How to Seamlessly Buy from in Canada: A Complete Guide (2024) shipping to Canada
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How to Buy from in Canada: Unlocking More Options with Reship

Shopping on offers a vast array of products that sometimes aren't available on its Canadian counterpart, However, Canadian shoppers often face hurdles when trying to purchase items from the US site, primarily due to shipping restrictions or high international shipping fees. Fortunately, services like Reship have emerged as a solution to bridge this gap, making it easier for Canadians to buy products from that don't directly ship to Canada. In this blog, we'll guide you through the process of buying from in Canada and explain how Reship can expand your shopping options.

Step 1: Understanding the Challenge

Before diving into the solution, it's important to understand why buying from in Canada can be challenging. Some US sellers restrict shipping to Canada due to logistics, costs, or product regulations. Even when international shipping is available, the fees can be prohibitively high, and there may be additional duties and taxes upon arrival.

Step 2: Introducing Reship

Reship is a service that offers a straightforward solution to this problem. By providing customers with a US shipping address, Reship allows Canadians to shop from as if they were in the United States. Here's how it works:

  1. Sign Up for Reship: Create an account on Reship's website. Upon registration, you'll be assigned a US address in Reship's warehouse.

  2. Shop on Proceed with shopping on and use the provided US address as your shipping destination at checkout.

  3. Reship Receives Your Packages: Once your items arrive at the Reship warehouse, you'll be notified via email. Reship can consolidate multiple orders into one shipment to save on forwarding costs.

  4. Choose Your Shipping Method: Reship offers various shipping options to Canada. Select the one that best suits your budget and timing needs.

  5. Receive Your Items: Reship forwards the package to your Canadian address. You'll be responsible for any applicable duties and taxes upon entry into Canada.

Step 3: Maximizing Your Reship Experience

To make the most out of your Reship experience and minimize costs, consider the following tips:

  • Consolidate Shipments: Grouping multiple purchases into a single shipment can significantly reduce shipping costs compared to sending items individually.

  • Be Mindful of Duties and Taxes: Use online calculators to estimate any additional costs. This will help you assess the total cost of your purchase, including shipping, duties, and taxes.

  • Monitor Deals and Discounts: Buying items on sale or during special promotions (like Black Friday or Cyber Monday) can offset international shipping costs.

  • Check Prohibited Items: Before purchasing, ensure that the items are not on Reship's list of prohibited items for shipment to Canada.

Step 4: Enjoy a World of Products

Using Reship to buy from in Canada opens up a whole new world of shopping opportunities. Whether you're looking for exclusive electronics, hard-to-find books, or specialty fashion items that are only available in the US, Reship makes it possible to enjoy these products without the need for cross-border shopping trips.

Discover Amazon's Best Sellers: A Shopper's Guide to What's Hot

Welcome to your ultimate guide to navigating's treasure trove of best-selling products! Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a bookworm, a home decor aficionado, or a fashionista, Amazon's best-seller list is a goldmine of popular picks that have won the hearts of consumers just like you. Let's explore some of the top choices across various categories, ensuring your next shopping spree is both fun and informed.

Tech Gadgets and Accessories

In the realm of tech gadgets and accessories, there's always something new and exciting popping up on Amazon. From the latest smart home devices that make life a breeze to noise-cancelling headphones that transport you to another world, these products are not just about convenience; they're about enhancing your daily life. Fitness enthusiasts will love the latest fitness trackers, boasting features that monitor everything from your heart rate to your sleep patterns, encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Books and Entertainment

For those who find solace in the pages of a book or the scenes of a movie, Amazon's best sellers in books and entertainment have much to offer. Discover bestselling novels that transport you to other realms, or non-fiction titles that expand your understanding of the world. E-readers have become a staple for avid readers, offering a convenient way to carry thousands of books in one device. And let's not forget about Amazon's subscription services, offering endless entertainment options right at your fingertips.

