The Top 6 Best Auto Parts Stores

The Top 6 Best Auto Parts Stores
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Back in the old days, if you wanted to fix a car, you had to go to a mechanic, who would then order the part for you. You would have to wait days or even weeks for it to even arrive, and when it did, you would have to pay out big time to both the retailer and the mechanic who is acting as a middle man.

Thankfully those days are over. Now, you can just go online and find a big selection of retailers selling all kinds of car parts. All you need is a credit card, and presto! You have the exact car part you need to get your ride back to ship shape.

But with all of the sites out there offering car parts, which one do you use? We’ve done some research, and here is who we have identified as the internet’s best car part retailers.

Streetside Auto

Here is a great site for the gearhead crowd looking to fix what isn’t necessarily broken. That is, this site mainly caters to those who are looking to add high quality performance parts to take their vehicle to another level. Here, you’ll find a great selection of car mods and performance enhancing add-ons so you can blow the doors off of whoever you happen to be drag racing with.

Big points go to Streetside for their unique selection, product knowledge, and offer of free shipping on orders over $100.


JCWhitney has existed since long before the internet ever did, but we sure are glad they took their efforts online. These folks have been selling car parts since 1915, and their old age might be one of their greatest strengths. They have car parts built to fit cars up to 90 years old, so this place is great for those who are restoring that old Studebaker.

JCWhitney also makes an effort to be consumer friendly, with a price matching policy and a one year guarantee on the parts they sell.

Here we have a rather no-nonsense presentation which is great for people who just want the part they want when they want it.

The best thing about is its selection, which consists of an astonishing amount of brands including rare parts you can’t find anywhere else. The parts they sell are often significantly discounted.

Some great things about this site include its always-available customer support and price match guarantees. However, buyers should be aware of the 10% restocking fee they charge for returns.

Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts has been a trusted name in brick and mortar car part retailing for 75 years and their online presence completely lives up to that reputation.

Another thing that makes this retailer really special is its Resources area, which serves as a hub for education and media concerning all things car repair.

To top it all off, it has free shipping on orders over $75 and frequent discounts and promotions.


This retailer excels in two areas: customer friendliness and price.

It offers free shipping on orders over $50 and a 30 day return policy, however there is a 15% restocking fee for returns. This is easy to forgive when you consider their exceptional customer service and easy-to-navigate website.

The best thing about this site is its low prices, which typically beat those of other consumer part stores and even wholesale part stores at times, with discounts reaching up to 90% off.

For these reasons, Autohausaz ranks high on our list.


We couldn’t finish off this list without mentioning Ebay. This is where you will find all kinds of rare, unusual and out of date parts. The money you spend will depend on the seller, but there are some definite bargains to be found here, and some real rare gems as well.

Ebay gets to be on this list because not only will you find a car part here that you won’t find anywhere else, you just might find the car it belongs to as well.

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