Shipping From Canada To Finland (2024)

shipping to Finland from Canada
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Shipping From Canada To Finland (2024)

Shipping from Canada to Finland involves navigating through various logistics, customs regulations, and international shipping practices. Whether you're sending personal items, gifts, or commercial goods, understanding the shipping process is crucial for a hassle-free experience. This blog serves as your comprehensive guide to making shipping from Canada to Finland as smooth and efficient as possible.

Understanding Shipping Regulations

Before sending a package from Canada to Finland, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the customs regulations of both countries. Knowing what items are restricted or prohibited can save you from potential headaches at customs. Additionally, accurately completing all required customs documentation will ensure your shipment doesn't face unnecessary delays.

Key Points:

  • Overview of Finnish customs regulations

  • List of prohibited and restricted items

  • Necessary customs documentation for shipments

Choosing the Right Shipping Carrier

Several carriers offer international shipping services from Canada to Finland, each with its own set of advantages and service offerings. We'll compare the top carriers, including Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, and DHL, to help you choose the right one based on your specific needs, such as budget, delivery time, and package size.

Key Points:

  • Comparison of major carriers

  • Pros and cons of each carrier

  • How to choose based on your shipping needs

Shipping Options and Costs

Understanding the different shipping options and their associated costs is crucial for budgeting your shipment. We'll explore the various services offered by carriers, including standard, economy, and express shipping, and provide insights into how you can save money while ensuring your package arrives safely and on time.

Key Points:

  • Breakdown of shipping options

  • Factors affecting shipping costs

  • Tips for reducing shipping expenses

Preparing Your Shipment

Proper preparation of your shipment can prevent damage and ensure that your package complies with international shipping standards. We'll cover packaging tips, labeling instructions, and how to secure your items to withstand the journey from Canada to Finland.

Key Points:

  • Packaging and labeling best practices

  • How to secure items inside the package

  • Checklist for shipment preparation

Customs and Delivery

Navigating the customs process is a critical step in international shipping. We'll provide an overview of what to expect when your shipment arrives in Finland, including customs fees, taxes, and how to track your package through to delivery.

Key Points:

  • Understanding Finnish customs fees and taxes

  • How to track your shipment

  • What to do in case of delays or issues with customs

Tips for a Smooth Shipping Process

To wrap up, we'll share expert tips and best practices for shipping from Canada to Finland. From choosing the right carrier to preparing your shipment and navigating customs, these tips will help ensure your shipping process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Key Points:

  • Expert shipping tips

  • Avoiding common shipping mistakes

  • Additional resources for international shipping

Major Carriers and Services

Canada Post

  • International Parcel - Surface:

    This is the most economical option for non-urgent shipments, ideal for heavy packages. Delivery times can range from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on factors such as customs clearance and the exact destination within Finland.

  • Xpresspost - International:

    Offers faster delivery of parcels to Finland, typically within 7 to 10 business days. This service includes tracking and delivery confirmation.


  • International Economy:

    Designed for cost-effective, time-sensitive shipments, FedEx International Economy can deliver packages from Canada to Finland within 4 to 6 business days.

  • International Priority:

    This is a faster option, with delivery times of 1 to 3 business days, suitable for urgent shipments. It also includes tracking and customs clearance services.


  • Worldwide Expedited:

    UPS offers delivery to Finland in approximately 2 to 5 business days, providing a good balance between speed and cost.

  • Worldwide Express:

    For more urgent deliveries, UPS Worldwide Express can ship your packages within 1 to 3 business days, including customs handling.


  • Express Worldwide:

    DHL provides one of the fastest shipping options, with delivery from Canada to Finland in 1 to 2 business days. This service is ideal for time-critical shipments and includes end-to-end tracking.

Choosing the Right Option

The best shipping option depends on several factors, including the urgency of the shipment, the size and weight of the package, and your budget. For non-urgent, heavier packages, surface options may be more cost-effective, though delivery times are longer. For important documents or urgent shipments, express services by FedEx, UPS, or DHL offer rapid delivery and comprehensive tracking features.

Delivery Times: What to Expect

Delivery times can be affected by several external factors, including customs processing, which can vary in duration, particularly during peak periods or due to specific regulatory requirements for certain items. When shipping during holidays or in the context of global disruptions, it's wise to anticipate potential delays.

For the most accurate estimation of delivery times and costs, it's advisable to use the shipping calculators provided by carriers on their websites. These tools consider the specifics of your shipment, including weight, dimensions, and service type, to provide detailed pricing and time frame estimates.

Shipping to Finland from Canada involves not just international carriers but also the local Finnish postal and courier services that take over once the shipment arrives in the country. Understanding the role of local carriers in Finland is crucial for tracking, delivery expectations, and even choosing the initial shipping service from Canada. Here's an overview of the key local carriers in Finland and what they offer.

