How to fix Virtual Reality Video Game Motion Sickness

How to fix Virtual Reality Video Game Motion Sickness
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Problem with Video Game motion Sickness in VR

Back in March we broke down which new Virtual Reality (VR) set would be right for you. Since then, some of the new VR sets have come out. Anyone who decided to buy one of these or have tested them has experienced the latest form of in-home entertainment. For some people it’s intuitive and they could play for hours. Others get hit by video game motion sickness as soon as they plug in.

For some playing for a few minutes could cause severe motion sickness. Does this mean that anyone who experiences this is doomed to never be able to use VR?

VR and game designers know all too well the problems VR have been working hard to provide a solution.

They haven’t made it perfect but here are a few things that are going to be introduced to help solve the problem of VR video game motion sickness.

Game Types:

Within the Current VR games there are different styles and genres that make use of the VR experience.

First Person: Most commonly there is a first-person-view that lets players feel a totally immersive experience.

Third person: Lets player’s see their character and surroundings from a distance.

Games cleverly use both points of view with the added feature of depth perception from VR.

People often feel dizzy when playing in first person since it uses excessive head movement. Even fast pace third person camera angles that bounce from place to place can create dizziness.

Current and Upcoming games:

Lone Echo

A clever game released by Ready at Dawn that gets rid of traditional movement in VR games. The game is set in the outer rings of Saturn in outer space. Since it is simulating a zero gravity environment, players are basically floating. This feature allows for a weightless experience that takes minutes to adjust to.

Robo Recall

Another high pace first person shooter that creates a unique teleportation system that reduces dizziness. Teleportation offers a great way to travel dizzy free since your mind doesn’t need to sync your movement to the action of walking. Think of it as blinking and when you open your eyes you have moved. The game provides fast action movement and stunning graphics to make the user experience that much better.

Other non VR exclusive games: reviewed a bunch of games with the new PlayStation VR and reviewed the discomfort level of each game tested. Based on the editor’s comments, sharp turns and moving too fast were nauseating. You can take a look at the list here.

Possible Future Improvements

Ideally, the future of VR will address all the concerns of dizziness. Till then, there are a few options they can explore.

Integrating in-game movement like teleportation and floating may help solve some issues for now. It will be interesting to see if extra sensors, a new type of headset, or mechanics of games will provide a viable solution.

Virtual Reality Video Game Video Game Motion Sickness
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