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History and Growth of Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods was founded in 1948 when an 18-year-old Richard "Dick" Stack borrowed $300 from his grandmother to open a small bait-and-tackle shop in Binghamton, New York. His vision and dedication led to steady growth, and by the 1960s, the store expanded its offerings to include a wide range of sporting goods.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Dick's Sporting Goods continued to grow, opening new stores across the United States. In 2002, the company went public, further accelerating its expansion. Today, Dick's Sporting Goods operates over 850 stores nationwide, offering a comprehensive selection of sporting goods, apparel, and outdoor gear.

2. Popular Product Categories

Dick's Sporting Goods is renowned for its extensive range of products, catering to athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and fitness buffs alike. Here are some of the most popular product categories available:

Sporting Equipment

Team Sports

Dick's Sporting Goods offers equipment for various team sports, including soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and hockey. Popular items include:

  • Soccer balls and goals

  • Basketballs and hoops

  • Baseball bats, gloves, and helmets

  • Footballs and protective gear

  • Hockey sticks and skates

Individual Sports

For individual sports enthusiasts, the store provides gear for tennis, golf, swimming, and more. Top-selling products include:

  • Tennis rackets and balls

  • Golf clubs, bags, and accessories

  • Swimwear and goggles

  • Track and field equipment

Apparel and Footwear

Athletic Apparel

Dick's Sporting Goods carries a wide range of athletic apparel for men, women, and children. Brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas are prominently featured. Popular items include:

  • Workout tops and bottoms

  • Compression gear

  • Outerwear for various sports and activities

  • Sports bras and performance underwear


The footwear section includes athletic shoes for running, training, and specific sports. Notable brands include:

  • Nike

  • Adidas

  • Brooks

  • Asics

  • New Balance

In addition to athletic shoes, the store offers casual and lifestyle footwear, hiking boots, and sandals.

Outdoor and Camping Gear

Dick's Sporting Goods is a go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering gear for camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Key products include:

  • Tents and sleeping bags

  • Backpacks and hydration packs

  • Fishing rods and reels

  • Hunting gear and accessories

  • Camping cookware and portable grills

Fitness Equipment

For those looking to build a home gym or enhance their fitness routine, Dick's Sporting Goods provides a variety of fitness equipment, including:

  • Treadmills and ellipticals

  • Weight benches and dumbbells

  • Yoga mats and accessories

  • Resistance bands and kettlebells

3. Exclusive Brands and Collaborations

Dick's Sporting Goods features several exclusive brands and collaborations, offering unique products that can't be found elsewhere. Some of these brands include:

CALIA by Carrie Underwood

This women's fitness and lifestyle brand, created in collaboration with singer Carrie Underwood, offers stylish and functional athletic apparel, including leggings, sports bras, and outerwear.

Field & Stream

An exclusive brand focusing on outdoor gear and apparel, Field & Stream provides high-quality products for camping, fishing, and hunting enthusiasts.


The DSG brand offers affordable and high-quality athletic apparel for the entire family. From workout gear to casual wear, DSG products are designed to provide comfort and performance.

4. Services Offered by Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods goes beyond providing products by offering a range of services designed to enhance the customer experience. These services include:

In-Store Services

Equipment Services

Many Dick's Sporting Goods locations offer equipment services, such as:

  • Golf club fitting and repair

  • Bike assembly and maintenance

  • Ski and snowboard tuning

  • Racquet stringing

Apparel Customization

Customers can personalize their athletic apparel with custom printing and embroidery services, perfect for team uniforms or individual flair.

Shoe Fitting

Expert staff members are available to provide shoe fitting services, ensuring customers find the right fit and support for their specific needs.

Online Shopping and Features

Convenient Shopping Experience

The Dick's Sporting Goods website and mobile app offer a seamless shopping experience, with features such as:

  • Easy navigation and search functionality

  • Detailed product descriptions and customer reviews

  • Online ordering with in-store pickup options

ScoreCard Loyalty Program

The ScoreCard loyalty program rewards customers for their purchases. Members earn points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. Additional benefits include exclusive offers and early access to sales events.

Price Match Guarantee

Dick's Sporting Goods offers a price match guarantee, ensuring customers get the best prices on their purchases. If a customer finds a lower price on an identical item from a qualifying retailer, the store will match the price.

5. Shopping Tips for Dick's Sporting Goods

To make the most of your shopping experience at Dick's Sporting Goods, consider these tips:

Seasonal Sales and Discounts

Holiday Sales

Dick's Sporting Goods offers significant discounts during major holiday sales events, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Memorial Day. Shoppers can find great deals on a wide range of products during these times.

