The Best Things to Buy in August

The Best Things to Buy in August
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With summer winding down and school starting up, retailers across the United States are answering the call of consumers demanding a different set of products to cater to their changing circumstances. This means big savings for those of us smart enough to take advantage of the need for retailers to rapidly turn over inventory and answer to intense shifts in demand. Read on for a list packed with items you can save big on this August.

School Supplies

This is an obvious one. August will be back-to-school sales galore and the good news is, you don’t have to be a student to take advantage. After all, who couldn’t use a re-up of office supplies or stationary? You may even want to pick yourself up a new lunch bag or back pack. One thing is for sure, with all of the kids in America going back to school, you won’t be able to swing a book bag without hitting a great back-to-school sale.

Children’s Clothes

Back-to-school sales don’t just impact the price of pens and pencils. They extend as far as the world of youth fashion. It is not uncommon for some kids to get a whole new wardrobe for their upcoming year of school. Retailers know this, and will respond with sales to draw in these big spenders. If you have a need for children’s clothing you could save a lot of money by timing your purchases during this month.

Swimwear and Summer clothing

There is maybe… one good month of swimming and beach combing left before the end of the season, which means this is right about the time when retailers are desperate to get rid of their remaining inventory to make room for the fall selections. If you are browsing department store websites this month, don’t be surprised if you see discounts on swimwear which are practically begging you to add them to your cart. If you don’t have an immediate need to use a swimsuit, you can still wait until the start of the swimming season next year, and you won’t have to pay peak season prices.


Laptops are now a part of the back-to-school shopping frenzy, so expect these increasingly cheap machines to drop even lower in price. This especially applies to mainstream laptops. Specialty laptops like ones used for gaming may not see quite as big of a price decrease.


Towels and bedding are big with the college crowd, and with countless numbers returning to dormitories, the demand for these items is going to be high. Retailers will be putting on big sales to get the biggest share of this market, so if you are looking to fill your home with bedding and bath supplies, take a peek at some sales this month.

Storage Containers

Just like linens, storage containers get heavily promoted for college students and their parents in August. College kids need places to store their stuff in cramped dormitories, and parents need to put away all of the old stuff they leave behind. This is why you should expect to find some great deals on this stuff soon.

Camping Gear

Camping gear will be getting cleared out this month. These are classic summer seasonal items which tend to be aggressively sold once the season comes to a close. Tents, stoves, chairs and the like tend to take up a lot of space which retailers feel could be much better used for products which lend themselves for more autumn-like activities. Take advantage of the everything-must-go mentality and score some camping gear for cheap this month.

BBQ Supplies

Just like camping gear, retailers want to clear out these bulky, highly seasonal goods. Food cooked on a discounted grill tastes just as good as food cooked on a full-priced grill; so consider making a move soon.


Summer happens to be a big season for travelling in the US. A few months ago, the demand for luggage was at its peak. But now? Not so much. And department stores are feeling the need to free up some space for other more in-demand items. Now’s your chance to swoop in to give the retailers some relief (for a mighty discount, of course).

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