Experience Boundless Shopping: Reship’s Guide to Shipping from Canada to Singapore

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Shopping across borders has never been easier. With Reship, you can indulge in all your favourite Canadian brands and have them conveniently shipped to Singapore. No longer do you need to wonder about shipping restrictions or high delivery fees. Reship is your gateway to an expansive Canadian online marketplace.

Why Choose Reship for Shipping From Canada to Singapore?

Reship's innovative service provides a solution for international shoppers looking to purchase goods from Canadian online retailers. Once you sign up, you're given a free Canadian address. This allows you to shop as though you're a Canadian resident, unlocking access to exclusive products often not available for international shipping.

The Reship Experience: International Shopping Simplified

Let's break down the steps to understand how Reship brings the Canadian shopping experience to your Singaporean home:

  1. Sign up with Reship - Upon registration, you'll receive your unique Canadian address.

  2. Shop Top Canadian Stores - With your Reship address, you can shop from popular Canadian stores like Hudson's Bay, known for its high-quality fashion, Canada Goose, offering premium winter wear, Roots, renowned for its iconic Canadian apparel and leather goods, and Lululemon, a leader in athletic wear. Remember to input your Reship address as your shipping destination during checkout.

  3. Consolidation and Storage - All your purchases arrive at our warehouse and can be stored for up to 45 days. You have the opportunity to bundle multiple purchases into one shipment, significantly reducing your shipping costs.

  4. Shipping to Singapore - Once ready, you can arrange for your purchases to be shipped from our warehouse straight to your Singapore address. We provide several shipping options to suit your budget and timing preferences.

Navigating Duties and Taxes

While shipping goods internationally, understanding the associated duties, taxes, and customs regulations is crucial. Despite the strong trade relationship between Canada and Singapore, certain goods may still attract GST upon import into Singapore. For precise information, consider consulting the Singapore customs office.

Secured Packaging and Real-Time Tracking

At Reship, we handle your goods with utmost care, ensuring they are securely packaged for their international journey. You'll receive a tracking number once your package is dispatched, allowing you to monitor its progress from Canada to Singapore.

Reship is committed to offering an easy, reliable international shopping experience. By breaking down barriers, we empower you to enjoy an extensive range of Canadian products, all shipped directly to your Singapore address. Sign up for Reship today and embark on a new era of global online shopping.

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