Coolest Computer Accessories: Top 10

Coolest Computer Accessories: Top 10
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To state the obvious, computers are capable of doing incredible things, things we never imagined when they were first invented. And since their invention, thousands of subsequent inventions have come about to work in tandem with computers and maximize their potential. After all, there is only so much a box and a screen can do on their own. That’s where the world of computer accessories comes in. The market is filled with unique and innovative add ons and gadgets to turn your computer into the dream machine you always wanted. You just have to go out find them. We’ve made it easy by putting together a list of some of the coolest computer accessories available today.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

We hate to think about it, but there is no stopping the inevitability of something going wrong with your computer, requiring the whole machine to be opened up. Computers are complex machines and sometimes they need surgery. If you’d rather take your laptop or PC apart and get to the bottom of the problem yourself, rather than have someone else charge you hundreds of dollars to do it, you might need something like the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit.

The list of items rolled into this neat package is massive. You’ll get different kinds of tweezers, spudgers, a driver with 64 bits, a nut driver, hex bits and all kinds of other essentials for getting into your electronics. The fact that this particular set is standard issue among government contractors and the CIA makes it one of the coolest computer accessories around.

Gunner Cypher Computer Glasses

More and more of our lives are spent in front of screens every day. If you work in front of a computer, or just can’t be pulled away from it in your leisure time, you may have felt your eyes nagging you to stop. But sometimes stopping isn’t an option. That’s why Gunner Cypher Computer Glasses exist. Wearing a pair of these will keep your eyes happy by reducing computer related eye strain. If you wear glasses already, these can even be custom ordered with your prescription. Now you can code or game into the night without your eye-strain getting in the way. For its ability to allow the most hardcore screen fiends continue to do what they love, Gunner Cypher Computer Glasses are one of the coolest computer accessories.

nMEDIAPC ZE-C288 Black Aluminum Panel 5.25″ Bay All-in-one USB 2.0 Card Reader

Check out the front of your PC. Is there a big chunk of space there that could be put to better use? Many PC cases have a 5.25″ bay which can be switched out to contain… practically anything that meets those size restrictions. So what should you put in there? The ZE-C288 is a pretty good suggestion. This handy gadget will boost the control you have over your PC hardware while also giving you 2 extra USB ports, an SD card reader and audio jacks. Its fan control knobs will enable you to control different computer fans to your liking if you think they are getting a little too loud. This is one of the coolest computer accessories for giving your PC more versatility and functionality.

Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad

Are you just getting into PC gaming but finding the keyboard a cumbersome and unergonomic method of control? The Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad is your answer. This handy device chops off the parts of the keyboard unnecessary for PC gaming and adds a scroll wheel and thumb pad to give you complete comfort and control of your games. The presentation is incredibly slick, with everything backlit, making it one of the coolest computer accessories. Just plug it in to your PC via USB and you’re good to go.

The PEREGRINE Wearable Interface

If you thought the Nostromo was a cool way to operate your computer, you haven’t seen the Peregrine. If you remember that scene from Minority Report where Tom Cruise puts on a glove and controls a computer screen with his hand, that’s the best way to describe what using the Peregrine is like. Now you can control RTS games like Starcraft with as much comfort and finesse as a seasoned police officer directing traffic. It has 18 touch points and 3 activator pads to give you complete control over your interface. This hand washable glove won’t replace your keyboard and mouse, but it will enable you to easily execute up to 30 keyboard shortcuts as easily as you can snap your fingers.

ToughArmor 6 Bay Drive Cage

Here’s another 5.25″ PC accessory. This device will allow you to store and access 6 different hard disc drives or solid state drives on your computer at the same time. This is perfect for those who have a large amount of data to store and organize. You can use it to support small servers and media servers. It is also great for people who have a lot of high end games stored on their computer. The ability to remove and replace drives at will means you can have different categories of files stored on each drive so you can easily access them at home or take them with you as needed. Naturally, those drives stacked on top of each other can get fairly hot if they are being accessed simultaneously, so there is a sizeable fan included on the back to keep the system cool. The sturdy construction of the cage will also protect your drives from mishaps and accidents. The fact that it can withstand a car running over it and still keep your data safe propels it into the category of coolest computer accessories.

Thrustmaster Joystick

This is the joystick to end all joysticks. It is designed to be a replica of the controls used in the US Air Force’s A-10C fighter jet. This is some serious equipment we are talking about here. Weighing over 14 lbs, with button pressures optimized to mimic real air plane controls, this joystick’s sturdy metal construction will bring your flight simulators to life and make you feel like you’re flying the real thing. With 55 freely programmable buttons, you won’t have any trouble mapping game controls to your liking. Of course, it includes an equally impressive pull and push throttle system. This is the grand daddy of flight sim controls, and one of the coolest computer accessories for any hardcore flight simulator enthusiast.

Griffin Multimedia Knob

Sometimes buttons just don’t get the job done as well as a good knob. If you just want an easier way to control volume, this is a great buy, but this device comes in especially handy for those who want to adjust things on a sliding scale with ease and precision. It’s a must for sound producers and film editors, who need to scroll through beats and frames. It doesn’t just twist back and forth either. It also functions as a push button, which means functions can be mapped to a button press, long button press, and twists while pressed down. This is a gloriously functional little simple computer add on that can save you all kinds of time when getting creative with your computer.

Leap Motion

You may have read our previous blog post about VR headsets. While those are some pretty cool computer accessories, we won’t get into them here. What we will touch on however, is the Leap Motion, which works with both VR headsets and standalone computers. The Leap Motion is a little rectangle you put on your desk. It detects your hand gestures and places them in the games or other software applications you may be using. This technology has great applications in virtual reality, where you can inject your hands as well as your consciousness into the game space and use them to manipulate in-application objects. It’s some very cool technology that is continuously being improved upon so keep an eye on it and buy it if you feel like escaping into virtual worlds with complete control.

SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Mouse Pad

How many times have you been dragging and dropping, or locking on to a target in a first person shooter, only to have your cursor go way off course because your mouse went into uncharted territory? This can get incredibly irritating. The solution? The Steelseries QcK+ Gaming Mouse Pad. At 17″ by 15″, this oversized mouse pad will provide you with a luxurious amount of space on which to use your mouse. Once you have this thing, you can go ahead and make all the exaggerated mouse movements you want.

Coolest Computer Accessories Top 10 Computer Accessories
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