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Best Men's Slippers in 2024

In the quest for comfort and style at home, the humble slipper has ascended as a staple of the modern man's wardrobe. Gone are the days when slippers were an afterthought; today, they symbolize a blend of comfort, luxury, and personal expression. From the plush luxury of sheepskin linings to the sleek sophistication of leather, the best men’s slippers in the UK for 2024 offer something for every taste. Let's delve into our top picks for the year, ensuring your at-home footwear is as stylish as it is comfortable.

1. The Classic Leather Slipper: A Timeless Choice

Leather slippers stand at the intersection of durability and style. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, brands like Church’s and Loake have perfected the art of the classic leather slipper. Their offerings promise not only an opulent feel but longevity. Look for models with a soft leather lining for extra comfort and a sturdy sole for brief outdoor ventures.

2. Sheepskin Lined Slippers: Ultimate Comfort

For those chilly evenings, a pair of sheepskin-lined slippers is a game-changer. UGG’s Ascot Slipper remains a top contender, providing unparalleled warmth and comfort with a stylish silhouette that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor wear. The genuine sheepskin lining cradles the feet, while the rubber sole ensures durability.

3. Memory Foam Slippers: The Modern Marvel

Memory foam slippers are the modern answer to foot fatigue, offering a personalized fit that contours to your feet for unmatched comfort. Brands like Skechers have led the charge with their innovative designs, combining soft textiles and memory foam insoles that make every step feel like walking on clouds.

4. Eco-Friendly Options: Sustainable Comfort

As awareness grows around sustainable living, eco-friendly slippers have become increasingly popular. Look for slippers made from recycled materials or sustainable sources. Brands like The North Face are introducing eco-conscious slippers, featuring recycled fabric uppers and soles, proving that comfort and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

5. Slipper Boots: The Cozy Companion

For those seeking extra warmth and ankle support, slipper boots are the ideal choice. Offering the snugness of a boot with the comfort of a slipper, these are perfect for lounging at home during the colder months. Options range from knitted designs to faux fur-lined interiors, ensuring your feet stay warm and stylish.

6. Driving Slippers: Elegance Meets Function

Merging the elegance of traditional loafers with the comfort of slippers, driving slippers are for the man who demands functionality without compromising on style. With their signature pebbled soles and luxurious suede or leather uppers, they're versatile enough for a quick drive or a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.

Luxury Slippers

  • Church’s: Known for exquisite craftsmanship, offering classic leather slippers with a refined look.

  • Derek Rose: Offers high-end, luxurious slippers, often featuring soft suede and plush linings.

Comfort-Focused Slippers

  • UGG Ascot: Popular for their sturdy yet comfortable design, featuring sheepskin lining for warmth.

  • Minnetonka: Offers moccasin-style slippers that combine comfort with a traditional aesthetic.

Eco-Friendly Options

  • Allbirds: Known for using natural and recycled materials in their comfortable, minimalist-designed slippers.

  • The North Face ThermoBall Traction Mule: Offers warmth and eco-conscious materials, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Innovative and Unique Designs

  • Mahabis: Features a minimalist design with a detachable sole, blending comfort and versatility.

  • Glerups: Made from natural wool, these slippers offer a unique felt design that molds to your feet over time for maximum comfort.

Value Options

  • Skechers: Provides memory foam slippers that offer great comfort at a more accessible price point.

  • H&M: Offers budget-friendly options that don’t skimp on style or comfort, suitable for those who prioritize value.

Slipper Boots

  • Sorel Falcon Ridge: Known for durability and warmth, making them ideal for colder months.

Driving Slippers

  • Tod’s: Luxury driving slippers that blend functionality with high-end style, perfect for those who seek elegance in every detail.

When looking for the best men's slippers, consider factors such as material quality, construction, intended use (indoor vs. outdoor), and your personal style preferences. Whether you're in the market for something luxurious and durable, eco-friendly and comfortable, or stylish and versatile, there's a pair of slippers out there that's perfect for you.


In 2024, the best men’s slippers in the UK are more than just footwear; they're a reflection of personal style, a nod to sustainable living, and a testament to the importance of comfort in our daily lives. Whether you're working from home, relaxing on a weekend, or stepping out for a moment, there’s a perfect pair of slippers for every man. From the timeless elegance of leather to the cozy embrace of sheepskin, upgrading your slipper game is a step towards unparalleled comfort and style.

FAQs for Men's Slippers

1. How do I choose the right size for men's slippers?

  • Answer: Most slippers fit true to size, but it's important to check the brand's size chart as some may recommend sizing up or down, especially if you're between sizes. Consider whether you'll wear socks with your slippers, as this can affect the fit.

2. What materials should I look for in quality men's slippers?

  • Answer: Quality slippers are often made from genuine leather, suede, or sheepskin for durability and comfort. For warmth, look for linings made from wool or fleece. For eco-friendly options, materials like recycled fabrics or sustainable wool are excellent choices.

3. Can men's slippers be worn outdoors?

  • Answer: Some slippers are designed with versatile soles suitable for light outdoor use, such as fetching the mail or a quick errand. Look for slippers with a rubber or synthetic sole for durability and traction if you plan to wear them outside.

4. How can I clean my slippers?

  • Answer: Cleaning instructions vary based on the material. Leather and suede should be cleaned with products specifically designed for those materials. Fabric slippers often can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and air-dried. Always check the care label for specific instructions.

5. Are there any slip-resistant slippers for men?

  • Answer: Yes, many slippers feature slip-resistant soles for safety, especially useful for seniors or those with mobility issues. Look for slippers with rubber soles or specific slip-resistant labeling.

6. How often should I replace my slippers?

  • Answer: The lifespan of slippers depends on their quality, material, and how often they're worn. On average, a good pair can last 1-2 years. Signs of wear like holes, loss of support, or odors are indicators it's time for a new pair.

7. What are the best slippers for men with wide feet?

  • Answer: Look for brands that offer wide sizes or adjustable features like Velcro closures. Slippers made from soft, flexible materials like sheepskin may also accommodate wider feet more comfortably.

8. Can I find eco-friendly men's slippers?

  • Answer: Absolutely, many brands now offer eco-friendly slippers made from recycled or sustainable materials. Look for certifications like the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for assurance of sustainability.

9. Are there any health benefits to wearing slippers?

  • Answer: Wearing slippers can keep your feet warm, provide support and cushioning to reduce foot fatigue, and protect your feet from injuries or infections, especially on cold or hard floors.

10. Where can I buy high-quality men's slippers in the UK?

  • Answer: High-quality men's slippers can be purchased from department stores, footwear specialists, and online retailers. Amazon UK, John Lewis, and direct brand websites are great places to start looking for a wide selection.

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