The Best Online Shopping Apps

The Best Online Shopping Apps
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With smart phone adoption rapidly taking over the developed world, it should be no surprise that the world’s major retailers are taking notice. What has resulted is a marketplace filled with apps, some made for specific stores and other which help navigating the entire world of online shopping.

But with so many apps out there, which ones should you trust with your time and money?

To answer that question, we’re going to list off the very best shopping apps available today.


Should it really come as a shock that Amazon has a great app to compliment its domination of the world of e-commerce? Of course not. All the best features of are here including lightning deals and deals of the day. This is a great thing to have for those of you who are addicted to


The Etsy app’s slick interface is a great match for the beautiful crafts they have on their site. Normally, you’d have to go to some pretty ugly websites to buy from the type of sellers you would find on Etsy, but Etsy has made shopping for unique crafts such a joy, we don’t know if we’ll ever go back to the flea market.


It’s the Ebay you know and love, now accessible through the press of a button on your phone. All the essential features are here including bidding, purchasing and item tracking. Now you don’t need to load up a clunky website on your phone when all you want to do is make sure no one is outbidding you for that Pink Darth Vader helmet.


It may not be as widely used as it once was, but Groupon is still alive and kicking with a highly useful money saving app. This app will allow you to seek heavy discounts on all kinds of items from around the web. The more people use it, the better the deals become, so get on it.


PC builders and electronics geeks, take notice. Newegg has a fantastic app for serving the needs of even the most hardcore gamers and techies. This app will allow you to find the best deals and keep track of what items you still need to upgrade your battle station.


If you thought Walmart was going to let Amazon have the world of app based shopping all to themselves, you thought wrong. Walmart’s app is a great representation of its online store, which is a great representation of its physical locations across the US of A. Basically what we’re saying is, there is not a lot you won’t be able to find on Walmart’s app and we greatly enjoy the convenience it provides.


Polyvore is for fashion hunters who wish their shopping app was more like a social media app. You can use it to follow the accounts of other sellers and purchase from catalogs through the app. By navigating Polyvore, you can find some truly unique items to adorn yourself with while also sharing your finds with friends through social media integration.


If you like the auction aspect of Ebay but find yourself tapping your fingers with excruciating impatience, TopHatter is for you. This app holds live auctions for the products it has for sale, and sells them in a few minutes. This means you can get some truly excellent goods as long as you have some fast fingers. Be careful though. This level of instant gratification can be addicting.


We’re giving Paribus an honourable mention here because it is new on the scene and we love the idea. Basically, this app will take advantage of price reduction policies on your behalf so you don’t have to take the time to do it yourself. For example, if you buy a toaster oven for $129, and a few days later, the price of the oven drops down to $99, Paribus will kick in by negotiating with the retailer and getting you a refund of the difference (while taking a commission for itself). Paribus only works with about 18 retailers right now, but that could expand to more if it gains more popularity.

Online Shopping Apps Best Online Shopping Apps
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