Posti Group Corporation

Posti is the main postal service in Finland, responsible for the country's mail delivery, including international shipments that arrive in Finland. Once an international shipment reaches Finland, Posti typically handles the final delivery phase to Finnish addresses. It offers a range of services, from standard mail delivery to parcel services, and is known for its extensive network and efficiency.

  • Parcel Services:

    Posti provides several parcel delivery options, including home delivery, pickup points, and parcel lockers, offering flexibility for recipients.

  • Tracking Services:

    Shipments transferred to Posti for local delivery can be tracked using their system, providing recipients with up-to-date information on their parcel's status.


Matkahuolto specializes in bus freight and parcel services throughout Finland. It's a popular choice for domestic shipments and offers an alternative for the final mile delivery of international packages.

  • Parcel Pick-up Points:

    Matkahuolto has a wide network of service points, including bus stations and partner outlets, where recipients can collect their parcels.

  • Versatile Shipping Options:

    They offer various services catering to different needs, from urgent deliveries to economical options for less time-sensitive packages.

DB Schenker

DB Schenker in Finland offers comprehensive logistics and freight forwarding services, including land, air, and sea freight. For international shipments coming into Finland, DB Schenker can be involved in the freight forwarding process, especially for heavy or bulky items requiring special handling.

  • Extensive Logistics Network:

    They provide a wide range of logistics solutions, catering to both domestic and international shipping needs.

  • Customs Services:

    DB Schenker also assists with customs clearance, making the import process smoother for shipments from Canada to Finland.

UPS, FedEx, and DHL

While these are international carriers, they have a strong local presence in Finland, offering detailed tracking and delivery services that seamlessly transition from international to local delivery. They are often preferred for their reliability and speed, especially for urgent or valuable shipments.

  • Door-to-Door Delivery:

    These carriers provide comprehensive services that include customs clearance and direct delivery to Finnish addresses.

  • Local Customer Service:

    They offer localized support for recipients in Finland, helping to address any delivery queries or issues.

Choosing a Local Carrier

The choice of local carrier in Finland may depend on the type of shipment, the specific delivery needs (such as speed or location), and personal preference. For standard shipping needs, Posti is often the default choice due to its extensive network and range of services. For larger or more specialized shipments, carriers like DB Schenker may be involved, especially if they're handling the international leg of the shipment.

How Reship Works

1. Sign Up and Get a Canadian Address

Upon registering with Reship, customers receive a Canadian address that they can use when shopping online. This address is actually Reship’s warehouse in Canada, where the purchased items are initially sent.

2. Shop Canadian Retailers Online

Customers can shop from their favorite Canadian online stores and use the provided Canadian address at checkout. This opens up access to products that may not be available in their home country or are cheaper in Canada.

3. Consolidation and Repackaging Services

One of the key advantages of using Reship is the ability to consolidate multiple purchases into one shipment. This not only reduces the number of individual international shipping fees but also allows for repackaging into a single, more compact parcel, which can significantly lower the shipping cost.

4. Choose Your Shipping Option to Finland

After the items have arrived at Reship’s warehouse and been consolidated as requested, customers can select from various shipping options to Finland, starting at $20. The cost will depend on the package's size, weight, and chosen shipping method, but Reship's partnerships with major carriers ensure competitive rates.

Benefits of Using Reship

  • Access to Canadian Market:

    International customers can buy products exclusive to Canada or find better prices compared to their local markets.

  • Cost-Effective Shipping:

    With shipping rates starting as low as $20, Reship makes it affordable to ship Canadian goods internationally.

  • Customization of Shipments:

    Customers can choose to consolidate their purchases, select their preferred shipping carrier, and even opt for additional services like repackaging to minimize shipping costs.

  • Avoiding International Shipping Restrictions:

    Reship provides a way around retailers’ shipping restrictions, enabling customers to purchase from stores that don’t ship to their country.

  • Ease and Convenience:

    Reship handles the logistics of receiving, consolidating, and shipping international packages, making the process hassle-free for the customer.

How to Use Reship for Shipping from Canada to Finland

Shoppers in Finland interested in accessing Canadian goods can take full advantage of Reship by following a simple process: register for an account to obtain a Canadian address, shop online from Canadian retailers, and then use Reship’s services to have their purchases delivered to their doorstep in Finland. This process not only broadens the shopping options available to Finnish customers but also presents a cost-effective solution for international shipping.

In summary, Reship’s forwarding service bridges the gap between Canadian retailers and international consumers, offering a flexible and affordable way to shop from Canada and ship globally. With options starting as low as $20, it's an attractive solution for those looking to access the Canadian market without the high shipping costs traditionally associated with international purchases.


