The Best Pre-Black Friday Sales Happening Right Now

The Best Pre-Black Friday Sales Happening Right Now
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A couple of weeks back we predicted that many a Black Friday sale would start well before Black Friday actually rolled around.

That prediction turned out to be true. We’re not going to spend too much time patting ourselves on the back for that one, as it was one of the easiest Black Friday predictions to make.

Instead we are going to fill you in on some of the Black Friday savings you can get right now, so you don’t have to wait until the big day to get monster savings on the goods you have been waiting all year for.


Here, you’ll find a number of jaw-droppingly low prices including headphones under $9, TVs under $130 and tablets under $35. Many of these prices are virtually unheard of any other time of the year, and they’re even surprising for Black Friday. You can get cheap PCs and sound systems here as well.


As you would expect, Amazon is already rocking the Black Friday deals. We won’t discuss what is currently on sale right now as the nature of Amazon’s deals are such that the moment this gets published, the deals will have changed. But if you’re reading this, pop on over to Amazon and check out what they have available. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Right now, Dell is offering 54% off PCs, 60% off other electronics, and 70% off servers.


Right now Walmart has their Black Friday sale going at full speed. They are offering deals on practically everything. One particularly impressive deal we would like to point out is their offer of a $199 Ipad Mini. That’s about as little as you can expect to pay for an Ipad.


For those on the hunt for Samsung products, hhgregg would like a moment of your time. Right now they are running a pre-Black Friday sale dedicated to the products of the South Korean electronics giant with up to $1000 in savings on some of their bigger TVs.

Eddie Bauer

As for the clothing department, Eddie Bauer is currently offering 30% off everything and 40% off outerwear, which is great news if you are wanting to stock up on cold weather gear.

Pre-Black Friday Sales Best Pre-Black Friday Sales
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