Five Fun Kitchen Gadgets

Five Fun Kitchen Gadgets
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By Steve Woodfield

Are you a burgeoning chef? Looking for a fun gift for someone who seemingly has it all? Or simply wanting to make your own kitchen just a little more convenient?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above, then head over to the design blog for 30 Innovative Kitchen Tools and Gadgets that you absolutely need (or never knew you needed until you’ve seen them). Whether you want to bring a little cuteness to your morning breakfast (see above) or peel a clove of garlic while keeping your hands clean, this list includes everything from the practical to the fabulous.

Here’s a short rundown of our five favorites:

  • Banana Slicer: In the blink of an eye, you can turn an ordinary banana into perfect bite-size morsels with this handy gadget. A fun, simple, and knife-free solution that is perfect for children.

  • Garlic Zoom Chopper: Resembling a toy more than an appliance, this handy chopper will finely chop a whole bulb of garlic in seconds. And best of all? No smelly garlic hands when you’re finished.

  • Pizza Scissors Spatula: Is it a pizza cutter or a spatula? It’s both, actually, all in one handy tool.

  • Hello Kitty Toaster: Who doesn’t want toast with an image of Hello Kitty burned into the bread?

  • Perfect Portions Digital Scale: Skip reading the nutritional labels and simply place your food on this handy scale. The Perfect Portions scale will weigh the meal and give you a digital readout of all the nutritional information – helping you easily maintain a balanced diet.

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