Halloween Costume 2016: Pokémon & More

Halloween Costume 2016: Pokémon & More
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Still figuring out your Halloween costume?

With Halloween nearly a month away it’s high time to get an early jump on those costumes. A lot has happened in 2016 and that means more material to buy/make your clever and witty  Halloween costume.

If you’re wondering what to be this year here are a few costume ideas based on what’s been popular this year.


It’s been a big year for Pokémon since the release for Pokémon Go. It’s no wonder that people would want to load up on Pokéballs, put their caps on, and go on an adventure.

You can either go as one of the classic characters from the franchise or mix it up and design your own Pokémon trainer costume.

All you need to create your own trainer costume is to pick any outfit and slap a bunch of poke labels on it. After that you need a never ending drive to catch ‘em all!

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones (GoT) is always a favorite. This year, the character to be is Hodor. You can run around trick or treating saying “HOLD THE DOOR (HODOR)” as you ask for candy or entertain a party.

See here for more crazy GoT Costume ideas.

Star Wars

Last year’s Star Wars success has provided great costumes for kids. Rey, Finn costumes and other new characters are top picks for new Star Wars fans.

If you’re a classic fan you can still rock the trooper costumes. Amazon carries a whole bunch of new and old school Star Wars costumes to give you that authentic Star Wars experience.

DC Super Heroes

This year’s Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad have popularized a few new DC hero Halloween costume ideas. Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and especially Harley Quinn are top picks.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things, the new sci-fi horror series on Netflix had been a huge success. People are scouring the internet for the pink Peter Pan collar dress that Eleven wore and other outfits worn by the cast. It’s a great costume for girls, women of all ages and those nostalgic 80s lovers.

Presidential Candidates

The US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been on everyone’s minds. It has become quite entertaining to watch. Now you too can experience what it’s like being candidate by wearing a Trump or Hillary mask.

If you are serious about getting one you can pick one up at Spirit Halloween.

Where to get Your Costumes

Since its almost a month away, depending on how crafty to you are you could either make or buy your costume. Making your Halloween costume isn’t as hard as you may think.

You can buy or substitute a lot of pieces for an authentic look. Pinterest is a great source for DIY costume ideas.

If your having a hard time finding what your looking for, search online and over the boarder to snag some great deals. This year have fun and make the most out of your Halloween.

Halloween Costume 2016 Halloween Pokémon Costume
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