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How to Get a US Mailing Address from Canada: Guide with Reship

In today’s globalized market, having access to a US mailing address can open up a wealth of opportunities for Canadian shoppers and businesses alike. From exclusive US-only deals to avoiding high international shipping costs, the benefits are significant. This guide will walk you through how to easily obtain a US mailing address while residing in Canada, using the services of Reship.

Why You Need a US Mailing Address

Access to US-Only Deals and Products: Many retailers in the US restrict their sales to within the country due to branding agreements or logistical reasons. With a US address, Canadians can take advantage of lower prices and exclusive products not available internationally.

Save on Shipping Costs: Shipping directly to Canada can be expensive due to international shipping fees and duties. By shipping to a US address and then forwarding to Canada, you can often reduce these costs significantly.

Faster Shipping Times: Products shipped domestically within the US typically reach the US address quicker than they would internationally. This means you can enjoy your purchases sooner, with the added step of forwarding to your Canadian address.

How Reship Can Help

Reship offers a straightforward solution for Canadians to obtain a US mailing address. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sign Up for Reship

Create an account on Reship’s website. During registration, you will be assigned a No Sales Tax US mailing address, which you can use for all your online shopping needs.

Step 2: Shop from US Retailers

Shop online at your favorite US retailers and use your Reship No Sales Tax US address as your delivery address at checkout. Your packages will be sent to Reship’s warehouse.

Step 3: Forward Your Packages

Once your package arrives at the Reship warehouse, you can manage your shipments through your online account. Choose when and where to forward your parcels, and Reship will take care of getting your purchases to you in Canada.

Step 4: Receive Your Packages in Canada

Select from various shipping options provided by Reship, depending on how quickly you need your items. Reship also handles customs paperwork to ensure a smooth transition across the border.

Benefits of Using Reship

  • Consolidation: Combine multiple orders into one shipment to save on forwarding costs.

  • Flexibility: Choose from multiple shipping options based on your budget and how quickly you need your items.

  • Customer Service: Access dedicated support to help with any questions about your orders or shipping needs.

Tips for Maximizing Your US Mailing Address

  1. Check for Sales and Discounts: Plan your purchases around major US sales events, like Black Friday or Memorial Day sales, to get the best deals.

  2. Understand Customs and Duties: Be aware of Canadian customs laws and duties applicable to your purchases to avoid unexpected costs.

  3. Use Price Comparison Tools: Before buying, use tools to ensure you're getting the best deal, even after considering shipping and handling fees.


Having a US mailing address as a Canadian resident can significantly enhance your shopping capabilities and open up new avenues for savings and product availability. With Reship, the process is simplified, allowing you to enjoy the perks of shopping in the US without the usual hassles. Sign up today and start exploring a bigger, more budget-friendly shopping world!

US Mailing Address in Canada with Reship (FAQs)

1. Why would I need a US mailing address in Canada?

  • Having a US mailing address allows Canadian residents to access US-only products, take advantage of lower prices, enjoy exclusive deals, and save on shipping costs by avoiding international fees.

2. How can I get a US mailing address while living in Canada?

  • You can obtain a US mailing address through a package forwarding service like Reship. Simply sign up for an account on their website, and you will be assigned a US address to use for your online shopping.

3. Is it legal to use a US mailing address service from Canada?

  • Yes, using a package forwarding service like Reship is completely legal. These services are designed to help international customers shop from US retailers that do not directly ship to their country.

4. What should I look for when choosing a service like Reship?

  • Consider factors such as the fees for forwarding packages, the options available for shipping speeds, customer service quality, and additional services like package consolidation.

5. How does Reship handle customs and duties?

  • Reship assists with the customs paperwork required for international shipping. However, customers are responsible for paying any applicable customs duties and taxes levied by the Canadian government when the packages arrive in Canada.

6. Can I use my US mailing address for more than online shopping?

  • Typically, the US mailing address provided by services like Reship is intended for online shopping and forwarding packages. It is not usually suitable for receiving legal documents, registering businesses, or other non-shopping related activities.

7. How long does it take for a package to be forwarded to Canada?

  • The time it takes for your package to arrive in Canada after reaching your US mailing address depends on the shipping option you select. Reship offers various shipping speeds, from economy to express services.

8. What happens if my package is lost or damaged during forwarding?

  • If a package is lost or damaged, you can file a claim with Reship for compensation according to the terms of the insurance policy.

9. Can I consolidate multiple purchases into one shipment?

  • Yes, Reship offers a package consolidation service, which can save you money on shipping costs. This service allows you to combine multiple purchases into a single shipment, reducing the overall volume and potentially lowering the shipping fees.

10. Are there any types of items that cannot be forwarded by Reship?

  • Yes, there are restrictions on certain items due to safety and legal reasons. Prohibited items typically include flammable substances, explosives, firearms, and certain chemicals. Always check Reship’s list of prohibited items before shopping to ensure your purchases can be forwarded.

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