International shipping for shopping Walmart online from Australia

International shipping for shopping Walmart online from Australia
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Send it Down Under: Shop Walmart from Australia and Get It – Guaranteed

No one likes to be excluded, and that can be true with everything from being invited to parties as a teenager to being cut on the last day of tryouts for the team. It’s natural to want to be a part of whatever it is, but most people get over excluded eventually. There’s always other parties, and you’ll be lacing up your skates for camp again next year. But when that exclusion gets in the way of your participation in the consumerism that’s a staple of society then it’s not something you look past so easily. Everybody likes to pay less for consumer goods, and Australians are no different.

The reason we mention the world’s largest island country is that there are Walmart stores in Australia, and as you likely know there are few places if any where you’ll find lower prices on whatever it is than Walmart. They ‘rollback’ prices like no one else, and the retail chain that got its start in Rogers Arkansas in 1962. The history of Walmart makes clear how it became the #1 retail giant in North America and what they built with regards to supply chains and the like to be able to offer such low prices.

A number of different countries around the world now have Walmart stores too, and they’ve been very enthusiastically received everywhere. If we consider how inflation is a huge issue all around the world now, even more people are looking at ways to save money on everyday necessities. This will apply to Australians too, so what if people down under want to shop Walmart online the same way us North Americans can?

We have you covered. Reships is the best package forwarding service around, and it just so happens we have the solution for shopping Walmart from Australia. Read on.

Virtual Mailbox = Instant Fix for Aussies

It’s simple to sign up for a Reship account and benefit from Reship services no matter where home is for you. This applies to anyone anywhere in the world, and if you are looking for a solution to international shipping restrictions or what to do when a seller won’t ship to me then the virtual mailbox that you get with your Reship account will be an instant fix. Your mailbox can also be called a virtual mailing address, and what that means is this; while it’s not your actual address, in the online shopping world it might as well be.

If you buy something online and then realize the seller only ships within the USA, for example, then you simply enter your Reship virtual mailing address into the info field and then proceed to checkout. It really is that straightforward, and just like that the seller’s need for a US mailing address is met. If you’re shopping Walmart online from Australia, the fact that your virtual mailbox isn’t the same one next to your front door there doesn’t matter one bit.

What happens next with our online shopping package reshipping service is your Walmart order goes to your virtual mailing address – which is the actual address of our Reship warehouse in Portland, Oregon. This is how your virtual mailbox works, and then once we have it here we will then forward it to you. In Australia, or any of the nearby island countries. Shoot, you could be in Bougainville and we’d still get it to you. Our international packaging forwarding service is that good, and we take a lot of pride in it.

Why no Walmart in Aussie Land?

We’ve gone on enough about getting past international shipping restrictions, and Reship is definitely #1 for an international package forwarding service for online shoppers. That’s true for Walmart or any other major retailer online, and we are ideal for international shipping for eBay purchases too. But enough about that, let’s wrap things up with this entry talking about why there is no Walmart in Australia and what wishful shoppers can do about that.

Some of you might be able to remember K-Mart, and it turns out there are only 3 K-Mart stores left in the USA as of earlier this year. The reasons K-Mart is relevant in all of this is In 2018, Walmart made plans to purchase the Australian chains K-Mart. The deal was blocked by the Australian Trade Commission and The Walt Disney Company, who had to sell their stake in the Australian chain to Walmart for less than they paid for it. Walmart then left the Australian market.

So there you have it, that’s why there are no Walmart stores in Australia. But you can still shop Walmart online from Australia when you have a virtual mailing address via your Reship account. Want to get a piece of those price rollbacks for yourself? Sign up for a Reship account now!

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