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Shop Hudson’s Bay and Bay Days Sale Online
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We’ll bet none of you reading this are fur trappers or have portaged a canoe at any time in your life. A lot of people are averse to that level of physical exertion to begin with, and they wouldn’t want to have to heave a canoe up on their shoulders and start trekking through the brush. But that’s what the early voyageurs in Canada had to do as part of their work in Canada’s early years and the fur trade that began some 600 years ago. Today most people here and elsewhere will know the Hudson’s Bay Company as a department store carrying all sorts of products and you can shop the Bay Canada online.

It is Canada’s oldest company, and back long before Canada was even Confederated as a country the Bay dealt with one product, and one product only – beaver furs, or ‘pelts’ as they were referred to. Folks back in Europe were clamoring for them to have warm and soft garments made out of them, and all that demand led to a very adventurous industry in Canada.

Beavers are a whole lot safer nowadays and that’s a good thing, but those iconic Hudson’s Bay point blankets you can get today with the green, red, yellow, and indigo stripe are exactly the same as they were back in the 17th century. For many people they are what they envision first when someone mentions the Bay Canada. Right now the Bay is having its annual Bay Days sale online and in stores and people may be looking for a Bay Days sale code – you can get an extra 20% of with code: BAYDAYS but that’s not what we’re going to talk about here.

If you want to shop the Bay online but find that you can’t get shipping from the Bay to your home country then you need persevere with all of the tenacity of a fur-trapping voyageur. Or maybe not. The simple way to get past international shipping restrictions is to have a virtual mailbox for online shopping, and that’s exactly what we have for you here at Reship with our international package forwarding service.

Keep that Cart

Fur traders had to pack everything on their backs, and a bundle of beaver pelts were plenty heavy. But they’d never abandon them because that load was worth a whole lot if they could get it to a trading fort. You’ll never be bothered by black flies, and you should never have to abandon your cart when shopping the Bay online outside of Canada. If you find a great deal on what you want at their department store then we make it possible to proceed to checkout.

With a virtual mailing address that comes with your Reship membership you simply enter that address into your order form at checkout and just like that you get around shipping restrictions. Your package will come to our Reship warehouse in Surrey, BC. From there we have the best working agreements in place with courier companies and other international shipping providers so that we can offer package forwarding for online purchases for those faced with the reality of seller doesn’t ship to me. Need international shipping for Bay Days event and online shopping? We’ve got you covered.

The Bay carries hundreds of designer brands, along with their own Hudson North clothing line and Gluck stein Home is great for quality yet affordable home linens and other products that make your home as comfortable as you want it to be. If any of these lines or others catch your fancy and you want to make an order, you can go ahead and do that and you don’t need to concern yourself over shipping. Using a Reship virtual mailbox for parcel forwarding means no International shipping restrictions.

Smart Shift

The Bay has done well transitioning from a retail storefront approach to one that is much more receptive to way people prefer to shop online nowadays. That’s a good thing considering maintaining the viability of Canada’s most storied department store is something that all Canadians will see as important. It used to be that you’d stop by in person to shop The Bay Days online sale event, but now you can do that online and you’ll find they’ve got a nice eCommerce website set up there to accommodate shoppers nicely.

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and the great thing about having a Reship virtual mailing address is that you can shop Bay Days sale online or at ANY online department store and purchases can be shipped to you outside of North America. Those beaver pelts made their way across the Atlantic to Europe, and with a Reship account your purchases can be crossing oceans too. Want an idea of how much it will cost you for package forwarding? Use our Reship online shipping calculator.

Shop Hudson’s Bay and Bay Days Sale Online
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