End-of-Season Sales

At the end of each season, the store typically discounts seasonal items to make room for new inventory. This is an excellent opportunity to find deals on apparel, footwear, and sports equipment.

How to Choose the Right Equipment

Do Your Research

Before making a purchase, research the products you're interested in. Read customer reviews, compare features, and check for any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Seek Expert Advice

If you're unsure about which product to choose, don't hesitate to ask the knowledgeable staff at Dick's Sporting Goods. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your needs and preferences.

Try Before You Buy

Whenever possible, try out equipment in-store before making a purchase. This is particularly important for items like athletic shoes, golf clubs, and fitness equipment, where fit and comfort are crucial.

6. Community Involvement and Sustainability Initiatives

Dick's Sporting Goods is committed to giving back to the community and promoting sustainability. Some of their initiatives include:

Community Programs

Sports Matter

The Sports Matter initiative focuses on supporting youth sports programs across the country. Through grants and donations, Dick's Sporting Goods helps provide access to sports for children who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

Local Sponsorships

Many Dick's Sporting Goods stores participate in local sponsorships, supporting community sports teams and events. This involvement helps foster a sense of community and encourages active lifestyles.

Sustainability Efforts

Eco-Friendly Products

Dick's Sporting Goods is dedicated to offering eco-friendly products, such as sustainable apparel and gear made from recycled materials. These products help reduce environmental impact while maintaining high quality.

Energy Efficiency

The company is committed to improving energy efficiency in its stores and distribution centers. Initiatives include using energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and implementing recycling programs to minimize waste.

Shop Dick's Sporting Goods Internationally with Reship

Dick's Sporting Goods is one of the largest and most renowned sporting goods retailers in the United States, boasting a vast selection of athletic equipment, footwear, apparel, and more. However, for international customers, accessing and shipping these products can be a challenge. That's where Reship.com comes into play, providing a seamless solution to shop globally and ship your purchases to your doorstep.

Shop Globally at Dick's Sporting Goods

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or a sports team supporter, Dick's Sporting Goods has got you covered. Here's a comprehensive overview of some popular categories of items available on their website:

Athletic Footwear

Step up your game with the latest and most advanced athletic footwear. Dick's Sporting Goods features an extensive collection from world-renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. Whether you need running shoes that offer the perfect blend of comfort and performance, soccer cleats that provide optimal traction, or basketball shoes designed for maximum agility, you'll find the perfect fit to elevate your performance.

Key Brands:

  • Nike: Known for innovation and cutting-edge technology, Nike offers a wide range of athletic shoes tailored to specific sports, providing excellent support and durability.

  • Adidas: Renowned for their Boost technology, Adidas shoes are perfect for runners seeking comfort and energy return.

  • Under Armour: Features high-performance footwear designed for athletes, offering superior stability and grip.


Dress for success in any sport with Dick's Sporting Goods' wide range of athletic apparel. From high-performance jerseys and team uniforms to breathable running apparel and comfortable yoga wear, they cater to every sport and style preference. Shop the latest trends in sports fashion, including top brands that combine technology and style to keep you at the top of your game.

Key Categories:

  • Running Apparel: Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you cool and dry.

  • Yoga Wear: Flexible, comfortable, and stylish clothing perfect for any yoga session.

  • Team Uniforms: Customizable options for various sports teams, ensuring you look professional on the field.

Sports Equipment

Equip yourself with the best in sports technology and gear. Whether it's a new bat for baseball, a durable basketball for the courts, precision golf clubs, or the latest soccer gear, Dick's Sporting Goods has all the essentials for beginners and pros alike. Their selection includes high-quality equipment designed to enhance your skills and improve your performance in any sport.

Popular Equipment:

  • Baseball and Softball Gear: From bats and gloves to protective gear, find everything you need to excel.

  • Golf Clubs and Accessories: Top brands like Callaway and TaylorMade offering clubs, balls, and training aids.

  • Soccer Gear: Cleats, balls, and protective equipment to take your game to the next level.

Outdoor Gear

Venture into the great outdoors fully equipped with Dick's Sporting Goods’ selection of outdoor gear. From rugged camping equipment and reliable hiking gear to advanced hunting accessories and robust fishing tackle, they have everything you need for your next outdoor adventure. Explore the wilderness with confidence, knowing you have the best tools at your disposal.


  • Camping Equipment: Tents, sleeping bags, and cooking gear for a complete outdoor experience.

  • Hiking Gear: Durable boots, backpacks, and navigation tools.

  • Fishing Tackle: Rods, reels, and bait for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Fitness Equipment

Create your ideal home gym with their comprehensive range of fitness equipment. Whether you're looking for compact weights and resistance bands for strength training, innovative cardio machines like treadmills and stationary bikes, or fitness accessories to enhance your workout, Dick's Sporting Goods provides everything you need to achieve your fitness goals right from the comfort of your home.

