How to Save on Halloween Costumes 2018

How to Save on Halloween Costumes 2018
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Save on Halloween Costumes 2018

As All Hallows Eve (Halloween) fast approaches, it’s a great time to start thinking about costumes for you and the family. With the overwhelming number of stores offering hundreds of ready-made costumes, it’s easy to get your costume of choice.

Even though it has become easier to get, it doesn’t mean it’s all that much cheaper. With the cost of shipping and having to shop at multiple stores, Halloween sales don’t seem to be saving you much, especially if it’s a onetime costume.

Here are some tips on using a mix of DIY costume parts, consolidating shipping, and where to shop for the best deals to help you save on Halloween costumes. 

DIY Add-ons and Accessories

Base costumes can often be quite affordable but when it comes to all the finishing touches that make the costume complete will start to add up and be expensive. Something as common as a pirate includes a coat, pirate hat, eye patch, prop weapons, and so on.

Why not substitute these small props with accessories you already own? You can decorate or add to most pieces of clothing by just adding a bit of felt and fabric paint.

Masks are also another way to save on your costume. Using baggy clothes, robes, make-up and more can help build upon a mask center piece of your costume. You can pick up masks for an affordable low price. 

Best Places to Shop for Halloween Costumes 2018

Checking out sales from the big stores like Amazon, Spirit Halloween, and other retail costume stores can help save you bundle.


Amazon has already started its Halloween page highlighting candies, costumes, decorations and more. It’s a good idea to bookmark this page or add products to your Wish list since everything on about to either go on sale or sell out.

Spirit Halloween:

Spirit Halloween is back and bigger than ever. This year the store has released a huge selection of highly popular costumes from brands like Fortnite, Funko, Disney, and many more. You can save on Halloween costumes by taking 20% off online orders with its fan appreciation days. Use coupon code: Fan18 at the check out to redeem. Also, get free shipping on orders over $100.

Party City:

Party City has hundred of locations world wide to provide people the costume needs for this Halloween. Take advantage of the month long sales that will help get you the accessories, add-ons and much more.

Halloween Budgeting

Building or buying an epic costume may sound good, but, breaking the bank to do so does not. The biggest factor when wanting to save on Halloween costumes is to create and plan a budget for it.

Here are the steps to set and help stick to your budget:

1. Create a list and stick to it

Pick out your top choices for who or what you want to be. It can be as crazy as you want but keep in mind to do your research to see if everything can be available in time. Once you have decided, make sure you are not flip flopping on your decision.

2. Shop around and compare

Searching online and calling in to stores around you can help compare prices on the same costume. Its worth your time to buy different parts of your costume from different stores depending on the sales that are offered. This can help you shave off a bit of the total price and won’t take that much time.

3. Be willing to make comprises

If you are dead set on a costume then its ok to go for it, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an exact replica. Try getting the key essences of the look and stop worrying about the tiny details. In the end, if your having fun and you try to look the part, you will be fine.

4. Think about Long-term use

If you are wanting to save money and be creative, reusing old costumes is a great way to do so. Taking parts of old costumes to form a new costume is a great way to save on Halloween costumes.

5. Stick to the budget

Its important to stick to the budget, regardless of how alluring a costume you may find. There are always ways to make something similar without breaking the bank.

Ship More for Less:

The last step once you find all of the necessary pieces of your costume online for a reasonable price is to have things shipped to you. Shipping can often make or break your decision to order something, especially something like a costume that you may one ware a few times throughout your life.

This is the perfect reason to use package forwarding services like You shop internationally without fear of availability, reach, and over expenditures. Have your costumes sent to our three internationally located warehouses, we will then consolidate your packages for one low cost shipping method, then get it delivered right to your door. This lets you take advantage of free shipping options stores offer and save on the one-time shipping.

Use these tips and more to help you save on Halloween costumes in 2018.

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