The Year’s Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The Year’s Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas
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Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 21st in many parts of the world and this date is fast approaching. Are you prepared to show your dad how special he is to you? If not, don’t feel bad. Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for. They seem to always have everything they need. The key is to get them something they never knew existed, but also something they are sure to like. The best Father’s Day gifts are unique, interesting, and fit with the style and interests of the recipient.

With that in mind, we have created a great big list of some of the latest and greatest items we believe would be a perfect fit with the dads of the world. No matter who your dad is, we are sure there is something for them here, so have a look and let help you make this Father’s Day a memorable one.

The Beer Loving Dad

Your dad may love beer, but he might not be aware of the growing industry of beer related merchandise surrounding it. Here are a few choice picks for any beer lover.

Dailyware Craft Brew Beer Tasting Glasses Beer enthusiasts know that the shape of the beer glass impacts the beer drinking experience. The release of aromas and the amount of room left for foam are just two factors determined by how a glass is shaped. Furthermore, beer brewers maintain that certain beers are best served in certain glasses. If you would like to do no wrong in supplying your beer loving dad with classy beer conveyances for any brew, then we recommend this set of Dailyware Craft Brew Beer Tasting Glasses from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Craft Brews: The Right Glass for the Right Beer A great accompaniment to the glasses above is this handy guide on the subject. Craft Brews walks readers through which types of beers should be used with which types of glasses and also provides information on food pairing with beers. It is a must have for any dad interested in the finer points of beer consumption.

The Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer Bottle openers are everywhere but few can perform the job in reverse. Beer bottles are getting bigger and are often meant for more than one sitting or serving, which is when the Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer really comes in handy. This device not only opens bottles, but includes a rubber fitting to reseal the bottle, locking in freshness so the drinker can take that first sip all over again.

The Cocktail Dad

Perhaps your dad is more of a scotch or cocktail guy. Treat him to one of these items to enhance his home cocktail enjoyment.

Tiger Chef 14- Piece Stainless Steel Bar Set

One of the most complete cocktail preparation sets on the market, this Tiger Chef 14 piece bar set will enable you to mix your dad one of his favourite drinks, and then give him the proper tools to do it himself. This set includes two different sized shakers, a bar spoon, strainer, jigger, corkscrew, pourers and more. With these tools, your father will be able to make any cocktail he wants, no matter how elaborate or complex.

The Whiskey Wedge The Whiskey Wedge makes a stiff drink cold and does it in style. It comes with a silicon mold to create slanted portions of ice to go in the included whiskey glass. The sizable slanted ice block cools the drink immediately and melts less quickly so as to not water down the drink.

The Handy Dad

If your dad is a do-it-yourself type of guy, he may appreciate an update to his old tool box in the form of one of these cool innovative home improvement tools.

The Bosch Right Angle Drill/Driver Every DIY dad knows the frustration of trying to drill in or remove a screw at an awkward angle. For all of these moments, the Bosch Right Angle Drill/Driver is the needed tool. This handy screwdriver/drill pivots to 5 positions and is battery operated to quickly and easily move screws in and out of position. It also makes use of an LED light to brighten dark areas. Tools like this also help those who experience wrist aches and fatigue from manually rotating a screw driver.

Lufkin Control Series Power Tape Sure, your dad probably already has measuring tape, but he doesn’t have this. The Lufkin Control Series Power Tape extends to 25 feet and is extra thick for increased sturdiness. The extra thickness and design means that it can be extended to 10 feet without support to reach across and measure long distances without needing to have a partner hold it up. It also has a bigger hook so it can stick to a starting point without slipping. The Lufkin Control Series Power Tape makes a two person job, a one person job.

The Ryobi Tek4 Digital Inspection Scope They’re not just for plumbers and safecrackers anymore. The Ryobi Tek4 Digital Inspection scope will allow home improvers to stick a camera into places the human eye cannot see, and will display its view on an attached handheld monitor. It includes a 3 ft water proof camera which can be used to inspect drains for clogs, look inside walls for infestations, and any other tight space exploring one might want to do.

The Techie Dad

Perhaps your dad is not afraid to dive into new technology. Perhaps he even craves the latest and greatest tech to enhance his life in ways which have never been possible before. If that is the case, these items might be right up his alley.

The Automatic Smart Driving Assistant The Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is a wonderful gadget to help analyze and optimize the way we drive. Compatible with practically any car made after 1996, this device connects a car to its owner’s smart phone to deliver all kinds of data about fuel consumption, engine problem diagnosis, car trip logging, parked locations and more. With it, your dad will save on gas, identify causes of an illuminated check engine light, identify the best routes, and quickly find his car in large crowded parking lots.

Logitech Harmony Smart Control If you have ever heard your dad complain about how there are too many remotes for everything in his entertainment room, then this handy item is the answer to his prayers. The Logitech Harmony Smart Control is a universal remote. You have probably seen universal remote controls before, but what sets this one apart is its ability to connect to a smart phone and turn it into a universal remote. The Logitech Harmony Smart Control also comes with its own remote but your dad might appreciate only needing the one device to do everything he needs. The remote can connect to up to 8 devices, which includes TVs, game consoles, and more.

The Grill Master Dad

Barbequing is one of life’s greatest pleasures for many dads. Make it an even more enjoyable activity with one of these grilling gadgets.

Clip on BBQ light If your dad likes to keep the grill going well into dusk, he has probably had difficulty seeing how things are going as the sun sets. If you think your dad’s lighting conditions could be improved on the grill, the Clip on BBQ Light is a no-brainer. This simple battery powered LED device will amend itself to any barbeque and provide bright white light for the griller to see just how well everything is going on the grill.

Grillbot Your Dad probably likes the grilling part of grilling, and the eating part is even better. What he probably hates is the cleaning portion of the grilling process. So why not get him something that will eliminate that chore? The Grillbot is like a Roomba for dirty BBQ grills. It will use its three wire brushes to independently clean your entire grill without the need for any human to lift a finger.

The Outdoorsy Dad

If yours is a dad who never stopped answering the calls of adventure, supply him with some of these cool devices so he’ll never be caught in the wilderness unprepared.

The Switch Customizable Pocket Knife Steady improvements and updates have been made to pocket knives for years, but few fit the user’s needs so precisely as the Switch Customizable Pocket Knife. This knife comes with 12 attachments which have a total of 16 functions. The design is modular so your dad can mix and match the attachments to his own needs. Attachments include various blades, a bottle opener, screw drivers, scissors, an LED flashlight and more.

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System Your dad may love the outdoors, but he probably also loves some fresh brewed coffee. If that’s the case, the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System is the answer to his prayers. This device will press brew a full bottle of coffee he can enjoy as he sits by the campfire or casts a line.


The dad in your life will probably appreciate whatever you decide to get him, but getting one of the fantastic items mentioned above will probably score you a few extra points. And after everything he has done for you, don’t you think he deserves something extra cool? Let ReShip be your partner in treating your dad this year. Don’t forget that we offer gift preparation services, so your dad will receive a package fit for a person as great as he is.

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