Tips and Tricks for Shipping to China

Tips and Tricks for Shipping to China
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International Shipping to China

For anyone wanting to ship to Asia or its surrounding the areas, it might be a little confusing with the various types of addresses and shipping options. Here is a break down of tips and tricks for shipping to China.

Different types of Shipping Methods:

Commonly known shipping services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other worldwide courier services include a variety of shipping services. These companies work with local post offices to create a combination

Shipping to China usually comes with a big price tag, especially parcel shipping. Reason being, shipping could include a combination of air, sea, and ground transportation. Breakdown of service levels typically available:

Regular Post:

This is usually the cheapest but usually means it will take the longest for a parcel to arrive. The time-frame for arrival varies but it can range anywhere from 2-6 weeks and comes with tracking but depending on the courier service.

Biggest issue is that its not a very safe method of shipping and can often be lost.


Customers using express and expect shipments to be drastically faster , a safer/more secure, and is consistantly tracked. Expedited can offer shipping times as fast as 2-5 business days and most carriers can offer this service. Most of these services offer sign on delivery and accept special instructions. Additional services like insurance could be offered at additional cost.

Priority/Over night:

This is the fastest option that depending on the carrier could mean as fast as over night shipping. Keep in mind, over night isn’t always guaranteed and there is a cut off point in which you could request it. Over night is extreme expensive and a small package could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, just for the air freight. The cost of the driver is additional costs.

Here is how these different shipping options differ while shipping to parts of Asia.

Taxes and Duty Fees:

Chinese duty and taxes on shipments coming into China vary depending on the type of product, country of origin, years and import way. Duty fees include general duty rates, Most-favored-nation duty rates, Conventional duty rates, special preferential duty rates, tariff rate quota rates and temporary duty rates.

Value -added tax, consumption tax for imported goods, cross-border e-Commerce import tax are other taxes that may apply to shipments. In addition to all these potential various fees, delivering to individual residences within China using a major carrier could lead to even more challenges and fees.

One of the biggest tips when shipping to China is to make sure the appropriate documentation is correctly filled out. Any miss information can serious delay shipments which increasingly become prone to damage, theft and the package getting lost.

Prohibited items:

The list of prohibited import goods into China vary and change quite a lot. It is important to check the official customs website to see if your package is safe to send.

How Reship Can help

Using Reship can drastically make any shipment to China a breeze. Simply send your requested package to us, and our helpful team will make sure all of the shipping requirements are met and all of the paperwork is correct before shipping. Because of our competitive international rates, we are able to send packages at a lower rate than traditional shipping courier means while still using the best available shipping options.

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