Top Picks:

  • Cardio Machines: Treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes to keep you in shape.

  • Strength Training: Dumbbells, kettlebells, and home gym systems.

  • Fitness Accessories: Yoga mats, foam rollers, and fitness trackers.

Simplify International Shipping with Reship

After exploring the wide variety of products on Dick's Sporting Goods and selecting your desired items, the next step is ensuring your purchases reach you, wherever you are in the world. This is where Reship.com shines. As an industry-leading global package forwarding service, we're here to streamline your international shipping process.

How Does It Work?

1. Set Up an Account: Start by creating an account on Reship.com. You'll receive a US forwarding address to use for your purchases.

2. Shop at Dick's Sporting Goods: Use your new Reship address as the shipping address when checking out at Dick's Sporting Goods.

3. Shipping: Once your items arrive at the Reship warehouse, we'll manage the international shipping to your doorstep, whether you're in Australia, the UK, Canada, or any other global location.

Our process is hassle-free, and we work closely with leading courier services like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx to ensure your parcels are handled professionally.

Track Your Parcel

When you ship with Reship, you get the benefit of real-time parcel tracking. Monitor your package as it travels from the Reship warehouse to your global location. You'll have peace of mind knowing exactly where your items are at any given moment.

Benefits of Using Reship

1. Cost-Effective Shipping: Reship helps you save on international shipping costs by consolidating multiple purchases into a single shipment. This reduces overall shipping fees and makes it more affordable to shop from US retailers.

2. Secure Handling: Your packages are handled with care and stored securely at Reship's warehouse until they are ready to be shipped to you.

3. Reliable Delivery: With partnerships with top courier services, Reship ensures timely and reliable delivery of your parcels to any international destination.

4. Customer Support: Reship offers excellent customer support to assist you with any queries or issues related to your shipments.

Special Features

1. Parcel Consolidation: Combine multiple orders into one shipment to save on shipping costs.

2. Package Inspection: Request a package inspection to ensure your items are in good condition before they are shipped internationally.

3. Additional Insurance: Add extra insurance to your shipment for added peace of mind.

How to Get Started

1. Sign Up on Reship.com: Create an account and receive your US shipping address.

2. Shop at Dick's Sporting Goods: Use the provided address at checkout.

3. Manage Your Shipments: Once your items arrive at Reship's warehouse, choose your preferred shipping method and finalize your shipment.

4. Track Your Package: Monitor your parcel until it arrives at your doorstep.


Shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods and shipping your purchases globally has never been easier, thanks to Reship. Explore the wide range of sports equipment, athletic footwear, and apparel at Dick's Sporting Goods, and let us handle the logistics of bringing your purchases right to your doorstep. With Reship, you can enjoy the best products from Dick's Sporting Goods no matter where you are in the world. Sign up today and start shopping with confidence!

FAQs for Dick's Sporting Goods

1. What is Dick's Sporting Goods' return policy?

Customers can return most items purchased at Dick's Sporting Goods within 60 days of purchase, provided they are in new and unused condition with the original packaging and tags. Some exceptions and conditions apply, so please refer to our detailed return policy on our website.

2. Does Dick's Sporting Goods price match?

Yes, Dick's Sporting Goods offers a price match guarantee. If you find a lower price on an identical item from a qualifying retailer, we'll match it. Exclusions and terms apply, so please see our Price Match Guarantee policy for more details.

3. Can I buy online and pick up in-store?

Yes, Dick's Sporting Goods offers a Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store service. This allows you to shop online and have your order ready for free in-store pickup at your convenience. Availability of this service may vary by location.

4. Does Dick's Sporting Goods ship internationally?

Direct international shipping is not currently available from Dick's Sporting Goods. However, customers looking to shop from outside the United States can use Reship, a package forwarding service. With Reship, you can have your purchases from Dick's Sporting Goods shipped to a U.S. address, and then Reship will forward your items to your international location.

5. How can I shop internationally with Reship?

To shop internationally with Dick's Sporting Goods through Reship, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an account with Reship and receive a U.S. shipping address.

  • Shop online at Dick's Sporting Goods and use your Reship U.S. address as the shipping address.

  • Once your order arrives at the Reship warehouse, log in to your Reship account and manage the forwarding of your package to your international address.

6. What shipping options does Dick's Sporting Goods offer within the U.S.?

Dick's Sporting Goods offers several shipping options within the U.S., including Standard Shipping, Expedited Shipping, and Express Shipping. Shipping times and costs vary based on the option chosen and the destination.

7. How do I track my order from Dick's Sporting Goods?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that includes a tracking number. You can use this number to track your order through the carrier's website or via the Dick's Sporting Goods website under "My Account."