Shipping from Canada to Finland doesn't have to be complicated. With the right preparation, knowledge of customs regulations, and choice of carrier and shipping options, you can ensure your shipment arrives safely and cost-effectively. Whether you're shipping for personal reasons or business purposes, this guide is designed to help you navigate the complexities of international logistics with ease.

FAQs for Shipping from Canada to Finland

What are the customs regulations for shipping to Finland from Canada?

Customs regulations in Finland require all imported goods to be declared. There may be restrictions or prohibitions on certain items, and duties and taxes are applicable based on the value of the goods. It's essential to check the latest regulations and ensure all necessary documentation is completed accurately.

How do I choose the right shipping carrier for my package to Finland?

Consider factors such as the package size and weight, desired delivery time frame, and your budget. Compare services and rates from major carriers like Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, and DHL, as well as any local Finnish carriers that may offer the final delivery service.

What are the shipping options from Canada to Finland, and how long do they take?

Shipping options range from economy services with delivery times of 4-6 weeks to express services that can deliver within 1-3 business days. The choice depends on how quickly you need your package to arrive and how much you're willing to pay.

How can I track my shipment from Canada to Finland?

Most carriers offer tracking services that allow you to monitor your shipment's progress online. You'll typically be provided with a tracking number once your package is dispatched.

Are there any prohibited or restricted items when shipping to Finland?

Yes, Finland has restrictions on certain items, including but not limited to dangerous goods, perishable foods, and certain electronics. It's crucial to check both Canadian export laws and Finnish import regulations before shipping.

How much does it cost to ship a package from Canada to Finland?

Costs vary based on the shipping method, package size and weight, and additional services like tracking or insurance. Use the carriers' online calculators with your package details to get an accurate estimate.

Do I need to pay customs duties and taxes when shipping to Finland?

Yes, shipments entering Finland may be subject to duties and taxes depending on the value of the goods and the type of items shipped. The recipient is usually responsible for these charges.

Can I use a package forwarding service like Reship to shop from Canadian stores and ship to Finland?

Yes, services like Reship provide a Canadian address to international shoppers, allowing them to purchase from Canadian retailers and forward their packages to Finland. This can be a cost-effective way to access Canadian products not directly available in Finland.

What should I do if my shipment is delayed or lost?

Contact the shipping carrier directly. Provide them with your tracking number and any other relevant information to assist in locating your package. If you purchased insurance, inquire about the procedure for filing a claim.

How do I ensure my package is properly prepared for international shipping from Canada to Finland?

Use sturdy packaging suitable for international transit, clearly label the package with the recipient's address and contact information, and ensure all customs documentation is accurately completed and attached to the package.

How much is shipping from Canada to Europe?

The cost of shipping from Canada to Europe varies by destination, package size and weight, and the chosen shipping service. Prices can range significantly based on these factors. For an accurate estimate, it's best to use the online calculators provided by the shipping carriers, inputting the specific details of your shipment.

Why is shipping to Finland so expensive?

Shipping costs to Finland can be high due to several factors, including the distance, the chosen shipping method (air vs. sea), and the package's size and weight. Additionally, international shipments may incur customs duties and taxes, adding to the overall cost.

How long does it take to ship from Canada to Finland?

Delivery times from Canada to Finland vary by shipping service. Economy services can take 4-6 weeks, while express options may deliver within 1-3 business days. These times are subject to change based on customs processing and the specific delivery location within Finland.

How do I ship a package to Finland?

To ship a package to Finland, select a carrier, package your items securely, complete any necessary customs documentation, and choose a shipping service that fits your budget and delivery time requirements. You can ship through carriers like Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

How do I mail something to Finland?

Mailing items to Finland involves selecting a postal or courier service, accurately addressing your package, filling out the required customs forms, and choosing a service level (economy, standard, express) based on your needs.

How much does it cost to send a small parcel in Finland?

Domestic shipping costs within Finland vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the parcel, as well as the delivery service chosen. For specific rates, it's advisable to check directly with Finnish postal services like Posti or with courier companies operating within Finland.

Can you ship internationally through Canada Post?

Yes, Canada Post offers international shipping services to over 190 countries, including Finland. They provide a range of options from surface mail (more economical, slower) to air mail (faster, more expensive).

Does Canada Post charge by weight or size?

Canada Post charges for international shipments can be based on both weight and size (dimensional weight) of the package. The pricing model may vary depending on the specific service chosen.

What is the cheapest international shipping from Canada?

The cheapest international shipping option from Canada often depends on the package's size, weight, and destination. Generally, surface shipping options or economy air mail services through carriers like Canada Post tend to be more budget-friendly, though they have longer delivery times. Reship offers shipping from Canada to Finland for as little as $17.

What services does Canada Post offer to Finland?

Canada Post offers various services for shipping to Finland, including International Parcel (Surface and Air), Small Packet International, and Xpresspost International. Each service has different delivery time frames, tracking capabilities, and insurance options to suit different shipping needs.

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