Introduction to UPS: Your International Shipping Solution

UPS International Shipping
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Introduction to UPS: Your International Shipping Solution

United Parcel Service (UPS) isn't just another shipping company. It stands as one of the world's premier logistics corporations, a vital cog ensuring the seamless movement of parcels both locally and globally.

The UPS Advantage

  • Reach and Reliability: With UPS's robust infrastructure, businesses and consumers can be assured of prompt, reliable deliveries.

  • Global Coverage: Whether it's domestic delivery or international shipping, UPS offers a comprehensive suite of services that caters to eCommerce businesses aiming for a global footprint.

  • Affordability with Easyship: Partnering with Easyship, UPS offers shipping discounts of up to 89%, making it more accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Decoding UPS Shipping Rates

  1. Domestic Shipping Rates:

  • With its expansive network, UPS ensures cost-effective deliveries across the United States, be it by ground or air.

  • From overnight to same-day delivery, they offer solutions tailored to the urgency of your shipment, including flat rate options for specific destinations.

  1. UPS International Shipping Rates:

  • Shipping internationally with UPS means navigating variable costs due to distances and country-specific regulations. For an exact quote, utilize the UPS website or their shipping rates chart.

Unraveling UPS Surcharges

Several factors can affect the final shipping price:

  • Fuel Surcharges

  • Residential Surcharges

  • Extended area or rural fees

  • Security and Peak season surcharges

  • And more...

For the latest details, always refer to the UPS shipping prices chart.

UPS 2023 Rate Adjustments

Due to evolving economic landscapes, UPS has recently revised its rates, with most shipping costs seeing an average increase of 4.9%. It's prudent for businesses to regularly check the latest rate charts.

Calculating Shipping Costs with UPS

The UPS shipping rate calculator offers a transparent breakdown of costs based on:

  • Transit Time:

    The quicker you want it delivered, the higher the cost.

  • Dimensions and Weight:

    Package density plays a role in determining the price.

  • Delivery Surcharges:

    Fees for delivering to remote locations.

  • Taxes and Additional Fees:

    Customs duties and other associated charges.

Insure with UPS

Protect your packages against unforeseen circumstances with UPS's specialized insurance offerings, including options for high-value items.

Mastering UPS Tracking Services

With UPS, tracking your shipment is a breeze:

  • Diverse Tracking Solutions:

    Catering to both bulk shipments and occasional tracking needs.

  • UPS Tracking Number:

    An essential code providing real-time updates about your package.

  • UPS SurePost:

    An affordable solution that combines UPS's reliability with USPS's extensive reach.

  • UPS InfoNotice:

    A tool ensuring smooth delivery when recipients aren't available.

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, ensuring timely deliveries is paramount. With UPS's extensive range of services, businesses can strike the perfect balance between cost, speed, and reliability. As global markets beckon, UPS stands as a trusted ally for every business, ready to bridge gaps and connect worlds.

1. UPS Domestic Services:

a) UPS Ground:

  • Reliable day-definite delivery for shipments within the United States. It's commonly used for business and residential deliveries.

b) UPS Air Cargo:

  • Offers priority and deferred air freight services for airport-to-airport shipments.

c) UPS Express Critical:

  • This is the fastest domestic service for critical shipments that require same-day delivery.

d) UPS 2nd Day Air:

  • Guaranteed delivery within two business days. It provides timely deliveries for less urgent shipments.

e) UPS 3 Day Select:

  • Three-day guaranteed delivery for less time-sensitive domestic shipments.

f) UPS Next Day Air:

  • Offers guaranteed next-business-day delivery. There are different variations, such as Early A.M., which provides delivery as early as 8:00 A.M. to major cities.

2. UPS International Services:

a) UPS Worldwide Express Plus:

  • Early morning delivery service for international shipments. It's available in more than 60 countries and territories.

b) UPS Worldwide Express:

  • Provides guaranteed delivery by end-of-day in 1-3 business days to more than 220 countries and territories.

c) UPS Worldwide Saver:

  • End-of-day guaranteed service for international shipments.

d) UPS Worldwide Expedited:

  • Day-definite delivery service for less-urgent international shipments to over 220 countries and territories.

e) UPS Standard:

  • Offers day-definite delivery for international shipments moving between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

f) UPS Express Critical – International:

  • The fastest international service for critical shipments. This service ensures the quickest possible delivery.

g) UPS Air Cargo:

  • Provides priority and deferred air freight services for international airport-to-airport shipments.

h) UPS Trade Direct:

  • A suite of logistics and distribution solutions that help streamline the supply chain. It integrates air, ocean, and ground transportation with customs brokerage, warehousing, and other value-added services.

i) UPS CrossBorder Connect:

  • A ground freight service that speeds up cross-border shipments between the U.S. and Mexico.

3. Special Services:

a) UPS SurePost:

  • A service that combines the consistency and reliability of the UPS Ground network with final delivery typically provided by the U.S. Postal Service.

b) UPS Returns:

  • Allows customers to return goods using the UPS network. There are various return solutions, such as print labels, return plus, and electronic return labels.

c) UPS Carbon Neutral:

  • An option for businesses to offset the climate impact of their shipping. It supports projects that offset the emissions of the shipment's transport.

d) UPS Delivery Intercept:

  • Allows the sender to have packages returned or redirected before delivery.

e) UPS My Choice:

  • A service for consumers that provides a new level of flexibility and control over home deliveries.

