Preparing for Back-to-School Shopping

Preparing for Back-to-School Shopping
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It’s the middle of August and there are a few things on people’s minds, back to school, the Olympics, and what’s left of summer. What does this mean for parents? You guessed it, back-to-school shopping. It can be a confusing time for parents, kids are saying they need this and that, but is it what they need? Here are some tips on what students actually need and some popular tools you can use this school year.

More Bang for Your Buck

First thing you should consider is setting a budget. Prevent yourself from over spending on supplies that you may not even need.Take inventory of what you still have from last year. No need to buy new supplies if the old stuff still works.

Take stock of your supplies from last year. Most of the time students don’t actually end up using all of the supplies you get them, notepads and notebooks in particular.

Consider clothing and electronics. It may not be the case that your child needs a full wardrobe overhaul or a fleet of computers, phones, and tablets.

Shop at more affordable stores. Discount stores generally have a great selection of stationary. Pens and pencils run out throughout the year so why not have a cheaper alternative.

Online shopping is another great way to find more affordable supplies in bulk and to find a great deal on electronics. By using ReShip you can find great deals by shopping over the border and get it delivered to you.

Mobile Helpers

There are a bunch of great back-to-school shopping apps that will save you time and money.

Budgeting apps allow you to plan, keep track, and set your budgets. You can find some free budgeting apps on the app store.

Coupon Apps search for all available coupon codes. Redlaser is great coupon app that helps shopper’s find local stores, track in-store deals, and price compare. This will save you time and money when finding the best deals.

Big department stores like Wal-Mart and Office Depot provide a total virtual shopping experience allowing you to browse and find all the latest back to school supplies at home or on the go.

True Essentials for Back-to-School

Last year alone, on average parents spent “$630.36 on electronics, apparel and other school needs”, majority of which was from clothing and electronics. Is it  necessary to buy that much in school supplies?

The true essentials would vary from kindergarten to college but the basics such as pens, pencils, erasers, paper, and folders/clipboards. A lot of work is done online through the use of document sharing programs such as Google Docs and for research purposes. It would be good idea for students to have access to the internet and a printer.

Back-to-school trends of 2016

Here are the latest back-to-school trends and products everywhere from clothing to note books.

Printed stationary: Staples is offering a “wide variety of metallic tropical prints, bohemian vibe patterns and classical essentials that students can mix and match to create a personalized look.”

Virtual Reality (VR): Virtual reality has added another layer to viewing. With more VR compatible devices, students can experience and interact with content they couldn’t before.

Wearable Tech: Smart watches are a new addition to line of smart technology. These watches allow for students to track their physical exertion levels and set goals for themselves.

Back-to-school Fashion: All the latest run way inspired outfits to the tips and tricks from Pinterest, you will have a wide variety of new and vintage styled clothing and backpacks.

If you’re preparing for back-to-school it’s important to remember to keep within with budget, take a realistic look at what students need, and take advantage of all the shopping apps that help you find the best possible prices for all your supplies. If you are a ReShip Member you can do all this tax-free and conveniently.

Back-to-School Shopping Preparing for Back-to-School
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