The Best Travel Accessories and Gear

Travel Accessories and Gear
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Getting Ready for Traveling Season

With the arrival of Spring, many travel agencies and airlines are offering deals on summer getaway packages. Traveling is exciting but it can often become stressful and messy depending if flights are too long and accommodations aren’t up to par.

To help overcome these potential problems, here is a list of the best travel accessories and gear in 2018. To be deemed the best, these products are affordable, functional, have a high Amazon rating and will make traveling easier.

Getting Through Long Flights

JUROGAN Travel Pillow – $19.99 For some people, flights could be a long tiresome journey and sleeping is a great remedy to pass the time. To help with this, travel sleep kits are a great way to get the most comfortable sleep on a plane.

The Jurogan Inflatable Velvet Neck Support comes with a easy-to-use uniquely built in designed pump that can provide just enough comfort and inflation. This great piece of travel gear can be easily deflated and stored into a small pouch which makes it perfect for traveling.

Carry-on Saver

One way to save on flights is to pack smart and pack everything in carry-ons. Depending on how much luggage you are bringing, carry-ons are a great option for keeping things close. EBags offer a great line of professional, luggage, day travel bags and accessories.

eBags Packing Cubes 4pc – $39.99

These packing cubes are great for compressing and separating cloths, toiletries, and more. Dimensions:

Slim:                        14″ x 5″ x 2.75″ Small:                      11″ x 6.75″ x 3″ Medium:                 13.75″ x 9.75″ x 3″ Large:                      17.5″ x 12.75″ x 3.25″

With these dimensions, they can easily fit in backpacks, luggage, or just by themselves.

RFID Blocking Bags

eBags Piazza Daybag 2.0 = $49.99

RFID bags help protect electronic devices, passports, credit cards all while keeping your belongings close and accessible. Perfect for carrying the essentials and important documents. It’s sturdy chest strap secures it enough to prevent theft or looting.

Pocket Translators

TT Smart Language Translator – $118.99

Communicating with the locals is often an eye opening experience which makes traveling that much more exciting. With the TT Smart Language Translator, its now even easier.

This Bluetooth wireless translator connects to its app which can translate up to 52 languages. It offers real-time interactive translations that can be heard on smart phones and the device. Simply press down the record button, speak, and it will say back the translation allowing for easy translations.

Universal Charger

Maxracy International Travel Power Adapter – $14.99

Compatible charging outlets are often the last thing people worry about when travelings. Thanks to the Maxracy International Travel Power Adapter, devices can be easily charged anywhere around the world, regardless of the outlet type.

The 4 types of plugs can cover up to 150 countries and can have three devices plugged at the same time. No more worrying about sharing the outlet, recharge devices and be ready in the morning.

Being Prepared with the Best Travel Accessories and Gear

Part of having a great vacation is being prepared and having the freedom to explore knowing that you are protected and your belongings are secure. Using just some of the best travel accessories and gear listed above can help you do all of that and more with its affordability, reliable, and ease to travel with.

For just under $250.00 you can buy all of these and save hundreds in preventative measures, carry-on fees, convenience purchases, and heartache.

Not only can you save by purchasing these traveling gear and accessories, but using Reship can have all of these packages shipped directly to you at one low cost consolidated rate.

Best Travel Accessories and Gear Travel Accessories and Gear
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