Naked Fit – The World’s First 3D Fitness Tracker

Naked Fit – The World’s First 3D Fitness Tracker
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Naked Fit

Naked Labs is the company behind the smart mirror. The system has two parts, the mirror and scale. The mirror is connected to the Internet and connects to a normal wall plug, while the scale has a built in wireless charger.

The mirror packs a powerful Intel® Quad-Core Atom™ X5 CPU, allowing the scan to be quick. It also features a Microsoft-like camera that uses Intel® RealSense™ Technology.

Farhad Farahbakhshian, CEO and Founder of Naked Labs, wanted to create something that “shows people their real progress, or the ‘naked’ truth.” The mirror just does that. It allows you to scan your whole body in 20 seconds (the amount of time it would take you to check your weight on a scale).

So go ahead and jump on the scale. You do not have to be naked to use this device but it is recommend that you at least strip down to your underwear for accurate readings.

This is because it allows to accurately measure the circumference of the body which includes hips, calves, thighs and biceps. It can also measure body fat, wast-to-hip ratio and the most obvious one, weight.

The scan gives you a real time heat map of your body. The data sent to the application can tell you if you are gaining fat or growing muscle. It is pretty darn accurate.

The images are uploaded to a secured AES 256-bit encryption database. That means the data will be safe and have access to who can actually view this data. This allows the data to also be shareable to a personal trailer or doctor to tract progression.

If you don’t want your data shared, it can be stored on the machine and your smartphone but you will not have access to specific analytics.

The device also scans your body in a gray scale, 3D images, allowing it to be as realistic and precise as possible. This allows you to see what areas are improving or declining over a period of time. It’s just a better way to look at yourself “naked.”

The application also gives you reminder of how well you are doing in attaining your your goals. It also tells you if you are considered to be in a healthy range by professionals and health experts.

The elegant design created by Box Clever, makes you want to keep it in the bedroom, rather than the washroom. The lifestyle scale allows up to 6 users to be stored at a time but don’t worry, the system allows you to do a one time scan. This is great when friends and family members want to try it.

According to Farhad Farahbakhsian, the Naked Fit is as accurate as water displacement body fat testing. This means that the fat percentage is accurate within 1.5%. The data is helped to novitiate you in getting back to the gym or continuing to work harder.

The application shows you the impact of your actives even though they might not noticed by the naked eye.

Other scales that measure this type of body fat is a bioelectical impedance measurements. This means that electricity is sent through your body and attempts to determine what is muscle, skin or bone. It is hard to determine what is what and thus making this measurement inaccurate.

Naked Fit will also be compatible with fitness trackers such as Fitbit and the Apple Health.

The company is backed by inventors such as Monstro Ventures, Three Leaf Ventures, and New Enterprise Associates. The amounts of this seed money is not disclosed.

Customers can now pre-order the Naked Fit for $499.99 and get it shipped to ReShip warehouse. Shipping won’t begin till March 2017 but according to the website, the retail price when launched will go up to $999.99.

First 3D Fitness Tracker 3D Fitness Tracker
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