Top 10 Best Truck Accessories

Top 10 Best Truck Accessories
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Check out the top 10 best truck accessories for 2017!

Whether you own a truck for some awesome backroad adventures or if you need it for work, check out the amazing truck accessories that are out there today!

We’ve narrowed down the 10 best truck accessories for you, but some of these can also be used on cars as well.

Most of these products are currently available on Amazon at very affordable prices. Otherwise, we’ve noted the manufacturer’s website so you can buy the products directly.

The top 10 products listed include hands-free bluetooth, a utility dog harness, a radar detector, a rear view mirror dashcam, and a refrigerator beverage cooler.

Continue reading to find out what made the list of Top 10 Best Truck Accessories!

1. Parrot MINIKIT Neo Hands-Free Bluetooth Kit

Have a truck that doesn’t have bluetooth? That’s okay, there’s a bluetooth accessory for that!

The MINIKIT Neo 2 HD allows you to make and receive calls without touching any buttons. You can also enhance your experience with the free application for Android and iPhone. It’s compatible with all car and truck models with an integrated clipping system that is compatible with all sun visors.

Additional features:

• Initiate, accept or reject calls with a simple voice command •Connect 2 phones simultaneously (Multipoint) •Automatically powers on as you enter your vehicle • 10 hours of talk time • 6 months of battery life on standby

Find it on Amazon in four vibrant colors for you to choose from.

2. Navdy GPS System

Everyone needs some sort of GPS system these days. Avoid trying to use your cell phone while driving or the hassle of clunky cell phone holders.

Instead, check out the Navdy GPS System. It uses Augmented Reality technology to create a portable heads-up display, through an image that’s projected onto your windshield! This compact system provides GPS, music controls, and hands-free calling.

Additional features:

• Initiate, accept or reject calls with a simple voice command •Use natural hand gestures to accept, dismiss, or return calls •Decide between built-in offline maps, GPS, or real-time traffic • Hear built-in audio reading messages and notifications to you • Customize the dashboard with key driver info like speed limit, MPG, fuel gauge, and RPM

3. NEWSKY Car Auto Air Purifier Refresher Deodorizer

Do you miss having that new truck smell? How about just having a truck that doesn’t smell like wet dog or day-old fast food wrappers in the back seat?

With just the press of a button, this air freshener by NEWSKY lets you breathe pure air inside your car. It does this by eliminating substances from your vehicle like:

• Bad odors • Smoke • Dust • Pollen • Bacteria • Dust • Pollen • Harmful gases • Other Particles

4. Sleepypod Clickit Utility Dog Harness

This product is designed to keep your dog safe and in its seat at all times while you’re driving.

Protect your pup from injuries in car accidents by purchasing one of these dog harnesses. It keeps your dog in their seat during impact and absorbs the force in a frontal collision.

Additional Features:

• 3-point design for use in rear passenger seat secures upper and lower torsos • 3-point design is adjustable for use in vehicle cargo area • Broad cushioned vest • Strength tested, automotive grade materials and hardware • Can be used as a walking harness as well • Easy clean vest is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon • Four sizes address a broad range of dog sizes and shapes

Stop worrying about the safety of your dog while driving and avoid the hassle of trying to keep them in the back seat! Buy the Clickit today.

5. Papago GoSafe260 Full HD Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

It’s pretty rare to own a truck that has a built in rearview dash cam. A few models, like the Chevrolet Colorado and  Toyota Tundra, are now being built with them, but what if you own a truck made prior to 2015, that doesn’t offer stock dash cams?

Worry no more! Purchase a rearview dash cam, with exceptional quality, as an add-on accessory.

Features include:

• Full HD 1080P high-resolution video with loop recording • Camera automatically turns on when engine is turned on • 2.7″ large display in rearview mirror can be switched off while driving • Zoom in or out capturing footage required (like a license plate) • Auto dimming to filter extra light (like high beams) • Better viewing angles around the truck that would otherwise go unseen • Motion detection to start and record video near the truck when parked

Get the Papago rear view mirror dash cam  for $110 on Amazon today!

6. BESTEK Thermoelectric Refrigerator Beverage Cooler

If you own a truck, you’re likely hauling a lot of stuff around. No matter what the scenario is, or what’s in the back of your truck bed, odds are you usually need a drink to cool down after some heavy hauling, right?

Whether it’s a cool refreshment you need or somewhere to keep your lunch from going bad, this cooler was made for you.

Features include:

• 7 liter capacity cooler (holds up to 9 soda cans or 550ml bottles) • Powered through a cigarette light cable • Easy installation and light weight for personal carrying • Good for both indoor and outdoor use • 18 months manufacturer warranty

Avoid the hassle of stopping at busy gas stations or convenience stores. Bring everything you need with you and keep it cool in your truck all day.

7. ARB Series III Sand Rooftop Tent

This is one of the best truck accessories for an outdoor adventure! It’s a super convenient way to camp. It unfolds in minutes, offering a place to sleep above the ground and protected from the elements.

The tent is spacious and comfortable, perfect for any camping trip!

Features include:

• High-quality poly/cotton tent fabric • Built-in rainfly and insect screened windows and doors • High density bonded chip foam mattress w/ removable cover • Sturdy aluminum retractable ladder • Can be configured to either side or rear of the truck

Use this tent on future adventures for $1490 on Amazon! If that’s a little much, there are other comparable brands ranging from $800+ as well.

8. BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

This pet car seat cover will protect your seats so you never have to worry about damaging them again! Pets are family members. They can’t help it if they get a little dirtier than us at the park.

If you worry about the mess they’ll make in the backseat of your truck, check out this product on Amazon for only $35!

Features include:

• Designed to fit the backseat of ALL standard trucks, cars, and SUVs • Easily converts into hammock or standard bench coverage • Waterproof with heavy-duty polyester for durability • Built-in velcro openings for seat belts • Rubber nonslip backing and seat anchors to prevent from sliding around

9. Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector

This is one of the best radar detectors on the market right now! It is the highest rated amongst consumer reviews on Gadget Review.

Receive clear warnings of police vehicles, speed traps, and red light cameras with plenty of time to react. It is easy to use, provides clear alerts, and uses the latest technology!

Features include:

• Long-Range Protection for early warnings and fast response • Uses the power of GPS to learn and automatically reject fixed position false alarms • Includes crowd sourcing, false signal filtering, visible and audible alerts • Easy to use and understand, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road • Quick release magnetic mount for easy transportation between vehicles

Get ahead of the game with radar detection. It’s on Amazon today for just $477.55.

10. Viper Remote Start System

With this remote starter system you can start your truck from up to 1 mile away! Same goes for the lock and unlock features as well. You’ll never have to sit in your truck and wait for it to warm up again!

Out of 270 customer reviews on Amazon, the Viper remote starter has 4.5 out of 5 stars. Buy it online for less than $200 today!

Features include:

• 2-way security system with alarm sirens • Remote start system with 5 button LCD transmitter • The five buttons control up to 24 different functions on two cars • 1-mile range of service • Door and trunk triggers • The slimmest display remote on the market today

Check out for international shipping from the US.

10 Best Truck Accessories Best Truck Accessories
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