the US so expensive?

Shipping costs can be high due to factors like distance, package weight and size, and additional fees, including customs duties and taxes. Using a service like Reship can help minimize these costs through efficient packaging and consolidation.

Does Canada Post charge by weight or size?

Canada Post charges are based on both the weight and the dimensions of the package. Oversized or overweight items may incur additional fees.

USPS shipping from Canada to the USA?

USPS services are available for shipments from Canada to the USA through partnerships with Canadian carriers. Packages are handed off to USPS once they cross into the US.

Shipping from Canada to USA cost?

The cost can vary widely. To get a more accurate estimate, consider using a Canada to US shipping cost calculator available on carrier websites or through services like Reship.

Cheapest shipping from Canada to the US?

Reship often offers the cheapest rates for shipping from Canada to the US, especially when taking advantage of package consolidation and selecting economical shipping options.

Canada to US shipping cost calculator?

Many carriers and services like Reship offer cost calculators. Input your package details to receive an estimated shipping cost from Canada to the USA.

Shipping from Canada to US time?

Delivery times vary by service. Standard shipping can take 5-10 days, while express services may reduce transit time to 1-3 days.

Best way to ship from Canada to the US?

The best way depends on your needs. For cost efficiency and ease, Reship is a top choice, offering competitive rates and convenient services like package consolidation.

Shipping from Canada to U.S. FedEx?

FedEx offers several shipping options from Canada to the US, ranging from economy to express. Rates and transit times vary based on the service selected.

Shipping from Canada to US UPS?

UPS provides reliable shipping services from Canada to the US, with a variety of delivery time frames and pricing options to suit different shipping needs.

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