How To Ship 6pm Internationally (GUIDE)

6pm International Shipping
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Shop from 6pm USA & Ship Internationally with Reship

In the dynamic world of online shopping, accessing premium brands and the latest fashion deals from platforms like 6pm can be challenging if you're shopping from outside the United States. 6pm, known for its discounted prices on shoes, clothing, and accessories, doesn't offer direct international shipping for most countries. However, with the help of Reship, you can easily buy your favorite products from 6pm USA and have them shipped to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world. This guide will show you how to leverage Reship to expand your shopping horizons and seamlessly ship internationally.

Why Choose 6pm USA for Your Shopping Needs?

6pm is not just another online retailer; it's a treasure trove for fashion enthusiasts and bargain hunters alike. Known for its substantial discounts on renowned brands, 6pm has established itself as a premier destination for those looking to score high-quality fashion without breaking the bank. Here’s a deeper dive into why you should consider making 6pm your go-to online shopping platform:

Extensive Inventory

6pm boasts an impressive selection of items that cater to a diverse range of tastes and needs. Whether you're in search of luxury labels like Coach and Michael Kors, or you need dependable athletic wear from brands such as Nike and Adidas, 6pm ensures that you have multiple options to choose from. The inventory extends beyond just clothing and includes shoes, bags, accessories, and sportswear for men, women, and children. This wide variety ensures that everyone can find something that suits their style and functional needs.

Unbeatable Discounts

One of the standout features of shopping on 6pm is the deep discounts it offers. With deals that can reach up to 75% off the retail price, 6pm makes fashion more accessible to everyone. These discounts are not just limited to out-of-season items or less popular goods; even the most sought-after current season products can be found at reduced prices. For anyone looking to update their wardrobe while adhering to a budget, 6pm provides a financially savvy solution.

Ever-Changing Offers

At 6pm, the sales landscape is dynamic and ever-evolving. New deals are introduced daily, adding a layer of excitement to your shopping experience. This frequent update of offers means that every visit to the website can unearth new bargains and hidden gems. Whether you’re a regular shopper or a first-time visitor, the constantly changing deals ensure there’s always something new to discover at a discount.

Easy Shopping Experience

Navigating through 6pm’s website is straightforward and user-friendly. Categories are well organized, making it easy to find specific items or browse through different sections based on your interests. Detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and customer reviews help you make informed decisions. Moreover, 6pm offers a seamless checkout process and various shipping options to accommodate your needs, including international shipping services.

Customer Satisfaction and Returns

6pm not only prioritizes affordability but also customer satisfaction. They offer a comprehensive return policy which gives customers peace of mind when shopping. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return most items within 30 days for a full refund, which makes shopping at 6pm a risk-free experience.

How Does Reship Work?

Reship is a forwarding service that provides international shoppers with a U.S. address, which you can use when placing orders on websites like 6pm. Here’s how it simplifies international shipping:

Step 1: Sign Up and Get a U.S. Address

  • Register for an account on Once registered, you’ll be given a U.S. address to use during your online shopping.

Step 2: Shop Online

  • Go to, shop for your items, and use your Reship U.S. address as the delivery address at checkout.

Step 3: Manage Your Shipments

  • Once your items reach the Reship warehouse, you can log into your Reship account to manage your deliveries. You can consolidate multiple purchases into a single shipment to save on international shipping costs.

Step 4: Choose Your Shipping Method and Ship Internationally

  • Reship offers several shipping options. Select one based on your budget and how quickly you need your items. Reship will handle the rest, ensuring your package is sent from the U.S. to your international address.

Benefits of Using Reship for Shopping from 6pm

  • Accessibility to 6pm Deals:

    Non-U.S. residents can access exclusive U.S. sales and products.

  • Cost-Effective Shipping:

    Consolidating shipments and choosing from various courier options helps minimize shipping costs.

  • Easy Returns Management:

    Reship can assist with the returns process if you need to send a product back to 6pm.

Tips for Shopping from 6pm and Using Reship

  • Check Product Restrictions: Ensure that the items you purchase from 6pm can be legally imported into your country.

  • Monitor Import Duties: Be aware of possible customs duties and taxes imposed on your purchases when they arrive in your country.

  • Stay Updated on Exchange Rates: Keep an eye on currency exchange rates to understand the final cost of your purchases.


Shopping from 6pm USA and shipping internationally doesn't have to be complicated. With Reship, you can enjoy access to a vast array of products and discounts available on 6pm without worrying about international shipping constraints. Register with Reship today, and start taking advantage of everything 6pm has to offer, no matter where you live.

FAQs for 6pm International Shipping

1. Does 6pm ship internationally directly?

No, 6pm does not offer direct international shipping to most countries. However, you can use services like Reship to order from 6pm and ship to your country.

2. How does international shipping with Reship work?

To use Reship for international shipping from 6pm, you first need to sign up with Reship to obtain a U.S. address. Use this address when placing your order on 6pm. Once your order arrives at the Reship warehouse, you can manage your shipment from your Reship account, including parcel forwarding to your home country.

3. How long does it take for international shipping?

The shipping time can vary based on the destination country and the shipping option selected. Typically, international shipping times range from 3 to 15 business days after the package leaves the Reship warehouse.

4. How much does international shipping with Reship start at?

International shipping costs with Reship start at $15.00. Costs can vary based on the weight and size of the package, the destination country, and the selected shipping method.

5. Does 6pm ship to Australia?

While 6pm itself does not directly ship to Australia, Australian customers can use Reship to receive items from 6pm. Just use your Reship-provided U.S. address when ordering.

6. Does 6pm have free return shipping?

6pm offers free return shipping within the United States. However, international returns through Reship will incur shipping costs and must be managed through the Reship platform.

7. Does 6pm Ship to Canada??

Currently, 6pm does not offer direct shipping to Canada. Despite the close proximity between the United States and Canada, 6pm restricts its shipping services to within the US borders, which means that direct shipping isn't available to Canada or other international locations. However, this limitation doesn't mean you have to miss out on the exceptional discounts and extensive inventory that 6pm provides. Shop 6pm from Canada with Reship today!

8. How much is it to ship to Canada from the US?

Shipping costs to Canada start at $15.00 with Reship, but the final cost will depend on the package’s weight, size, and the specific shipping service chosen.

9. Does 6pm deliver to the UAE?

6pm does not directly deliver to the UAE, but customers in the UAE can order from 6pm using the Reship service. Reship will handle the international logistics.

6pm 6pm International Shipping
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