Douglas Fir vs Artificial, the Perfect Christmas Tree

Douglas Fir vs Artificial, the Perfect Christmas Tree
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Importance of the Douglas Fir

Setting up the Christmas tree is a staple of the start of the holidays. The Christmas tree signifies the start and finish of the holidays which is why it’s important to get something that will last. With so many types of Christmas tree options, it’s hard to decide on what type is the best.  The real question, really, is whether or not to get a traditional Douglas fir vs artificial Christmas tree.

History of Christmas Trees

The origin of the Christmas tree actually predates Christianity. Depending on country, the tree pays homage to the winter solstice, the gods, or warded off evil spirits and illnesses. Part of the reason why the Christmas tree has become such a staple is because of the publicity and attention it received throughout history. The tradition was brought over by German settlers and popularized by iconic figures such as the Queen of England, Queen Victoria and later by the grand display of 100 foot Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. The traditional rapidly grew into what we see today.

Why is the Douglas Fir so Important?

The Douglas Fir as a Christmas tree is actually iconic for the west coast of North America. Different places around the world have its own native Christmas tree, but because of the unique features the Douglas Fir offers, it has become one of the most popular choices.


  • Full, brushy boughs, very dense, and full with few gaps

  • Pines and branches point upwards, easy to hang ornaments from

  • Comes in a great cone shape

  • Consistent coloring from top to bottom

  • Decent sized pine needles that are soft and flexible to the touch

  • Good needle retention so it will last the holidays

  • Smell of delicious pine which helps bring in the holidays


The Douglas fir Christmas tree can be quite bushy, meaning if you don’t get a trimmed-to-perfection tree, it will take a bit of time to trim it properly. The needles falling off can be a real mess and it requires constant watering. Like any plant, treating it and watering it regularly is important. So, when comparing a Douglas fir vs Artificial Christmas tree, a real tree will be a living plant which may provide a richer experience but could become quite costly.

How Artificial Compares

Artificial trees are a great alternative that could save money and be stored easily.


The advantages are:

  • Can save you hundreds of dollars since it’s a one-time purchase

  • It retains its shape so you can always have perfect ornament-hanging branches

  • No needle mess.


The disadvantages of using an artificial tree depend on when it was made:

  • Made of harmful material such as lead or plastics

  • Could release dioxins which can lead to cancer and other serious health issues

  • Wasteful and will sit in a landfill forever

  • Possible fire hazard

Things to keep in mind:

Deciding on whether or not an artificial tree works really depends on the amount of time and budget a person has. Pulling a tree out of an attic and decorating it the same day is quite quick and inexpensive but, over time, it can degrade and become wasteful. It’s not to say that artificial will always be inferior to a  real tree but realistic features begin to fade and the initial cost can be quite high.

Douglas fir vs Artificial: Which is Better ?

When deciding, Douglas fir vs artificial Christmas tree, it all comes down to preference. Having a nice scent of a real tree provides the ambiance and feeling of Christmas season, but it can be quite tedious to maintain and costly year-to-year. Artificial trees can become quite expensive and highly realistic, but it’s a one-time purchase, meaning it can be reused year after year.

Best Place to Buy?

The best deals this time of year for artificial trees would be the big retail stores such as Lowes, Walmart, or other local hardware stores.

Walmart: Offers a range of tabletop trees – 7’ foot tall trees. Prices range from as low as $10.00 and can go as high as $300.00. Easy to order online and can be bought across the border.

Lowes: Lowes offers a great selection of real Christmas trees. Fresh cut, Douglas fir trees available on the lot or reserved. Call in to find out the local rates.

Browse these options and more to price match and get the best deal. Using Reship lets customers take advantage of great deals and get it shipped directly to their house.

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