Ship from USA to the UK with No Shipping Restrictions

Ship from USA to the UK with No Shipping Restrictions
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All sorts of examples of unsung heroes across history, but when it comes the United States and England the greatest of unsung heroes will be the Merchant Navy during WW2. The ships that crossed the dangerous Atlantic ocean and took their chances with German U-boats were essential in keeping the Brits supplied with what they needed to allow the country to hold out the way they did so impressively. Thankfully we’re living peacetime now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty that the British want to buy when they shop online from USA.

We’re talking about consumer goods now though, and it’s great that with the Internet and e-commerce that people can shop online anywhere from anywhere. There’s plenty that folks in the UK might be able to get from the US that they can’t find on their isle, and the same applies going the other way too. Or it may well be that they find a better price on what they want Stateside, as the expression goes. Look no further than all the people in either country who are shopping on eBay nowadays. There may be times you find just what you want there and you’re ready to buy and get shipping from the USA to the UK.

But then the wheels fall off; you’re ready to click ‘buy now’ but then you see the seller doesn’t ship to me. So what’s a limey to do, or a yank if the roles are reversed and the seller is in the UK? Well, you can make a mountain out of a molehill or you can sign up for a Reship account and get yourself a virtual mailbox that makes international packaging forwarding as easy as it can be.

Cross the Pond

That’s an expression used when someone or something travels across an entire ocean, and of course those thousands of nautical miles means it’s the furthest thing from a pond at all. Of course it’s not being crossed by ships as often as it is by aircraft now, and maybe that’s why it’s possible to be colloquial and make less of the crossing. Most international shipping for online shopping is done by planes. When people use and international parcel forwarding service to get around shipping restrictions it’s probably going to get to them by an airplane too.

That’s certainly true for shipping options for USA to UK, and using Reship for an international shipping alternative is going to be the way to go for you. Many people say that while the British didn’t invent rock n’ roll, they perfected it with British Invasion that began in the 1960s and if you’re a fan of the genre you know there’s a LOT of truth to that. Everyone knows the Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin is arguably the greatest rock band of all time. If you don’t see it that way, you haven’t been paying attention.

So let’s say there’s another budding young star in Liverpool, Birmingham, or elsewhere in England and they find the perfect six-string for themselves for sale in the US. But the seller doesn’t ship to the UK? Does that mean he or she gives up on their new guitar? The answer’s a big no if they’ve got a Reship account and the virtual mailing address that comes along with it. This is how our online shopping packaging forward service works. The seller needs you to have a shipping address that’s within the country of origin, and when you have a virtual mailing address then you do have one – even if that’s not where you’re actually located. Keep in mind this can be used for B2B package forwarding too.

Provide and Press

That’s exactly what you do; you provide your virtual mailbox address and then you press the buy button rather than abandoning your cart because the seller doesn’t ship to the UK. If you already knew the distance between Portland, Oregon and London, England is 7,907.02 km then consider us impressed. Most won’t, but the significance of that when it comes to US to UK shipping options is that Portland is where our US reship warehouse is located. When you use our virtual mailbox for ordering from USA then your package goes to Portland, and just like the seller is satisfied.

You will be too, because after it arrives in Portland then Reship has the best arrangements with courier services and the like to get it to you in England for the best price possible when you’ve paid for one of our monthly or yearly Reship membership plans. You’re guaranteed to get the best price of international packaging forwarding, and of course you’re going to get around international shipping restrictions.

Same goes the other direction too. If you need UK to US shipping options then we’ve got the same type of Reship warehouse in Blakelands, Milton-Keynes and as always anytime you want to know how much your parcel forwarding or package forwarding will cost you approximately you can use our handy shipping calculator found on the website.

Ship from USA to the UK
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