Fall Clean Up 2017

Fall Clean Up 2017
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Fall Clean Up 2017

When is spring cleaning and is there such a thing in the fall? Fall clean up and back to school organization is just as common as spring cleaning. However, there isn’t as much information online for how to prepare.

Planning for two major cleanups throughout the year is a good idea to make sure your home is well taken care of. It gets easier with less build up, saving you time as well as your sanity! That’s why these two popular cleaning occasions are exactly 6 months apart, in opposing seasons.

Every 6 months the major cleans commence in cities around the world. It isn’t mandatory, but these times of year have become the most common for people who do want to participate.

Cleaning of the grit and grime is vital, but so is organization.

Find out what you can do to help stay organized throughout the year. Read the spring cleaning and fall clean up essential tips below for your home. They also include areas like your wardrobe, shoes, and kitchen.

At the bottom of the page we’ve also added some information about spring cleaning 2018!

Back to School Organization for Your Home

A big part of fall clean up is finding tidy ways to organize lots of stuff.

This can easily be done by purchasing home storage solutions from places like Amazon or Walmart.

Affordable organization solutions include things like decorative storage boxes, wall hangers, drawer organizers, racks, and shelves.

These items can hide unattractive or excessive amounts of things. Alternately, you may be able to attractively present some of the stuff your trying to organize. This can be done with hangers, racks, or shelves.

Before deciding which organization items will help you the most, go through and purge! Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year. Create piles for garbage, donation, and recycling.

Cutting down on all the clutter will help save money that you would later spend on storage.

Back to School Organization for Your Wardrobe and Shoes

Clothing and shoes are other areas that should be purged each year.

They easily accumulate and before you know it, you’re holding on to sizes that no longer fit. Get rid of those faded jeans and make space for new purchases to come.

Go through all of your clothing and create three piles: garbage, donation, and recycling. You can also create a fourth pile for anything you’d like to sell. Clothing and shoes have become popular items on FB bidding battle sites and websites like craigslist.

Then check out cheap clothing storage, wardrobe, and containers options online. These examples, from Tidy Living, showcase how simple it is to purchase affordable, clean, and attractive organization solutions online.

For shoe storage there are multiple options available. Find hanging organizers, hidden drawers, and movable racks (to name a few).

Back to School Organization for Your Kitchen

The kitchen arguably sees the most traffic in your entire home. Food is prepared, plans arranged, storage kept, and meals are eaten.

It’s no wonder how the kitchen can become cramped and full of clutter. You’re not the only one that has a tupperware cupboard that could use some organization!

Go through it all and throw out anything that is no longer of any use. Things like tupperware containers with no matching lids, rusting cutlery, charred pans, and worn dishes.

Amazon is a cheap resource for new tupperware sets, stackable racking, drawer organizers, and anything else your kitchen needs! Here are a few of their best reviewed kitchen organization products for less than 15 USD:

  • Declutter your Keurig with a customized drawer that holds up to 36 K-cups!

  • Squeeze all types of cutlery and kitchen amenities into an adjustable bamboo drawer

  • Stack your pans so they’re easy to pull out of the cupboard when you need them

  • Label your leftovers and containers with reusable and removable blackboard stickers

  • Neatly hang cleaning supplies like mops, brooms, and dusters with a wall mount

    storage rack

When is Spring Cleaning 2018?

Lots of people ask themselves “when is spring cleaning”? Although spring cleaning can be done anytime in the spring, it is usually completed early in the season.

The earlier the better so that you can enjoy your fresh start sooner. The idea is to get cleaning out of the way, so that you can take advantage of the spring without having to worry about your home.

National Spring Cleaning Week in the UK is held on the second week of March each year. This is a similar time to when spring cleaning is in Canada and the United States.

In some areas, cities regulate spring cleaning events and city calendars to help encourage residents to participate. These cities provide tips, schedules, and incentives to clean up.

Taking it even further, some cities provide an entire spring clean up program. These programs can involve adjustments to garbage pickup volumes and increased pickup days. This gives people more opportunities to get rid of the rubbish they’ve compiled.

In addition, some charity or non-profit organizations promote fall clean up and spring cleaning so that they are more likely to receive donated items. Both of these times of year can be very important to certain organizations like the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation and the Salvation Army.

When is spring cleaning and fall clean up in your area? Check out your governments website or check with a non-profit you’d like to support.

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Fall Clean Up 2017
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