Top 10 Coolest Smartphone Accessories

Coolest Smartphone Accessories
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In mall kiosks, front counter displays, and tiny shops all over the world, you will find mountains upon mountains of smartphone accessories. Most are entirely cosmetic, and totally unnecessary. They lack in quality, functionality and fail to improve one’s smartphone experience in any way.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. There are smartphone accessories out there which truly elevate the smartphone experience, synergizing with your phone to produce outcomes which were never before possible.

This article focuses on the 10 best smartphone accessories, which take your smartphone and turn it into something even more special.


One of the best things anyone looking to get fit can do is get themselves a fitness tracker, and the Fitbit is among the most popular brands out there. We wrote on fitness trackers a while back, and this product category is still doing great.

Fitbit has a large selection of different fitness trackers, each designed to easily clip on to a user’s clothing and be worn around the wrist. Their various trackers can count the steps you take, the calories you burn, and the floors you climb, as well as monitor how well you sleep.

These handy devices display all your stats via your smartphone, the biggest benefit of which is the element of motivation this brings. Now you can see how much physical activity you did, and Fitbit will encourage you to push yourself even further.

Easy Macro

There are many smartphone lens add-ons out there, but none so user friendly and beautifully simple as this. Easy Macro enables the user of any smartphone to take incredible close-up pictures with their smartphone’s camera.

It is genius in its simplicity, with the 4X magnification lens being embedded in what appears to be a standard rubber band, which can be easily fastened over any phone’s camera. With the Easy-Macro, you are now able to take incredibly detailed pictures of incredibly tiny objects. Got a bug collection, or a detailed model train set? Easy-Macro will allow you to beautifully share them with the world.

Mophie Juice Pack

The Mophie Juice Pack is a battery packed case you can put on your Smartphone to add several hours to your phone’s battery life. We like this thing because it effortlessly extends the life of your phone’s battery, without the inconvenience of having to carry around a separate external battery.

If you take long battery sucking road trips or excursions, the Mophie Juice Pack will become your phone’s best friend.

USB On the Go

Ever wish you could easily take the files on a USB stick and put them on your phone? Or perhaps plug in a keyboard for a long phone based typing session? Unfortunately, smart phones do not have USB ports on them (nor do most tablets for that matter), but that won’t stop you now that you have a USB OTG (On the Go).

Just plug this thing into your phone’s micro-usb slot and connect all kinds of USB based devices to your phone. Just make sure to check if the USB OTG is compatible with your particular phone, as it is not compatible with everything.

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer

For those of us who miss the instantly printing Poloroid pictures which were massively popular decades ago, there is the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer.

Great for souvenirs handed out at a party or scrap booking, the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer will print any photo you take with your Android or Iphone right then and there through the use of a Wi-Fi connection.

Breffo Spiderpodium

There are all kinds of smartphone holders out there, but this one consistently tops them all. The Beffo Spiderpodium will securely cradle your smartphone on any surface. It works great on table tops, but it really shines in cars, where it can be securely fastened to the AC unit.

Where other smartphone holders lose their grip on the dashboard or do not fit your particular phone, this holder’s application is the most universal of any we have ever seen.

Nite Ize Handleband

One of the few areas where the Spiderpodium might not hold up is on the handle bars of a bicycle, but that shouldn’t discourage you cyclists out there from enjoying your phone during a ride because the Nite Ize Handleband has you covered.

Just use it to securely fasten your phone to your handle bars and now you can check out your route, queue up your favorite songs or take a selfie while riding. No more fumbling with your phone while riding for you!

Glider Gloves

If you live in Russia, Canada, Denmark or any of the many other colder countries on this planet, you have probably felt incredibly torn between the options of interacting with your smartphone and keeping your hands warm.

The glider gloves let you do both by containing pads on the fingertips which are designed to be detected by smartphone touch screens. It’s a simple and convenient solution any cold weather warrior would appreciate.

Snow Lizard Xtreme Case

The previous case we mentioned will keep your phone’s battery going and going, but this case will do more than that still.

In addition to the built in spare battery, the Snow Lizard Xtreme Case will keep your phone intact under the most extreme conditions. Want to drop your phone from a 6 foot height? No problem. Want to get caught in an avalanche or a tsunami and  be able to play Angry Birds while you wait for a rescue team? Go for it.

This water proof, highly shock resistant case will enable your phone to take whatever you throw at it. It’s great for the outdoorsy types who may just fall into a lake or take a tumble down a mountain face. And with the built in solar panel, your phone will last even longer without the luxury of a wall outlet.

Samsung Gear VR

True virtual reality has arrived with the help of Samsung and their Gear VR. While it does bum us out that the Gear VR is only compatible with Samsung’s current high end phones, we are no less impressed with the quality Samsung has been able to deliver, especially at the low <$100 price point.

Users just clip their Samsung phone into the front of the viewing goggles, and they are off into a world of supremely immersive games and engrossing 360 degree videos. This headset is very comfortable and has a touch pad on the right side for interacting with the items on the screen.

Coolest Smartphone Accessories Smartphone Accessories
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