In addition to the above services, UPS offers a variety of specialized solutions tailored to specific industries, such as healthcare, automotive, retail, and high-tech, to name a few.

Given the broad range of services provided by UPS, customers can find solutions tailored to their specific shipping needs, whether they're sending packages across town or around the world.

Shipping hazardous materials (HazMat) is a complex process due to the potential danger these materials can pose. Transporting HazMat requires strict compliance with regulations established by various national and international agencies. When shipping with UPS, both domestically and internationally, there are specific guidelines and requirements to follow:

1. Domestic HazMat Shipping with UPS:

a) Training and Certification:

  • UPS requires shippers of hazardous materials to be properly trained and certified in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

b) Packaging:

  • HazMat shipments must be packaged in UPS-approved containers. These containers should be appropriate for the specific type of hazardous material being shipped.

c) Labeling and Marking:

  • Proper labels and markings are mandatory for all HazMat packages. This ensures that handlers are aware of the contents and can take necessary precautions.

d) Documentation:

  • A Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods must accompany HazMat shipments. This document provides detailed information about the contents, including the proper shipping name, hazard class, and quantity.

e) Service Restrictions:

  • Not all UPS services accommodate HazMat shipments. For instance, UPS Ground might be the only option for certain hazardous materials.

2. International HazMat Shipping with UPS:

a) International Regulations:

  • When shipping internationally, it’s crucial to comply not only with the regulations of the originating country but also with the destination country and any countries the shipment might transit through.

b) International Air Transport Association (IATA):

  • Most international air shipments of hazardous materials need to comply with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. UPS requires shippers to be familiar with these regulations.

c) Country-Specific Restrictions:

  • Some countries have specific restrictions or prohibitions on certain hazardous materials. It's essential to check these before shipping.

d) Documentation:

  • Just like domestic shipping, international HazMat shipments must include a Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods. The information required might vary depending on the destination country.

e) Packaging:

  • IATA has specific packaging requirements for hazardous materials shipped by air. UPS follows these standards for international air shipments.

3. Special Considerations:

a) Lithium Batteries:

  • Due to potential fire risks, shipping lithium batteries (common in electronics) has special regulations. UPS provides guidelines for safely shipping lithium batteries both domestically and internationally.

b) Contractual Agreement:

  • Not everyone can ship hazardous materials with UPS. Typically, a shipper needs a special contract with UPS to ship HazMat.

c) UPS Approved Chemicals:

  • UPS maintains a list of approved chemicals that can be shipped without a HazMat contract under specific conditions. However, these are still subject to all other regulations.

d) Tools and Resources:

  • UPS provides various tools, guides, and seminars to help shippers understand and comply with HazMat regulations.

Shipping hazardous materials with UPS requires a thorough understanding of both UPS-specific requirements and broader regulatory standards. Always refer to the most current UPS guide for shipping hazardous materials and consult directly with UPS or a HazMat shipping expert if you have specific questions or concerns.

Reship is one of the prominent package forwarding services that allows international shoppers to buy from stores in countries such as the USA, UK, and Canada, even if those stores don't ship directly to their home country. Using Reship in conjunction with UPS provides customers with reliable shipping options.

How Works:

  1. Sign Up: Customers first need to sign up with

    Upon registration, they receive a physical address in the USA, UK, and Canada – essentially a mailbox at Reship's warehouses in these countries.

  2. Shop Online:

    With the provided addresses, customers can shop online from their favorite stores in the USA, UK, or Canada.

  3. Use the Reship Address for Delivery:

    During checkout at an online store, customers use the Reship address corresponding to that country. So if they're buying from a US store, they'd use the US Reship address.

  4. Notification & Shipment Selection:

    Once the package arrives at the Reship warehouse, customers will be notified. They can then log into their Reship account, view their packages, and choose a shipping method. If they choose UPS, they can select from various UPS services available.

  5. Consolidation (Optional):

    If customers have multiple packages, Reship offers a consolidation service where multiple orders can be packed into one box to save on shipping costs.

  6. International Shipping: After selecting UPS and paying the necessary fees, Reship will forward the package to the customer's international address.

Breaking Down Each Warehouse:

  1. USA Warehouse:

    • Ideal for shopping at popular US-based retailers like, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, and others.

    • Once the goods arrive at the Reship USA warehouse, choose from a range of UPS USA services for forwarding. More details can be found at

      UPS USA's official website.

  2. UK Warehouse:

    • Allows customers to shop from UK-specific stores, such as ASOS, John Lewis, Boots, and more.

    • After the items reach the Reship UK warehouse, customers can select from a range of UPS UK services for shipping. More about these services is available at

      UPS UK's official website.

  3. Canada Warehouse:

    • Perfect for accessing Canadian retailers like, Hudson’s Bay, Canadian Tire, and others.

    • Upon receiving the goods at the Reship Canada location, customers can opt for UPS Canada for their shipping needs. For a comprehensive overview, visit

      UPS Canada's official website.


  • Customs & Duties:

    International shipments might be subject to customs, duties, or taxes upon entering the destination country. Customers should be aware of these potential charges.

  • Shipping Costs:

    While Reship gives access to international shopping, there will be additional costs associated with using their services and the chosen shipping method.

Overall,, in conjunction with UPS, bridges the gap between international customers and retailers in the USA, UK, and Canada, offering a solution for those who want to access stores that don't typically ship to their country.

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