Hassle-Free Solution to Shipping from Canada to Australia

Shipping From Canada To Australia
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Shopping from Canada has never been more straightforward for Australian consumers, thanks to Reship's dedicated international package forwarding service. If you’ve ever wished you could get your hands on exclusive Canadian products, Reship makes it possible.

Why Choose Reship for Shipping From Canada to Australia?

Reship’s innovative service is designed to break down barriers for international shoppers. By offering you a free Canadian address when you sign up, you’re given the ability to shop online just like a local. This way, you gain access to an array of exclusive Canadian products that don't typically ship internationally.

Exploring Canadian Online Shopping with Reship

With Reship, shopping from popular Canadian stores such as Roots, Canada Goose, Hudson's Bay, and Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) becomes a seamless experience. Explore Roots for comfortable, casual clothing, or delve into Canada Goose for high-quality winter wear. Browse Hudson's Bay for a comprehensive range of products from fashion to home goods, or visit MEC for outdoor gear and sports equipment.

Navigating Reship: An Easy Process

  1. Sign up with Reship - Register and receive your unique Canadian address.

  2. Shop Canadian Stores - Use your Reship address as your shipping destination when checking out from your favourite Canadian stores.

  3. Shipping to Australia - Schedule your shipment from the Reship warehouse to your Australian address. Choose from several shipping options to fit your budget and timing needs.

Customs, Duties, and Taxes

Before shipping internationally, it's essential to understand potential duties and taxes. Importation of goods into Australia may be subject to GST. Please consult with the Australian Border Force for accurate information.

Package Safety and Tracking

Reship treats every parcel with care, ensuring secure packaging for its international journey. Once your package is shipped, you'll receive a tracking number, allowing you to monitor its progress from Canada to Australia.

Experience the joy of shopping from Canada without worrying about shipping limitations or costs. Reship brings Canadian products right to your doorstep in Australia. Sign up for Reship today and start exploring.

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