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Shopping Amazon Canada from Anywhere

In an age where digital shopping knows no borders, many consumers in the United Kingdom find themselves eyeing the diverse and often exclusive product range available on Amazon Canada. Whether it's unique Canadian brands, competitive pricing, or simply the thrill of accessing a market outside their usual reach, UK shoppers have plenty to gain. However, international shopping barriers, from shipping restrictions to high delivery costs, often dampen this enthusiasm. Enter Reship, a service that bridges this gap, making cross-border shopping seamless and affordable. This guide explores how UK residents can tap into Amazon Canada's offerings, highlighting top products and elucidating how Reship transforms the international shopping experience.

Why Shop Amazon Canada from the UK?

Amazon Canada offers products that may not be available on the UK market or are priced more attractively due to various market dynamics. These can range from specialized outdoor gear suited to the Canadian wilderness, exclusive Canadian brands, to specific electronic gadgets and editions released for the North American market. Moreover, seasonal sales and promotions on Amazon Canada can present savings opportunities for UK shoppers willing to look beyond their borders.

Top Products on Amazon Canada for UK Shoppers

  1. Canadian Outdoor Equipment: From brands like Arc'teryx to Canada Goose, renowned for their quality and durability in handling extreme weather conditions, UK adventurers can access a broader range of outdoor gear.

  2. Health and Beauty Products: Unique skincare and health products that harness iconic Canadian ingredients like maple syrup or glacier water are popular among UK shoppers looking for natural beauty solutions.

  3. Tech Gadgets: Amazon Canada often releases certain electronics and gadgets ahead of or exclusive to the North American market, from the latest smartwatches to hard-to-find gaming consoles.

  4. Canadian Literature and Media: For those interested in Canadian culture, Amazon Canada is a treasure trove of books, films, and music by Canadian artists not readily available overseas.

  5. Specialty Foods and Snacks: Craving authentic Canadian maple syrup or specialty snacks? Amazon Canada offers a wide array of food items that can bring a taste of Canada to the UK.

How Does Reship Work?

Reship is a package forwarding service that provides an effective solution for UK shoppers wanting to purchase items from Amazon Canada. Here's how it simplifies the process:

  1. Sign Up and Get a Canadian Address: Upon registering with Reship, you're given a Canadian address to use when shopping online.

  2. Shop and Ship to Your Canadian Address: Shop on Amazon Canada and use the Canadian address provided by Reship at checkout. Your items are shipped to Reship's warehouse.

  3. Forward Your Parcel to the UK: Once your package arrives at the Reship warehouse, you can request it to be forwarded to your actual address in the UK. Reship consolidates multiple purchases into a single shipment, reducing international shipping costs.

  4. Receive Your Items: Your package is delivered to your doorstep in the UK, often at a fraction of the cost of direct international shipping options.

Benefits of Using Reship for Amazon Canada Purchases

  • Cost-Effective Shipping: Consolidation of multiple orders into one package significantly cuts down international shipping costs.

  • Access to Exclusive Products: Shop products exclusive to Canada or North America without the usual geographic restrictions.

  • Hassle-Free Customs Handling: Reship handles the customs declaration process, reducing the potential for delays or complications.

  • Flexible Shipping Options: Choose from various shipping methods based on your budget and how quickly you need your items.

How Reship Keeps Shipping Costs Low

Reship's ability to offer such competitive shipping rates is rooted in its package consolidation service and partnerships with major carriers. Here's how it works:

  • Package Consolidation: Reship allows customers to consolidate multiple purchases into a single shipment, significantly reducing the overall cost of shipping. Instead of paying for multiple international shipments, customers pay for just one consolidated package.

  • Carrier Partnerships: Reship has established relationships with various shipping carriers, securing discounted rates that are then passed on to the customer.

Delivery Times to the United Kingdom

The delivery times from Canada to the UK via Reship vary depending on the chosen carrier and shipping option. Here's a general overview:

  • Standard Shipping: Typically takes about 6-14 business days. This is the most cost-effective option, suitable for non-urgent deliveries.

