Too Early For Christmas Shopping?

Too Early For Christmas Shopping?
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Is Early Christmas Shopping Worth it?

It is hardly the beginning of fall and there are already people preparing their Christmas shopping lists. Are people that desperate for Christmas cheer or are they on to something?

It turns out that it’s a good idea to start early, yes even this early. The reason why is because starting from now till the beginning of January stores are going to be putting on sales.

If you are eyeing a particular Christmas gift then it could be your perfect chance to snag it for a good price.

Here are a few tips to help you, beat the rush, give you the time to relax and prepare for the holidays.

Important Sale Dates

When it comes to Christmas shopping it is best to look for sales that beat the holiday rush. It’s a good idea to look over the border for some great discounted items.

Days to look out for in the US:

Columbus Day:

Monday, October 10th

Veterans Day:

Friday, November 11th

Thanksgiving Day:

Thursday, November 24th

Black Friday:

Friday, November 25th

Cyber Monday:

Monday, November 28th

Christmas Weeks:

December 1st – 24th

Boxing Day:

Tuesday, December 26th

During these dates stores are expected to put on sales. Everything ranging from cloths to electronics will be on sale. Take advantage of these without having to head over the border by shopping online.

Christmas shopping online is a great way to get what you need and find exactly what you want. You can use Reship to save money and not get hit with tax when you order online.

Stores to Visit

When choosing where to shop there are a few big brands and well known stores you can shop at. Here is a list of places broken down by category:

Electronics: Best Buy

If you are looking for the latest and greatest gadgets, Best buy has  sales on from now till Christmas. If you shop online, check out the daily, weekly, offers and hot deals. Best Buy is famous for its Black Friday sales and month long Christmas sales.

During these sales you will be able to save a lot on a lot of big ticketed items like TVs. It is important to keep track of the prices during these promotions. It could turn out that you will get a better deal during some holidays compared to others.

You can easily find out how much they take off if you visit Best Buy’s website.

Apparel: Gap and Macy’s

There are a crazy amount of options for cloths shopping. Most of the major retail stores like the Gap and Macy’s have sales going on during every major holiday. They offer 24 hour sales or free shipping. You can even shop at the outlet stores, they offer additional discounts. Majority of these sales offer 30-70% off.

Everything else: Walmart

Walmart is famous for its Black Friday sale. It is a good idea to stock up on non-perishable canned goods before the rush kicks in. Walmart offers great deals on TVs, laptops, tablets, and more.

Problem is that majority of the time these sales are offered for a short period of time creating a lot of rush in stores. Stock ends up running out and you never get what you want. That is why it is important to plan a head.

Importance of planning

Make sure that when you do start your Christmas shopping, even early, that you have set a plan and budget. It’s not hard to quickly map out what you need to get and do a quick price check. Once you have found what you want don’t rush in and get it the moment you see when it is on sale.

Figure out how much you are saving and compare it from last year’s sales. It is hard to know exactly what price it will be offered at but you will have a general idea.

Try not to go over budget, given the fact you are starting early it means that you can better manage your spending. The more time you have planning which purchase you want, the better the chance you will find a good deal and save money.

Let’s Review

Remember that if you want to start Christmas shopping now it may be a good idea to start now. You don’t need to spend a whole bunch of time researching. Just keep an eye out on what you may want and see take a look at the discounts offered.

Shop online first to see what is offered, you may be able to apply extra coupons that will let you save even more than if you shopped in person.

Whatever your choice is, budgeting and planning will help you get what you need, make it less stressful, and more enjoyable.

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