Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Review

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Review
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What to get Mom this Mother’s Day?

This year, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13 which means it gives people time to plan and enjoy a lovely day with the special mom in their life. Getting the perfect mom the perfect gift that tops last year could be a tricky and challenging thing to do. Everyone knows that making something yourself is often more thoughtful and appreciative. To help end the dilemma of weather or not to make or buy something, here is a review of last minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Handmade Soaps

It may remind you of an old school project but handmade organic soaps, bombs, and other bath accessories are a great gift idea. The great thing about soaps is that you can mix in whatever flavor or pleasant fragrant you want, such as: coffee, chocolate, jasmine, honey, the list goes on. Experiment with different flavors and come up with your own unique combination that your mom can enjoy the smell and remember the gift.

Here are steps on you can prepare your soap making station in the kitchen.


  • • Easy and take no time at all to make (15-30min)

  • • Relatively inexpensive depending on the materials used ($10-$50)

  • • Room for creativity and can make it highly personal


  • • Can be very messy to clean up, requires extensive safety ware and proper decontamination of lye

  • • More of a functional and regular use item

  • • The amount of effort put into it could easily be overlooked because it’s so simple


Handmade soaps is a great addition to the last minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that definitely won’t take too long and last a considerable amount of time depending on how much you make.

Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry is another meaningful gift that is well received. Without having to be a master artisan, you too can craft simplistic yet elegant pieces of jewelry for mommy dearest.

Amazon offers a great low price jewelry kit starting at just $18.99. The OPount 24 Styles 2315 Pieces Jewelry Making Kit, includes:

  • • 24 kinds of jewelry findings, 1 brass ring, 4 kinds of beading wire, a plier, soft tape, caliper and tweezers

  • • Has three different colors gold, silver and copper

The kit lets you make a wide range of rings, necklaces, earrings, ankle braces and more.


  • • Able to make hundreds of combinations meaning it’s a gift that keeps on giving

  • • Really easy to make necklaces and bracelets, simply feed the parts into the wire and tie off

  • • Affordably priced and able to purchase extensions


  • • Time consuming and requires attention to detail

  • • May not be an everyday fashion piece

  • • Could be very costly depending on the intricacy of the design


Jewelry kits are great way to create gifts year after year. Small trinkets and bracelets can be added making the gift a reoccurring theme. It is an easy reoccurring gift from the list of last minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Photo Décor

This is a great gift idea that lets you take the millions of photos people take and put them on things like pillow cases, coasters, lampshades, magnets, and so much more.

Photo magnets:

Photo magnets are an easy way to put a smile on mom’s face every time she opens the fridge. They are really easy to make, simply just tape or fasten a magnet to the back of a photo, here is how you can learn how to make photo magnets.

Photo Lampshades:

Photo lampshades may not be the easiest things to make but definitely will stand out the most.  Here is how you can make your own lamp shades just in time for Mother’s Day.

Photo Pillowcases:

Learning how to photo transfer on fabric may take a bit of time but it is definitely worth it. You can create memorable staple pieces of home décor. Here is a quick video from Michaels on how you can create your own.


The great thing about photo décor is:

  • • You get to display your fondest memories in a creative, functional way

  • • It looks amazing if done well

  • • Memorable, easy to remember the good times in the photo


  • • Difficult to make and requires special supplies

  • • Picking a picture to put on home décor might be a challenge

  • • Could take a while to make


Integrating your favorite pictures with décor is always a cool idea that will definitely turn heads. It’s a great option that even with its difficulties is worth it and worthy to be on the list of the last minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Mom’s Day off Kits:

This is a throwback to when kids made chore IOUs to help mom out. You are never too late to help out, so these are a great way to tackle some of those jobs and to let mom know that you mean it this time.

They can be highly extravagant filled with flowers, chocolates and coupons on gold plated coupon paper. Michael’s has a great selection of paper types and stock, glitter pens, and tones of other craft supplies that can really make your coupons stand out.


  • • Very easy and inexpensive to make

  • • Surprise your mom with the unexpected help

  • • Easy to add to any other gift


  • • Have to commit to the task, otherwise the gesture will turn into a disappointment

  • • Can be made to look cheap if not executed well

  • • Hard to commit to, depending on the task


This is a great idea that mixes in nostalgia and shows a meaningful commitment to help your mom out. Definitely part of the last minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Relax Gift Basket

Another on the list of last minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas is a simple gift basket filled with wine, chocolates and other goodies. This takes virtually no time at all since all of the items are purchased and packaged by you.

This makes it easy to put together and includes everything your mom could need to have the evening off and just relax.

Make sure to include bath salts and other aromatherapy items to really sell the relaxation.


  • • Easy to put together and doesn’t require that much DIY

  • • Can include a bunch of relaxation inducing items

  • • Simple yet impactful way to show you care


  • • Can be expensive depending on the number and type of items

  • • Standard gift idea, quite expected

  • • One time use


The gift basket is a very standard yet thoughtful gift idea that encompasses a bunch of different gifts and easy to do.

Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Wrap up

A combination of essentially everything on the list would surprise your mother in a number of ways. DIY gifts add so much more than just providing something that your mom could use, it shows that you care to put the time, effort, and love into something. This list of last minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas will definitely help surprise and make the perfect gift this year.

Don’t forget, you still have time so if you are looking for something overseas order it now so it arrives on time. Buying from international company locations could save you a bunch, and consolidating all of them at one low rate from Reship could save you even more.

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