  • Express Shipping: Delivery times can be as quick as 3-5 business days for customers needing their items sooner. Express shipping, while faster, is more expensive than standard options.

Carrier Options

Reship offers a range of carrier options, allowing customers to choose based on their budget, speed requirements, and personal preferences. Some of the major carriers available through Reship include:

  • DHL: Known for its reliable express shipping services and detailed tracking system.

  • FedEx: Offers a balance of speed and cost, with both economy and express options available.

  • UPS: Renowned for its efficient delivery services, UPS is another option for those seeking reliability and speed.

  • Canada Post: For less urgent shipments, Canada Post's international services offer an economical solution with reasonable delivery times.

Choosing the Right Carrier and Service

When selecting a carrier and shipping service through Reship, consider the following factors:

  • Cost: Determine your budget for shipping. If you're looking for the most affordable option, standard shipping with carriers like Canada Post may be suitable.

  • Speed: If you need your items quickly, opt for express services offered by DHL, FedEx, or UPS.

  • Tracking and Insurance: Consider the importance of tracking your shipment and whether you require insurance. Express options typically offer more comprehensive tracking and insurance coverage.

Tips for Shopping Amazon Canada from the UK

  • Watch for Sales and Deals: Canadian holidays and sales events, such as Boxing Day or Black Friday, can offer substantial savings.

  • Check Product Compatibility: For electronics, ensure they're compatible with UK standards (e.g., voltage, plug types).

  • Monitor Exchange Rates: Keep an eye on the CAD to GBP exchange rate to better understand the final cost of your purchases.

  • Understand Import Taxes and Duties: Be aware of UK customs regulations and the potential for additional charges upon entry to the UK.


For UK shoppers looking to explore the vast and varied offerings of Amazon Canada, services like Reship offer a gateway to an expanded world of products. From unique Canadian goods to early releases of tech gadgets, the barriers to international shopping are lower than ever. By taking advantage of Reship's forwarding service, UK consumers can enjoy the benefits of shopping across borders without the traditional logistical headaches. Whether you're after the latest Canadian fashion, outdoor gear tested in the rugged landscapes of Canada, or simply seeking the best deals, Amazon Canada, through Reship, becomes an accessible, cost-effective option for expanding your shopping horizons.

Embracing this global shopping approach not only diversifies your product choices but also introduces the possibility of discovering new favorites that can't be found on UK shelves. As the digital marketplace continues to evolve, tools like Reship ensure that geographical boundaries become less of a barrier, opening up a world of shopping opportunities to consumers, no matter where they're located.

FAQs: Shipping from Canada to the United Kingdom

1. How can I get shipping from Canada to the UK for as low as $20?

Reship offers competitive rates starting at $20 for shipping from Canada to the UK by consolidating multiple purchases into one package and leveraging discounted rates from major carriers.

2. What is package consolidation?

Package consolidation involves combining multiple individual orders into a single shipment, reducing the total cost of shipping. Reship stores your items until all your purchases have arrived and then ships them together.

3. How do I choose the best carrier option through Reship?

Consider factors such as your budget, how quickly you need your items, and whether you require additional services like detailed tracking or insurance. Reship offers a range of carrier options, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post.

4. How long does shipping from Canada to the UK take?

Shipping times vary depending on the chosen carrier and service. Standard shipping generally takes 6-14 business days, while express shipping can reduce this time to 3-5 business days.

5. Are there any items I cannot ship from Canada to the UK using Reship?

Yes, there are restrictions on certain items due to international shipping regulations and UK customs laws. Prohibited items typically include hazardous materials, perishables, and illegal substances. Check the Reship website and UK customs regulations for a detailed list.

6. Can I track my shipment from Canada to the UK?

Yes, all carrier options offered through Reship provide tracking services. Once your consolidated package is shipped, you'll receive a tracking number to monitor your shipment's progress.

