Top 6 Sites to Visit for Cyber Monday Deals

Top 6 Sites to Visit for Cyber Monday Deals
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With all the chaos and hype surrounding Black Friday, it can be easy to forget about its younger online counterpart, Cyber Monday.

This is a terrible shame, especially for ReShip members who can truly benefit from the online savings to be had in the US on this online shopping extravaganza.

Being that it’s an online sale holiday, Cyber Monday typically tends to have more plentiful online deals with savings comparable to Black Friday.

Cyber Monday falls on November 30th this year, and if you’re wondering where the best sites are on this special day, wonder no more because we have a few recommendations for you.


Did you really think the internet’s biggest consumer retailer would sit it out on Cyber Monday?

Of course not. It remains to be seen what deals they will have on sale on November 30, but be sure to check in early and often as these deals go quickly.

Just remember that Amazon is known for putting anything and everything on sale, so don’t be surprised if you find something great that you weren’t even looking for on Cyber Monday.

It is also important to note that Amazon Prime members get front of the line access to the deals available.

Best Buy

You can always count on Best Buy to have a good showing for Cyber Monday. They haven’t gone into specifics, but they are promising great deals across all departments so whether you are in the market for a special edition Blu Ray or a new washing machine, you’re bound to find a decent price here.

Note that rather than just selling on the day, like many, Best Buy will be holding Cyber Monday sales all week long, starting from the prior Sunday.


JCPenney is promising a massive sales event for Cyber Monday, with over 50,000 deals available. Here you will find deals on everything from home décor and bedding to clothing and accessories.

They have decided to make it a short and sweet Cyber Monday with the sale beginning on Sunday the 29th and ending at end of day November 30.


If you’re looking for electronics and things to upgrade your home, you shouldn’t end your search before stopping off at Kohl’s.

Kohl’s is heavily teasing its Cyber Monday offerings, though it hasn’t revealed any specific deals yet.


To be certain, Macy’s is going to have a big showing for Black Friday, but don’t count them out of Cyber Monday.

They already have a page dedicated to Cyber Monday deals, and the event is still a few weeks away. Right now, you’ll be able to find deals on everything from clothing to kitchen appliances, but be sure to jump on during the actual day because that’s when the crazy deals are likely to jump off.


For the Outdoor enthusiasts among us, REI is the place to be on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday at REI means getting outfitted for a year of running, cycling, climbing and camping, and paying a lot less than you are likely to pay during the rest of the year.

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