Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping

Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping
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Online shopping is vastly different from shopping in person, so you should not be surprised to learn that the strategies for saving money are quite different as well. Instead of clipping coupons out of the newspaper or going all over town comparing prices, the money saving process has become much more technologically sophisticated. If this all seems a little over whelming, don’t worry. If you use, you are already ahead of the game in terms of saving money on internationally shipped US goods. To sweeten the deal, we have a fantastic list of things you can do to save money before you make your online purchases.

Always use a coupon

There are so many ways to get coupons that, in most cases, you have no excuse not to use one. Here are some of the ways you can score some coupons to use on your next online purchase.

-Call up customer service and ask if a coupon is available. (Yes it is often that easy.)

-Follow brands on social media. Many give away Twitter or Facebook exclusive deals on a regular basis.

-Sign up for the newsletter. With improving email sorting technology, this will no longer clutter your inbox.

Find the retailer with the best price

Shopping around has never been so easy. Instead of wasting gas money driving around to all of the different stores and taking notes, plenty of software makes comparing prices online a piece of cake. Google shopping is a very popular means of doing this, and makes finding the best price as easy as a Google search.

Fill Your Cart and Wait

When you put an item in your cart before confirming the purchase, the retailer knows it. If you leave it there for an extended period of time, the retailer is likely to make an effort to nudge you into making the purchase. They will do this by emailing you coupons in an attempt to draw you back and complete the purchase. This is your opportunity to save.

Stack coupons

Whenever you get a coupon, look for the words: ‘Cannot be combined with another offer’. If you do not find these words, this is your opportunity to stack coupons for epic coupon combos. For instance, if you have two coupons: one which gives you a percent discount and another which gives allows you to take a dollar amount off the price, use the former before the latter to achieve maximum savings.

Avoid Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a diabolically clever tactic employed by online retailers to charge some online shoppers more, while charging others less. This happens when businesses charge people who live in wealthy neighbourhoods, or frequent purchasers more since they seem more likely to buy and pay higher prices. Don’t fall for it. In order to avoid getting hit with dynamic pricing, there are a couple of things you can do. Clear your browser of cookies and do not use your normal browser account, which the retailer might use to determine information about you. If the retailer site does not recognize you, it will determine that you are a new customer and try to entice you with coupons and lower prices. You may also want to consider using a VPN to trick the retailer into thinking you have a different IP address, thereby preventing the retailer from tracking your location.

Seek out post-purchase discounts

Make a purchase recently? Be sure to visit the site where you got it and see if there were any price drops on your purchased items. If you find one, and it hasn’t been very long since your purchase, look into whether or not they have a price drop refund policy. You could be eligible to have the difference between what you paid, and the current price, refunded to you. That’s money in your pocket for more online purchases.

Money Saving Tips Tips for Online Shopping
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