Top 5 Stores for Cheap Makeup Online

Top 5 Stores for Cheap Makeup Online
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Check out the top 5 best makeup websites for finding cheap makeup online.

There are so many makeup websites out there offering cheap makeup online, so how do you know which ones to trust? Avoid scams and buy makeup from trusted makeup websites with proven track records and excellent product reviews.

We have reviewed stores selling cheap makeup online and narrowed the list down to the best 5 makeup websites. These are the top 5 best companies, selling high quality makeup at the lowest prices.

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics is a popular, makeup brand, based out of LA. They provide high quality makeup at affordable prices.

Their products range from cosmetics for your eyes, face, lips, brows, and lashes. They have beautiful colour pallets, a variety of makeup brushes, and lots of different makeup accessories.

They also have an amazing Sale section that offers some of the cheapest makeup online. Buy makeup at 65% off regular prices or check out their 48-hour deal section!


e.l.f. (stands for eyes lips face) is a luxury cosmetics brand that uses high quality ingredients.

Their vision is to “empower and educate women to play in innovation without sacrificing their budget. We offer a complete line of makeup and professional tools—all at an extreme value price!”

Check out their best sellers and online exclusives!

Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada offers cheap makeup online for some of the most popular brand names. These include Cover Girl, Maybelline New York, Revlon, Rimmel London, and L’Oreal Paris.

Buy makeup for your eyes, lips, and skin. You can also buy makeup brushes, makeup remover, and hair care items. The advantage of this site is the customer reviews on each product. Walmart is one of the most well known makeup websites, with hundreds of people reviewing products every day!

FTB Beauty

FTB Beauty is a Canadian makeup brand, based out of Toronto, Ontario. They offer makeup, hair, nail, and skin care products.

Find great deals on makeup staples and lots of colour choices.

Another great thing about FTP Beauty is they’re customer support! You can reach them by phone and their website also offers live chat. There is always someone to speak with or ask questions.

FTB Beauty is rated 9.5 out of 10 on customer reviews!

The Body Shop Canada

The Body Shop is a well known brand name in Canada and the United States. It carries a full assortment of naturally inspired skin, body, bath products. The Body Shop brand name ensures that only the highest quality makeup is offered.

In addition to the trusted name, you buy makeup at Canadian prices! They have eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, lip stick, foundation, and concealer!

You can also buy makeup from the Sale section for under $5!

5 Stores for Cheap Makeup Online Cheap Makeup Online
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