Royal Mail Weekend Delivery: Does It Include Saturdays and Sundays?

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Does Royal Mail Deliver on Weekends? Understanding Royal Mail's Weekend Services

When planning to send or receive mail in the UK, it's essential to know Royal Mail's operating schedule, especially regarding weekend delivery. This detailed guide provides a comprehensive overview of Royal Mail's weekend delivery policies, helping you manage your mailing needs effectively.

Royal Mail's Weekend Delivery Services Explained

Does Royal Mail Deliver on Saturdays?

Yes, Royal Mail does deliver on Saturdays across the United Kingdom. Saturday deliveries are standard for most mail classes, including First Class, Second Class, and Royal Mail Tracked services. This means that letters, small parcels, and larger packages are all eligible for Saturday delivery at no additional cost.

Does Royal Mail Deliver on Sundays?

No, as of 2024, Royal Mail does not generally offer regular mail delivery services on Sundays. However, there are exceptions for certain premium services:

  • Royal Mail Tracked 24: While not standard, Royal Mail offers Sunday delivery for Tracked 24 parcels in most major cities and towns if the service has been purchased and scheduled accordingly by the sender.

  • Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9 am and 1 pm: These services are available for Sunday delivery but must be specifically arranged and come with additional charges.

Services That Include Weekend Delivery

Saturday Delivery

  • First Class Mail: This service aims for next-day delivery, including Saturdays, without any extra charge.

  • Second Class Mail: Typically delivered in two to three days, including Saturdays.

  • Royal Mail Tracked 48 and Tracked 24: Both services include Saturday as a standard delivery day. Tracked 24 offers a higher chance of next-day delivery including Saturdays.

Sunday Delivery

  • Selected Parcels via Royal Mail Tracked 24: Available in major urban areas for an additional fee.

  • Special Delivery Guaranteed: Available on Sundays by prior arrangement and with added costs.

How to Ensure Weekend Delivery with Royal Mail

If you need your package to arrive over the weekend, here are some steps you can take:

  • Choose the Right Service: Select Royal Mail Tracked 24 for the best chance of next-day delivery, including Saturdays. For Sunday delivery, opt for Special Delivery Guaranteed and confirm the service with Royal Mail.

  • Check the Cut-off Times: Posting times on Friday will affect whether your mail can be delivered on Saturday. Check the latest acceptance times at local post offices.

  • Track Your Item: Use Royal Mail’s tracking feature to follow your parcel’s journey and get real-time updates on the delivery status.

Tips for Using Royal Mail's Weekend Services

  • Plan Ahead for Holidays: During public holidays and busy periods like Christmas, delivery times can extend. Plan your shipments accordingly.

  • Use Online Tools: Royal Mail’s online postage calculator and app can help you determine the best service for your needs and track your items efficiently.

  • Contact Customer Service for Special Requirements: If you have specific needs or require confirmation about Sunday deliveries, Royal Mail’s customer service can provide guidance and assistance.


Understanding Royal Mail's weekend delivery capabilities allows users to plan their postal and shipping activities more effectively. Whether you're a business ensuring timely deliveries to customers, or an individual sending a last-minute gift, knowing that Royal Mail provides reliable Saturday delivery—and limited Sunday delivery options—can help streamline your plans. Always check the latest information from Royal Mail as services may update or expand to meet customer needs.

Royal Mail Weekend Delivery (FAQs)

1. Does Royal Mail deliver on Saturdays?

  • Yes, Royal Mail delivers on Saturdays. Saturday delivery is standard for most mail classes, including First Class, Second Class, and Royal Mail Tracked services, at no additional charge.

2. Does Royal Mail deliver on Sundays?

  • No, Royal Mail does not typically offer regular mail delivery on Sundays. However, there are premium services like Royal Mail Tracked 24 and Special Delivery Guaranteed which can be arranged for Sunday delivery in specific areas and circumstances, often at an additional cost.

3. What types of mail are delivered on Saturdays by Royal Mail?

  • Royal Mail delivers letters, small parcels, and larger packages on Saturdays as part of its standard service for First Class, Second Class, and Royal Mail Tracked services.

4. Can I get my package delivered on a Sunday with Royal Mail?

  • Sunday deliveries are possible but limited to certain services such as Royal Mail Tracked 24 in select locations and Special Delivery Guaranteed by prior arrangement. These services typically require an additional fee.

5. How can I ensure my package is delivered over the weekend?

  • To increase the likelihood of weekend delivery, opt for Royal Mail Tracked 24 for Saturday deliveries, and arrange for Special Delivery Guaranteed if you need delivery on a Sunday. Make sure to confirm these services and any additional costs with Royal Mail when you post your item.

6. Are there additional costs for Saturday or Sunday delivery with Royal Mail?

  • Saturday delivery does not typically incur additional costs for services that include weekends as part of their standard delivery schedule. However, Sunday delivery, where available, will usually require payment of an additional fee.

7. How late in the day does Royal Mail deliver on Saturdays?

  • Delivery times on Saturdays are generally the same as during the week, with mail usually delivered by early to mid-afternoon. However, times can vary based on location and volume of mail.

8. What should I do if my package doesn't arrive as expected on a weekend?

  • If your package does not arrive as expected, use the Royal Mail tracking tool to check the status. If there are issues or delays indicated, or if the package is still not delivered, contact Royal Mail customer service for assistance.

9. Does Royal Mail track packages on weekends?

  • Yes, Royal Mail provides tracking updates on Saturdays for services that include tracking. While there are no deliveries on Sundays for most services, tracking updates may still occur depending on the service used and the processing at sorting centers.

10. Are Royal Mail post offices open on weekends?

  • Some Royal Mail post offices are open on Saturdays, usually with limited hours, but are typically closed on Sundays. Check the specific hours for your local post office on the Royal Mail website or contact them directly.

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