8. Are there any items that cannot be shipped internationally through Reship?

Yes, certain items may be restricted or prohibited from international shipping due to customs regulations of the destination country or carrier restrictions. It's important to check with Reship for a list of prohibited items and to review the customs regulations of your country before ordering.

9. How can I contact Dick's Sporting Goods customer service?

You can contact Dick's Sporting Goods customer service by phone, email, or live chat. Visit our Contact Us page on our website for more details and to find the best way to get in touch for your specific needs.

10. Do I need to pay customs duties and taxes for international orders with Reship?

Yes, international orders may be subject to customs duties and taxes imposed by the destination country. These charges are the responsibility of the recipient and vary from country to country. Reship can provide estimates, but we recommend checking with your local customs office for specific information.

Dick's Sporting Goods International Shipping Policies

Does Dick's Sporting Goods ship to Canada?

Dick's Sporting Goods primarily serves the United States market and does not offer direct shipping to Canada through its website. Customers in Canada interested in purchasing items from Dick's Sporting Goods might consider using a package forwarding service like Reship that provides a U.S. address for shipping and then forwards the items to Canada.

Can I order from Dick's Sporting Goods if I am in another country?

Dick's Sporting Goods' direct international shipping options are limited. The company focuses on serving customers within the United States. However, international customers can use third-party package forwarding services to ship items purchased from Dick's Sporting Goods to their home country. This method involves shipping your items to a U.S. address provided by the forwarding service, which then sends the goods to your international address.

What are package forwarding services, and how do they work?

Package forwarding services offer international shoppers a way to purchase goods from retailers that do not ship directly to their country. After signing up with a forwarding service, you are given a U.S. address to use when shopping online. Your purchases are shipped to this address, and the forwarding service then sends your items to your actual address abroad. This service typically involves additional fees, including shipping costs and service charges.

Are there any restrictions on items that can be forwarded internationally?

Yes, international shipping restrictions apply to certain items due to their nature or the regulations of the destination country. Commonly restricted items include hazardous materials, perishable goods, and certain electronics. It's important to check with the forwarding service and the destination country's customs regulations before attempting to ship internationally.

How can I estimate the shipping cost from the U.S. to my country?

Most package forwarding services offer cost calculators on their websites. You can use these tools to estimate the shipping cost by entering details about your shipment, such as weight, dimensions, and destination country. Keep in mind that these are estimates, and actual costs can vary based on factors like shipping method, package value, and customs fees.

Is it possible to return items to Dick's Sporting Goods from outside the U.S.?

Returning items from outside the United States can be complex and costly. It's advisable to review Dick's Sporting Goods' return policy and consult with the forwarding service about the process and costs involved in international returns. In some cases, the cost of returning an item may outweigh the refund value.

Are there Dick's Sporting Goods locations in Canada?

  • No, Dick's Sporting Goods does not have physical stores in Canada. The company operates in the United States, with their wide range of sporting goods not directly available through Canadian locations.

Can I shop at Dick's Sporting Goods if I live in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada?

  • Yes, Canadians can shop from Dick's Sporting Goods online through the use of a parcel forwarding service like Reship. Reship provides Canadians with a U.S. address to use for online shopping, allowing them to access a wide range of products that Dick's Sporting Goods offers.

Are there similar sporting goods stores in Canada?

  • Canada is home to several sporting goods stores, such as Sport Chek, MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op), and Atmosphere, which offer a variety of sports equipment, apparel, and accessories. However, for specific brands or items exclusive to Dick's Sporting Goods, Canadians can utilize Reship to access these products.

Is Dick's Sporting Goods planning to open locations in Ontario or elsewhere in Canada?

  • As of now, Dick's Sporting Goods has not announced any plans to open physical stores in Ontario or anywhere else in Canada. Canadians wishing to shop from Dick's Sporting Goods can do so online and use services like Reship for shipping to Canada.

How does the shopping process work with Reship for customers in Vancouver or other Canadian cities?

  1. Sign Up with Reship: Canadians can sign up for Reship and receive a U.S. address.

  2. Shop Online: Use the provided U.S. address when placing orders on the Dick's Sporting Goods website.

  3. Forward Your Order: Once your order arrives at Reship's warehouse, you can have it forwarded to your Canadian address. Reship also offers the option to consolidate multiple orders into one shipment, potentially saving on shipping costs.

Benefits of Using Reship for International Shipping:

  • Access to U.S. Retailers: Shop from U.S. stores like Dick's Sporting Goods without a U.S. address.

  • Cost Savings: Consolidate shipments to save on international shipping costs.

  • Convenience: Reship handles the shipping and customs process, delivering your items right to your door in Canada.

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