Unbelievable Online Shopping Statistics

Unbelievable Online Shopping Statistics (Infographic)
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Have you ever wondered if you fit the profile of the average online shopper? Have you ever asked yourself: Do I spend more than the average person? Is it normal to be buying tennis rackets while sitting on the toilet? Is this the weirdest thing anyone has ever bought online? Well you’re in luck because we have all the answers. After a little snooping we found out the most popular shopping sites of 2015. We dug up the weirdest things ever purchased on the internet. We are also here to tell you the highest selling online product categories, the differences between men vs women, and what country spends the most money on online shopping. These are all the online shopping statistics fit to confirm your suspicions, raise your eyebrows and make you scratch your heads.

Here is a breakdown of the information contained in the infographic above.

The crazy places people shop online

Mobile technology means you can shop from almost anywhere. Earlier this year, a survey was conducted asking people where they have shopped online. Unsurprisingly, many people, (33%) said they did it from their bed. A slightly lower proportion (23%) have shopped online at work. While these people might be in for a less than stellar performance review, this is still on the side of normal behaviour.

From here, it gets a little weird. 21% of people have shopped online from their bathrooms, presumably while sitting on the toilet. 13% of people are bad dinner companions, having engaged in online shopping while dining at a restaurant. 4% of people have online shopped while at a wedding, which we find less surprising than the amount of people who have shopped while in the shower (also 4%). Finally, 2% of people admit to online shopping while at a funeral. If you’re in that 2% you might be a bad friend, but you’re also a great customer.

The 10 Most Popular Online Shopping Sites According to Recent Online Shopping Statistics

What shopping sites do you go to? If none of them are on this list, congratulations. You’re a unique snowflake. But then again, you might be missing out. These stores are the most popular for a reason. They tend to be the best at something, whether that is customer service, low prices or product quality.

The latest online shopping statistics show Amazon.com topping the list by a wide margin, with just under 200 million unique users per year. In a surprise twist, eBay’s 97 million users beat out Walmart’s 87 million. People can’t seem to get enough Apple products, which nets them 80 million unique visits per year, explaining why they are one of the wealthiest companies on the planet. Target is next at 60 million, with Best Buy trailing at 38. Then we have Home Depot, Etsy, and Kohl’s, each with around 30 million unique visitors. Last in is Macy’s at 23 million. But don’t feel too bad for them. Their physical locations are retail powerhouses and they have their own parade.

The Strange Things People Have Bought and Sold Online

Online shopping means anyone can buy and sell almost anything. We have found some of the strangest things to ever trade hands online. Here they are:

  • 1500 Ladybugs

  • A Vampire Killing Kit

  • A man’s Kidney

  • Toast with the Image of Jesus Burned Into It

  • A UFO Detector

  • A Haunted Rubber Ducky

  • A Soul

  • A Person to Stand in Line for You

  • A Fighter Jet

The 12 Highest Selling Product Categories for Online Shopping

Now that we have the weirdest stuff anyone ever purchased online out of the way, it’s time to talk about the popular stuff. These are the main reasons people shop online. Looking at recent online shopping statistics, ranked in order from most popular to least-most popular, the highest selling product categories for online shopping are:

  1. Women’s Apparel

  2. Books

  3. Computers

  4. Computer Software

  5. Clothing

  6. Toys

  7. DVD/Movies

  8. Health/Beauty

  9. Consumer Electronics

  10. Music

  11. Jewelry

  12. Office Supplies

Online Shopping Behaviour: Men VS Women

Let the battle of the sexes begin! If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how would that impact their online shopping behaviour? Well, one interesting fact is that women seem to be much more brand loyal when they are online shopping. Where men tend to search for specific products they want, women tend to search for brands.

Online shopping statistics also show that a higher proportion of women regularly shop online but the difference is only slight, with 72% of women shopping online vs 68% of men. What do men buy more than women? Electronics. In contrast, women tend to spend more on clothing, cosmetics and furniture. Men also tend to utilize online auctions more.

Finally, there is a difference in the reasons men and women shop online. Men tend to do it to satisfy immediate needs. Women tend to shop online in order to set themselves up for the future.

How Much Shoppers Around the World Spend Online

Here we have the countries which spend the highest amount of money on online shopping per person.  Online shopping statistics show that Hong Kong tops the list of per capita online shopping with a whopping $2868 spent per person. Norway and Israel are also both land in the $2000+ bracket. Citizens of the US, Denmark, UK, Switzerland and Finland all spend more than $1500 per year on average. Trailing them is Sweden, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria at $1000-$1500 per year, per person spent online. The remaining world population tends to spend between $0 and $1000 online each year.




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