Top Tech Gadgets for Teens

Top Tech Gadgets for Teens
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By Steve Woodfield

For the tech-obsessed teens in your life, we’ve compiled a list of great gadgets that inform, perform, create, and entertain. Perfect for back-to-school gifts or for the upcoming holidays, pick these great items up for low prices when using your account to shop, ship, and save from your favorite U.S. retailers.

S2H Replay This futuristic-looking wrist wrap from Switch2Health has a motion sensor inside that measures and logs physical activity. After an hour of movement, S2H displays a rewards code. Log on to the website, enter the code and earn points redeemable for prizes like DVDs, music downloads, even an iPod nano (for about 125 hours of activity). (, $20)

Sony “bloggie” Camera This brightly colored 4-ounce handycam captures high-definition video, which can then be uploaded to a PC or Mac and shared with classmates or the world. The lens swivels 270 degrees, giving young auteurs greater artistic range for their school video projects. (, $170)

Mikey Portable Recorder Who says the iPod isn’t an educational device? Plug in the Mikey from Blue Microphones and your kids can record classroom lectures for posterity—or even their own tuneless warbling. Also compatible with iPhone. (, $100)

Motormouse Tell your teen if she does really well in school you’ll buy her a Porsche. Then give her a sporty wireless mouse, a replica of the classic roadster, to rev up her homework efforts. (, $50)

TI-Nspire Definitely not your father’s calculator—the new touchpad makes it easy for budding mathematicians to navigate the Nspire’s computer-like interface, while an alpha-numeric keypad is great for data entry. Connect it to a PC or Mac to transfer files, print your work and download teacher-created quizzes. (, $149)

Dell Inspiron 14R Curved, chromed and colorful, this 14-inch Windows 7 notebook is both powerful and stylish. Smudge-resistant palm rests and an ergonomically designed keyboard prevent stains and strains. An optional 10+ hour battery gets through an entire school day and homework too. (, from $480)

Epson Stylus NX420 This wireless all-in-one device lets you create two-sided color prints, scan high-resolution images and make up to 99 copies at a time. And did we mention it costs less than $100 (, $99)

Pandigital Novel Surf the Web, check e-mail, play music and videos, and download books from Barnes & Noble on this 7-inch-wide color eBook reader, powered by Google’s Android software. (, $200)

Echo Smartpen Write a word in English and the Echo’s OLED screen displays the Spanish translation; it can solve pesky math equations too. This pen really is mightier than the sword. (, $170 for 4 GB, $200 for 8 GB)

HP Preppy Pink Mini 210 Girls just want to have fun, and a backpack-friendly, 2.7-pound netbook is the ticket. Watch HD videos on the 10-inch screen and use for nearly 10 hours without a recharge. Your son is not likely to be willing to carry it, though. (, from $355)

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