Price Comparison Tool Helping with the Holidays

Price Comparison Tool Helping with the Holidays
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Using Price Comparison Tool for the Holidays

Holiday shopping season is in full swing and that means if you aren’t already tired from Black Friday/Cyber Monday, there is some more shopping opportunities to pounce on. To help shoppers decide, there are several online browser tools that scour the internet to find the best deals available.

We covered in a previous blog the 10 Best online Shopping Browser Extensions. This year we are highlighting exactly how price comparison tools work and what they can offer shoppers.

What are Online Shopping Comparison Tools?

At its core, price comparison tool is an AI program that uses meta-search and big data to search, find, and present prices and products from the internet. When customers search (and in general surf the net) the sites we visit are recorded. Price comparison tools taps into this and provides the largest collection of products and retailers available anywhere.

What can You do with Price Comparison Tools?

Find Deals: You can find the latest and top deals found by AI deal finder.

Search: Look through a selection of over 1 billion products from more than 10,000 merchants.

Price scanner: Open the bar-code scanner app, scan the product and get a price comparison.

Comparison Tools: Scan through millions of products and compare prices from thousands of stores and find your price match.

Price Alerts: Never miss a deal when the price drops, eliminating the need price check every time.

Customer Reviews: see product reviews from your favorite stores on one screen.

Price History: make finding deals easier than ever.

Coupon Finder: Get the best discounts with digital coupons.

Price comparison tool helps shoppers find the best value in the market, in-store or online by comparing past and present prices across thousands of merchants. Not only do they present these prices, but it presents in an easy to use interface.

Price Comparison tools as a B2B Solutions:

Price comparison tools are a great way to help boast a company’s e-commerce efforts. By being apart of the Shopify app store, site owners can add its own product collection and contribute to the extensive list of products already on the marketplace. This means that specialized products can be showcased, and customers can visit your site with one click of a button.

It’s simple, download the price comparison tool app from the Shopify or other web-hosting sites and the apps will take care of the rest. Your catalog will automatically be imported, and the team will review your site. Once its approved, your products will automatically be visible to everyone.

How to sign up for Price Comparison Tools

You can start by sing price comparison tools by first, downloading the browser extension, or on their Andriod/iOS device. Visit your favorite online store and the price comparison tool will have a handy little icon will alert you of deals, top price comparisons, reviews, and more.

How to Save even more with Reship

Price comparison tools are great extensions that can work hand-in-hand with customer buying habits, integrate into B2B, and is a one-stop shop for online deal finding. These are great tools for anyone wanting to do international shopping. These in addition to Reship can make sure you are getting the best deal possible under the most convenient and price effect shipping methods.

We at Reship are also excited to announce our own price comparison tool. We will soon be launching it soon that will offer the same added benefits of other price comparison with integration of Reship. Stay tuned it see what customers will be offered.

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