7. What happens if my items are lost or damaged during shipping?

Reship offers insurance options to protect against loss or damage. If you opted for insurance, you could file a claim through Reship for reimbursement or replacement according to the terms of your insurance policy.

8. How are customs duties and taxes handled?

Recipients are responsible for any customs duties and taxes imposed by UK customs. These are not included in Reship's shipping costs. Reship provides customs declaration services to help ensure your shipment complies with UK regulations.

9. Can I use Reship to ship purchases from Canadian online stores other than Amazon Canada?

Yes, Reship can be used to ship purchases from any Canadian online store or retailer that does not offer direct shipping to the UK.

10. How do I get started with Reship?

To start using Reship, sign up on their website to receive a Canadian address. Use this address when making your online purchases. Once your items arrive at Reship's warehouse, you can manage your shipments and choose your preferred shipping option to the UK.

Amazon Canada International Shopping FAQs

1. Can I shop on Amazon Canada if I live outside Canada?

Yes, Amazon Canada allows international customers to shop for eligible items. However, international shipping availability and costs can vary by product and seller.

2. How can I identify products that ship internationally on Amazon Canada?

Look for the "International Shipping" filter in search results or check the product detail page to see if international shipping is available for a specific item.

3. What are the shipping costs for international orders from Amazon Canada?

Shipping costs depend on the size, weight, and destination of the package, as well as the shipping option selected. You can view estimated shipping costs at checkout before completing your purchase.

4. Will I have to pay customs duties and taxes on orders shipped internationally?

Yes, international orders may be subject to customs duties and taxes imposed by the destination country. These charges are usually collected by the carrier upon delivery.

5. How can I track my international order from Amazon Canada?

Once your order ships, Amazon Canada will provide a tracking number. You can use this number on the carrier's website or Amazon's Order Tracking page to monitor your shipment's progress.

6. Can I return items shipped internationally from Amazon Canada?

Yes, international returns are possible, but return policies and processes may vary depending on the seller. Check the return policy on the product page and note that return shipping costs are typically the responsibility of the buyer.

7. How long does it take for international orders to be delivered?

Delivery times vary based on the destination, selected shipping option, and customs processing. Amazon provides estimated delivery dates at checkout.

8. Can I use Amazon Prime Canada benefits for international shipping?

Amazon Prime Canada benefits, including free shipping, are generally limited to Canadian addresses. International orders do not typically qualify for Prime shipping benefits.

9. Are all products on Amazon Canada available for international shipping?

Not all products are eligible for international shipping due to shipping restrictions, seller preferences, or legal limitations in the destination country. If a seller on Amazon Canada does not ship to your country you can use Reship and have your item shipped to your country.

10. How can I pay for my international order on Amazon Canada?

Amazon Canada accepts various payment methods, including credit cards and debit cards. Payment is processed in Canadian dollars, and your bank may charge conversion fees.

Top Selling Products on Amazon Canada for International Shoppers

1. Electronics and Gadgets

  • Popular for their wide selection, including the latest smartphones, laptops, and smart home devices.

2. Books and Media

  • Sought-after Canadian authors and publications, as well as international bestsellers.

3. Outdoor and Sporting Goods

  • High-quality gear for camping, hiking, and winter sports, reflecting Canada's outdoor lifestyle.

4. Health and Beauty Products

  • Unique skincare and health products featuring natural ingredients sourced in Canada.

5. Fashion and Apparel

  • Canadian brands known for quality and durability, especially in cold-weather clothing and accessories.

6. Home and Kitchen Appliances

  • Innovative gadgets and appliances not readily available in other markets.

7. Children's Toys and Educational Materials

  • Including educational toys that promote STEM learning and outdoor play.

8. Canadian Specialties and Souvenirs

  • Maple syrup products, indigenous art, and Canadian-themed memorabilia.

Amazon Canada International Shipping
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