Home and Kitchen Must-Haves

Transforming your space into a cozy haven has never been easier with Amazon's selection of home and kitchen products. Innovative appliances that cut down cooking time, stylish decor items that add personality to your living space, and organizational tools that make clutter a thing of the past are all just a click away. Whether you're a seasoned chef or just looking to spruce up your space, there's something for everyone.

Health and Wellness Products

The health and wellness trend continues to grow, and Amazon's best-seller list reflects just that. From dietary supplements that support your health goals to skin care items that pamper your skin, these products are all about taking care of yourself. And for those dedicated to staying active, the latest fitness equipment can help you set up a home gym that rivals any fitness center.

Fashion Finds

Fashionistas, rejoice! Amazon's fashion section is bursting with finds that are both stylish and practical. Discover apparel that ranges from comfy loungewear to chic workwear, shoes that combine comfort with style, and accessories that put the finishing touches on any outfit. With options for every taste and budget, updating your wardrobe has never been easier or more fun.


While there are additional steps and costs involved, the ability to access a broader selection of products on makes it worthwhile for many Canadian shoppers. Services like Reship not only simplify the process but also make it more affordable to enjoy products from the US. By understanding how to effectively use Reship, you can expand your shopping horizons and enjoy the vast offerings of, all from the comfort of your home in Canada.

Amazon International Shipping (FAQs)

Q: Can I order products from if I live outside the United States?

A: Absolutely! ships to over 100 countries worldwide. However, shipping options, delivery times, and costs can vary depending on your location. Be sure to check if Amazon ships to your country by looking at the international shipping section of their website.

Q: How do I know if an item can be shipped to my country?

A: When you're browsing products, look for the "International Shipping" section on the product detail page. This will tell you if the item can be shipped to your location. For a more streamlined process, use Amazon's international shopping feature, which filters out products not available for delivery to your selected destination.

Q: Are there extra costs when ordering internationally from

A: International orders may be subject to customs duties, taxes, and fees, which are not included in the item price or shipping costs. Amazon offers an "Import Fees Deposit" at checkout for eligible countries, estimating the potential taxes and duties. This deposit helps cover these fees, so there are no surprises when your package arrives.

Q: What currency will I be charged in?

A: You can view prices and complete transactions in your local currency or US dollars. If you choose your local currency, Amazon will convert the price based on the current exchange rate. Keep in mind, your bank might charge you an additional fee for currency conversion.

Q: How long does international shipping take?

A: Shipping times can vary greatly depending on your location and the shipping option you select. Amazon provides estimated delivery times at checkout, which include processing and transit times. Standard international shipping can take anywhere from a week to several weeks, while expedited options may arrive in just a few days.

Q: Can I return items bought from internationally?

A: Yes, international returns are possible, but the process can be a bit more complicated than domestic returns. You'll be responsible for return shipping costs, unless the return is due to an Amazon error. Always check the return policy on the product page and Amazon’s global return policy for specifics.

Q: How can I contact Amazon customer service about an international order?

A: Amazon offers customer service in multiple languages through email, phone, and chat. You can find contact information and options tailored to international customers in the "Help" section of Amazon's website.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what can be shipped internationally?

A: Yes, certain items cannot be shipped internationally due to customs and import regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, certain electronics, hazardous materials, and size or weight-restricted items. Always check the product's eligibility for international shipping in its description.

Q: What if a seller doesn't offer international shipping? Can I still purchase the item?

A: Yes, you can still purchase items from sellers that don't offer direct international shipping by using a reshipping service such as Reship. Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up with Reship: Register for an account with Reship, which will provide you with a No Sales Tax US address to use for your Amazon orders.

  2. Shop on Amazon: When shopping on, use the US address provided by your reshipping service at checkout. Your items will be shipped to this address.

  3. Reship to Your Location: Once your package arrives at the reshipping service's facility, you can then arrange for the items to be shipped from the US to your international address. The reshipping service will handle the necessary customs paperwork and provide you with different shipping options to choose from, based on your budget and how quickly you need the items.

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